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Chapter 1093

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"You're the bird!" Rui Butong flew into a raging fit . He turned to Chu Yang . "Boss, it's like this… and like that…" He explained what had previously happened without missing any detail . He emphasized, "To be honest, I was implicated by the Fourth . "

"Ohh~~~" Chu Yang was enlightened, dragging out his voice . "So you're really a bird . "

Rui Butong was flabbergasted .

"Pffft… Hahahaha…" Dong Wushang guffawed, holding his abdomen .

Chu Yang continued, "But Wushang, you're also making too big a fuss over nothing . Actually, every man has a bird that's like a brother, just that our brother here has one more . We have two . "

"Hahahaha…" Dong Wushang held his abdomen, laughing till he was practically out of breath . He had never been in such a good mood this past whole year!

Rui Butong balked, his neck even turning red as he fumed . Toward these two, he dared neither to beat up nor insult… Stealing God Rui felt like he was going to die of frustration…

. . .

The trio sipped on tea while chatting about all that had happened after they had parted ways, letting out the occasional laugh . Only after quite a while did something suddenly occur to Chu Yang . "Wushang, where's your wife?"

"She's out . That woman really needs to be disciplined!" Dong Wushang's face was full of dominance . "How dare she not be around when Boss is here . Watch how I teach her a lesson later when she's back!"

"Teach who a lesson, hmm?" An aloof but gentle voice floated in from the direction of the doorway, only to reveal Mo Lei'er, clad fully in black, walking in with a whole lot of food and jars of wine in her hands .

She looked at Dong Wushang, her expression seemingly amused . "I was already here earlier, but I saw that you brothers had just gotten together, so I didn't want to disturb . Then I went back down to get some simple dishes and even two jars of wine… Hmm, I heard someone say he wanted to teach me a lesson earlier?"

"Not at all, not at all . You must have heard wrong . " Dong Wushang clambered to his feet and took the wine and food from her thoughtfully . He let out a few awkward laughs . "That's so much trouble that you went to… It must have been really exhausting… Do you want to sit and have some too?"

Chu Yang was dumbfounded . (italics)Was… Was this really Dong Wushang?

Mo Lei'er snorted and wrinkled her nose . "As if you guys would be happy to have me around while you all enjoy yourselves? Don't be so pretentious . I'm going to bed . "

After giving Chu Yang a greeting, Mo Lei'er the demon left .

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Dong Wushang accompanied her to the door and watched her return to her room before turning back to them . He laughed a little, completely unabashed as he said, "She's still passable . And she knows how to take care of others . See, the moment she saw that Boss was here, she immediately hurried out to get wine . She's also aware that if she didn't do her job well, I really would discipline her!"

Chu Yang and Rui Butong looked at him in a stupefied manner .

Dong Wushang casually picked up the wine jars and poured everyone a bowl . He said, "You know women, they are like that . The moment you don't keep an eye on them, they'll start making trouble, so you got to keep a tight watch on them . You can take a softer approach most of the time but when it matters, we, men, have to be firm! It's a matter of principle, no giving in! So long as you keep her in check, in the future, just a nice word from you would be enough to placate her till she does whatever you want . "

Chu Yang and Rui Butong stared intently at a point behind him .

Dong Wushang looked extremely pleased with himself . "Just like the other time when…" As if he had noticed something, he suddenly went on, "Just like the other time when she helped me and Butong out so much . Lei'er's capabilities know no bounds . I'll tell you, Boss, ever since we got here, if not for Lei'er, who knows where Butong and I would have ended up… Right, Butong?"

Rui Butong's face started to twitch uncontrollably . He nodded dumbly like a dodo . "Exactly, exactly!"

"What do you think, Boss?" Dong Wushang consulted Chu Yang, as if engrossed in the topic . "Actually, men should be more generous toward women . Exercise patience and forbearance and we'll be able to get by every day peacefully . After all, not every woman is as good-tempered as Lei'er . "

Chu Yang was dumbfounded . He looked at Dong Wushang's boorish face as if looking at an alien .

Dong Wushang chuckled . Then he turned around and immediately reacted in an extremely startled manner . "Lei'er, why are you back?"

Mo Lei'er had a smile on her face as she tidied the collar of his robes attentively . "I just came to tell you that if these two jars of wine aren't enough, I still have six more downstairs with the staff . "

Dong Wushang grabbed Mo Lei'er's hands, touched . "Lei'er, you're the best . "

Mo Lei'er blushed and said, "Let go, what are you doing… Alright, I'm heading back . "

Then she turned around and left .

Dong Wushang stared after her at the doorway for a while before closing the doors carefully . Then he wiped his brow as he chuckled . "Boss, toward women, it's necessary to be a bit more careful!"

Chu Yang stared at him for a moment before sighing emotionally with a smile on his face . "You've changed so much in this long time that I haven't seen you . Wushang, I really… should have a whole new level of respect for you . "

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Dong Wushang smiled guilelessly, scratching his head . Then he leaned over to Chu Yang and whispered into his ear, "She's so fierce . I can't even get on the bed if I'm not careful…"


Chu Yang, who was listening intently to him, spat out whatever was in his mouth immediately . A mouthful of wine mixed with a half-chewed pig ear covered the entire face of Rui Butong, who happened to be leaning forward to eavesdrop on the gossip .

Rui Butong felt incredibly repressed at once .

