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Chapter 1092

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That imposing voice said, "It's very tiring for Boss too . Youngest Brother, I don't have so many twists and turns in my mind like you . The three of us here in Upper Three Heavens have already made a name for ourselves here as the Four Six Three People Hall, doesn't that feel pretty good too?"

The first voice started to yell, "That's just the two of you! What's there to feel good about for me? Does it feel good for me to be beaten to a pulp by you two every day? I was the Stealing God who used to dominate the scene in the good old days too, you know!"

"Boss should've let Ji Mo come and take the beatings here instead! Or Luo Kedi! Or let Second Brother come and beat you up!"

That imposing voice was composed . "Gu Duxing is not my match now! I can totally cream him!"

The voice from before snorted scornfully . "I wonder who it was in the past that got thrashed by Second Brother Gu with no chance to retaliate, holding a heavy and cumbersome, dumb-looking saber in his hands while shouting non-stop: Again! Again! I don't believe I can't even get a hit in!"

He laughed aloud . "I bet you got hooked on being beaten up too . "

That imposing voice snorted . "I've discovered that you're becoming more and more like Ji Mo, not feeling good the moment you don't get beaten up . "

The first voice got a fright and frantically groveled before the other . "I have nothing but complete and utter admiration toward you, my Fourth Brother . My reverence toward you is like the flooding seas, constant and endless . The esteem I have for you is high like the tallest mountains…"

He carried on the bootlicking incessantly before sighing in the end . "Isn't this all Boss' fault… Why is that bastard still not here yet?"

There was a hint of amusement in that imposing voice . "If he were here, would you dare to call him a bastard to his face?"

The first voice laughed loudly . "What's there to be scared of? Boss is definitely not my match right now, I'll take advantage of him for a few years while I still can and beat the hell out of him every day! With special attention to his butt!" He boasted .

He gnashed his teeth as he continued, "Not only will I beat the hell out of him, I'll make a fool out of him too! Heh heh, I have my own ways . I can't disgrace my unparalleled reputation as the Stealing God no matter what, hahaha… When Boss is here, I will definitely demonstrate my peerless prowess in thievery and pluck everything off him until he's not even left with his underwear! When that time comes, everyone had better not help him! He can go run in the streets butt naked for three days! Then our frustrations can be appeased . What do you say?"

At this exact moment .

Clap clap clap…

The sound of someone clapping his hands came from the doorway, together with a crisp and clear voice saying with a hint of mockery, "Brilliant! So brilliant! That's the unparalleled Stealing God indeed, the average man can't afford to get into your bad books for sure!"

The doors swung open and a shadowy figure stood in the doorway, eyeing the two of them .

The two were caught by surprise . With their level of cultivation, how was it that they were completely clueless to someone standing right outside the door? They turned toward the door .

One had bright but serious eyes while the other had eyes that were sharp as a knife! Their intense gazes felt like two large sabers cleaving toward the shadowy figure! A hand reached out for the large saber by his side at this moment!

But when they took a good look at the shadowy figure in the next moment, they were frozen on the spot .

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Then they started to scream fanatically!



"My god!"



"Big Brother!"

The two of them scrambled forward in an instant . A small and skinny figure leaped toward Chu Yang and threw his arms around his neck . The other beefy and muscular figure reached out his arms into a bear hug and pulled the other two into the room .

The doors closed with a slam .

Immediately after…

"Wahahaha… Boss is finally here, bang bang bang…"

"You're really late, Boss . Pow pow pow…"

"Damn it… Can the two of you be a little gentler, my butt is still aching!" Chu Yang cried out pitifully .

"Really? Shall we rub it for you then… pow pow pow…"

"F*ck… I'm your Boss, you know…" Chu Yang was outraged . "Let go! Ow ow…"

"Venting comes first! We'll give you a proper greeting when we're done, wahahaha… This feels too good…"

Rui Butong's fists rained down upon Chu Yang as Dong Wushang's strong and ripped form sat on Chu Yang's back and locked him down firmly!

Chu Yang prostrated on the ground in vain, laughing and calling out, "Damn! Damn it… I'm here to ask for an explanation… You bastards! Stop hitting me… Wushang, why are you fooling around too… Ow, ow… my butt… F*ck, I'm gonna get angry if you keep hitting me…"

"I'm gonna get angry…"

"I'm really gonna get angry…"

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"F*ck you! …"

With a great burst of strength, Chu Yang wrestled Dong Wushang to the ground and the three brothers got into a brawl .

Pow! Dong Wushang held his abdomen and bent over .

Bam! Rui Butong inhaled sharply as he rubbed his thigh, the muscles on his face trembling in pain . "Boss, this thigh-pinching move is something only women use… Ow…"

Bam bam…

Just as Chu Yang, whose hand was pressed against his abdomen, wanted to bend over, a kick landed on his butt and he fell onto his face…

Bam bam bam…

The room was in utter chaos . If one didn't know any better, they would have thought a war was going on inside .

When they were finally done, even the bed in the room was in shambles .

Sporting bloody noses and bruises on their faces, the three of them sprawled on the ground, all out of breath and too weak to even lift a finger .

They exchanged looks and unanimously burst into laughter until tears were streaming down their faces!

Then the three of them rolled over and got up, before hugging each other tightly, still laughing joyfully .