He wiped his face hastily and sighed incessantly . "What set you off so suddenly, Boss…"

"Because I suddenly remembered that someone wanted to let me run butt naked in the streets for three days…" Chu Yang answered impassively .

Rui Butong immediately begged for forgiveness . "Spare me, Boss! I have a wretched mouth! Whatever can be said and whatever can't just spill right out…"

He then lifted his arms and gave himself two light slaps — so light that the amount of strength he used wouldn't even be able to kill a mosquito .

Chu Yang snorted coldly and warned him, "Big Brother is in a good mood so I'll put this on hold at the moment . If anything happens in the future and I'm reminded of this, it will be counted as multiple offenses!"

He said emphatically, "If anything pisses me off in the future, I will definitely fulfill your wish of running around butt naked for three days!"

Rui Butong had a painful look on his face as he promised profusely . In his mind, he thought, "I'm screwed . With this damned mouth of mine, who knows how many times I'm going to get it in the future…"

This moment, he was suddenly filled with longing for Ji Mo . If only that fellow was here! That masochist had an inborn talent to attract hatred and attention…

(italics)Now that he's not here, everyone has shifted their target to me…

The three of them drank to their hearts' content, drowning their sorrow in parting and joy in reuniting, as well as their longing toward their brothers in the wine . None of them used their internal energy to suppress alcohol, allowing themselves the luxury of getting drunk .

Two jars of wine were practically poured straight into their stomachs . Rui Butong then went down and brought the other six jars up . The three of them were drunk, downing the wine in large mouthfuls, each with a jar to themselves!

After a long time, an intoxicated Dong Wushang with bleary eyes laughed loud and carefree as he said, "I feel like I'm back in Middle Three Heavens times… Hahaha… This feels great! Heroes of the world, who dare to cross their swords with me?!"

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Rui Butong was sprawled on the table . He lifted his line of vision listlessly, peering at him with unfocused eyes . "This bastard is drunk…"

Before he even finished, his limp body slid under the table with a swoosh .

Chu Yang had a habit of smiling when drunk . With a silly smile plastered all over his face, he started giggling like a fool . He continued to drink and giggle, before finally passing out with one last mouthful of wine .

With a loud thud, the broad and beefy Dong Wushang also passed out .

With Rui Butong at the bottom, Chu Yang in the middle and Dong Wushang on top pressed solidly against Chu Yang's abdomen, the trio's positions were beyond awkward and uncomfortable . Yet the three of them had a content look on their faces as they dozed off just like that .

Snoring echoed throughout .

A flash of black later and Mo Lei'er had already quietly entered the room . She took a look and sighed in resignation .

Men… Seriously incomprehensible .

The friendship between men was even more of a mystery to women . At a dangerous time like this, these three actually drank themselves into such a stupor just because of a simple reunion…

Yet she didn't know — even though they were surrounded by danger at this moment, it was also a time when they were the most relaxed, most peaceful and most at ease!

Because their brothers were right by their side!

From now on, everyone had someone whom they could depend on! No longer fighting aimlessly all alone!

This feeling, even if within the most dangerous of places, the three of them could still drink to their hearts' content without reservations!

Mo Lei'er let them remain as they were . Just like that, she brought a chair over to the doorway and stayed vigilant, quietly watching over them for the night .

The next day at sunrise .

A cry of surprise rang out in the room .

Rui Butong howled like an animal . "What's this thing that's so heavy… F*ck, I'm being squashed to death…" With a burst of his strength, the two on top of him flew off him .

Chu Yang and Dong Wushang also came to subsequently . Aching all over, they all scratched their heads in confusion . Never heard that it was possible to sleep till one was so tired…

Chu Yang left them the invitations to the auction and quickly left after a quick splash of his face . It was a little too abrupt to get together now . They might as well directly make an appearance together before the Upper Three Heavens during the auction . That way, with Zi Xieqing's imposing strength, surely his brothers' status would also rise as a result .

Not to mention he still had to look for Wan Renjie and Wei Wuyan, etc .

Only after Chu Yang had left did Rui Butong and Dong Wushang seem to emerge from their reverie . They clutched the invitations in their hands and suddenly started to jump in extreme joy!

"Boss is really here! Wahahaha…"

Elated, the two of them hugged each other, laughing and bouncing about in the streets in front of the inn .

This sight of a beefy man and a small skinny man hugging each other and jumping around agitatedly easily led people to think of an indecent association…

Several passersby's eyes bulged out of their sockets after seeing them like that . They then rubbed their eyes and spat in disgust, their faces full of despise, and walked off…

The degeneration of public morals indeed; people's hearts were no longer as pure as the olden days!

It used to be that even a man and a woman had to be secretive when they were together . Now, even a man and a man… were so open about it…

Mo Lei'er stood within the inn and watched the two wild brothers . She couldn't help but cover her eyes, speechless…

Seriously… no heart to watch this…

Chu Yang went around and found Wan Renjie and his two other fellow disciples according to the news he got . He also found Wei Wuyan who was alone in an inn . Lastly, as he made his way back, he delivered an invitation to Nangong Shifeng as well .

Only to discover that he was actually running low on the invitations by now . With no other choice, he made a stop at the Medicine Valley encampment and got a few more from the Fifth Elder . Only then was it barely sufficient .

After so many twists and turns, now Chu Yang's own power will finally be displayed before the Upper Three Heavens for the first time!

. . . . . .

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