They remained in each other's embrace for a long while . Even as their laughter gradually died down, the three brothers did not let go of each other .

Their tears were shed quietly and wiped away furtively, out of each other's sight . But why was it that the more they wiped away, the more tears seemed to be falling?

No one spoke but they could all feel each other's strong and agitated heartbeats clearly .

Rui Butong and Dong Wushang thought of what they had gone through ever since their arrival here in the Upper Three Heavens . Within this short period, they had had numerous life and death situations and countless narrow escapes from certain death . Rui Butong, in particular, had even died a thorough death five to six times…

This moment of reunion truly felt like a lifetime had passed!

The feeling of suddenly meeting the ones closest to your heart and whom you trust with your life in these vast Upper Three Heavens was truly indescribable . Chu Yang and Dong Wushang sniffled as they quietly tried to rein in their emotions but Rui Butong started to choke with emotion uncontrollably .

They thought of their brothers who were still in the Middle Three Heavens .

The silence was golden at this moment .

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This moment belonged to them .

The men's tears were shed for the joy of reunion and happiness .

Time went by peacefully . After the initial excitement, the trio gradually regained their composure .

A knocking sound echoed .

Outside, the voice of the landlord resounded . "Sirs… Is something the matter?"

The doors opened to reveal the bloody and battered face of someone beaming in obvious joy and yet bearing tear stains . Even with black and blue bruises all over his face, he said in delight, "Nothing, nothing . Don't worry, everything is fine . Heh heh, take this as compensation . " He shoved a purple crystal into the landlord's hands .

The doors swung closed with a bang .

And then opened again . "Get someone to bring us some hot water and a tea set…"

Bam! The doors closed once more .

The landlord shook his head in bewilderment before sighing . Poor guy, still maintaining that nothing happened when he had already been beaten to this state…

Beaten to a crying mess and still forced to smile and even tip a purple crystal… Looks like this poor child must have met some people he couldn't afford to offend . Who knows how else he's going to be tormented tonight…

Shaking his head yet again, the landlord clutched the purple crystal in his hand and thought, "If he wasn't forced into it, how would he bear to tip a purple crystal? This piece of purple crystal is enough for him to stay here for half a year…"

But no matter what, the purple crystal took precedence over everything else; even if someone were to lose their life here tomorrow, Big Bro here could settle it anyway .

The landlord went downstairs merrily .

In the room, the three had already calmed down . After a short period of sighing, Chu Yang suddenly pointed at Rui Butong and guffawed . "This fellow was in tears just now, hahaha…"

Rui Butong flushed red in embarrassment . "I wasn't! He was!"

He pointed at Dong Wushang .

"As if!" Dong Wushang glared at him, eyes red and puffy from tears . "You're the one who cried!"

Rui Butong hung his head in defeat . "Fine, under the coercion of you two, I was the one who cried… Will that do? Haha… Look at the two of you, beaten up like a dog by me…"

The trio looked at the bruises on each other's faces and couldn't help but burst into peals of laughter once more .

We're together again .

After experiencing separation, life and death, endless trudging, and even traversing two different planes…

Us brothers, we're together again!

Later, Rui Butong sighed softly . "I wonder how they are doing…"

Upon hearing that, Chu Yang and Dong Wushang were also lost in silence for a while . Chu Yang said in a low voice, "Our brothers are all good men . Since we could make a name for ourselves, I'm sure they can, too! I'm sure they are well . Who knows, maybe they'll come up here and join us before long . "

"You're right! And then we'll be able to stay together and never separate again, just like in Middle Three Heavens!" Rui Butong and Dong Wushang's eyes shone brightly .

The sound of knocking came again — the waiter was here with hot water and a tea set .

Rui Butong opened the door while Dong Wushang looked for tea leaves . The duo worked together in perfect rapport and a pot of tea was brewed in no time, but no table was in sight .

"We can just drink it on the floor . Sitting on the ground is not bad either . " Chu Yang suggested .

"That won't do! Us brothers only got to meet again after such a long time, how can we sit on the floor?" Dong Wushang griped as he got to his feet and walked out of the room .

A shout could be heard from the neighboring room in the next moment, followed by a few loud bangs . And then… the sound of footsteps echoed .

Three terrified men with their faces all bloody carried a table and chairs in .

"Put it down properly and then scram!" Dong Wushang pointed at the door imposingly .

The three men held their heads fearfully and ran out .

Chu Yang was amazed . This was doable too?

"Those three next door are thieves . We fell victim immediately the first day we stayed here, so Wushang went over and taught them a good lesson . Now whenever we're lacking something, Fourth Brother will go over to get it, just like he's at home . He doesn't even say a word before beating them up when he goes over, only stating his motive after the thrashing . They've gotten used to it too, feeling all amiss whenever they don't get beaten up . "

Rui Butong explained vivaciously .

"So that's what happened . Wushang is impressive indeed! Hahaha…" Chu Yang couldn't help laughing .

"The two of you are progressing in cultivation really fast . How did you do it? With elixirs?" Chu Yang was curious .

"Boss, aren't you progressing fast too?" Dong Wushang chuckled . "It's all thanks to Butong . This guy is actually a bird . We actually became brothers with a bird, damn it . "

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