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Chapter 1078

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The Dharma Supreme smiled and talked indifferently, with a sense of nostalgia and an unexplained melancholy .

"When it first started, our Big Brother gave us numerous elixirs . Our cultivations rose rapidly every few days because of it! Our Big Brother said that we were going to rule the Nine Heavens together! We were going to achieve our ultimate dream together . "

When Zi Xieqing heard these, she could not help but let out a sigh . She scolded, "This is absolutely ridiculous! To improve the cultivation through medicine, isn't it purely just causing harm to the body?"

Chu Yang thought deeply about it .

Which one of the Nine Tribulations was not an exceptionally rare talent? To improve their cultivation through medicine would be equivalent to destroying their path to attaining the art of collapsing the sky and creating a void .

However, if they had not taken into consideration of the future and was solely using them to nourish heaven… then this would still be a feasible method . Although, it would be a little indifferent and heartless towards them .

On the other side, the Dharma Supreme continued to tell his story .

"We brothers had given all that we had for each other! We could even give up our lives to another brother if he wants it! Our Big Brother couldn't be better than he already was towards us . During that time, we felt invincible . Not even the heavenly gods could make us retreat in defeat!"

"We rose up to the Upper Three Heavens, step by step . Killing the Revered Martial Artist, defeating the throne, conquering the lord, massacring the Martial Saints and fighting the Supreme Martial Artists! Along the way, it was nothing short of shocking events and victory calls!"

"When we reached the Upper Three Heavens, we advanced gradually and consolidated ourselves at each step, fighting from clans to clans, starting from the weakest . Even I cannot remember how many encounters and close shaves we had with death . Ke Ke… Finally, all ten of our brothers achieved the cultivation level of a Supreme Martial Artist! When the Nine Super Clans became unreasonable, they were eliminated by us! Ke Ke, that time, it was much easier than what the current Nine Tribulations Sword Master had to do . In the entire Nine Heavens then, there were not many Supreme Martial Artists of sixth grade and above . For the eighth or ninth grade Supreme Martial Artist, there were none at all . "

"The law-enforcement officer and Dharma Supreme led the crowd to help . At that time, we were exhausted each day, but we were really happy . We were together every day and the topics we excitedly discussed were all concerning each other . We shared our joys and pains together, our all-powerful brotherhood . We do whatever we like, whenever we like it . Those were really memorable years . If only time would rewind and stop at that moment, even if we were to live in the troubling times of wars and battles, it would still be my greatest happiness . "

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"Even though we were very happy then, we were all tired as well . Everyone was thinking of how we can quickly quell the troubles in the Nine Heavens and to achieve our greatest dream together . That is to have all our ten brothers standing at the top of the world . After which, we would all carry on to lead a peaceful, stable and beautiful life . Therefore, we braced ourselves and finally destroyed the Nine Super Clans . "

"Thereafter, all ten of us went on to establish our respective clans . We gathered the various martial art exponents in the Nine Heavens and there was finally peace in the entire Nine Heavens . "

"Everyone felt that we could finally enjoy our lives . In this world, we were already the decision-maker . Two years later, when the Big Brother gathered us again for drinks, how could we not turn up? Of course, all of us went enthusiastically . "

The Dharma Supreme narrated the story indifferently, as if it was a story from someone else . His voice was calm and dull .

However, within this dullness, there was an indescribable emotion embedded in it .

Although there was no special intention to deepen the tone of the narration, Chu Yang felt as if a gust of cold eerie wind was blowing onto the back of his head .

Chilly .

In his mind, Chu Yang guessed that something must have happened during this gathering over drinks .

"That day, after we all arrived, the Big Brother said that with our overly high cultivation now, we would not be able to get drunk anymore . Everyone was subconsciously activating their inner energy and we would not be able to get high from drinking, so then there was no point to it! Therefore, he suggested for all of us to seal our cultivation and drink to our hearts' content . Everyone agreed to it enthusiastically thinking that it would be meaningless to drink without getting drunk . Since the entire Nine Heavens was already ours, what other danger could there be? It's just a temporary seal of our cultivation, which we have all done many times before . This kind of drinking would then be really pleasant! Ha Ha…"

Suddenly, the Dharma Supreme laughed in self-ridicule .

"That drinking session lasted for three days and three nights . We were all drunk . After I woke up, I realized that I was unable to move . My cultivation of a seventh grade Supreme Martial Artist could not be activated, not even one bit . My whole body felt dead . "

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"As I worked hard to turn my head around, I saw that my brothers were all just lying around and looking dazed . Nobody knew what had happened . "

"At this moment, our Big Brother walked in, smiling and asked us all, if we had a fantastic time drinking this time around?"

"Everyone relaxed, seeing that our Big Brother has arrived . If he was still able to joke around with us, then the situation must be fine . Therefore, everyone started to laugh . Every one of us, even I myself as well, Ha Ha, Ha Ha…"

"Seeing how our Big Brother was joking around, I could still remember what our Ninth Brother said: Big Brother, this drinking session was so fantastic, we should drink again like this the next time . However, why am I unable to even stand up? Could it be that I'm drugged? Haha…"

"Everyone knew that our Little Ninth Brother was joking . However, we still reprimanded him simultaneously for saying things that are too overboard . How could we doubt our Big Brother when all that we had today was given by him? Even though it was a joke, it shouldn't have been said . Just having such thoughts already deserved to be hacked into pieces! Hehe, hehe . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled sarcastically as he finished his words .

When the Dharma Supreme mentioned 'deserved to be hacked into pieces!', even Bu Liuqing who had such high cultivation and willpower could not help but shudder .

These words were filled with strong emotions of grief, self-ridicule, anger, unbelievability, humiliation from being cheated and that strong feeling of unwillingness . These words were filled with such strong emotions that were intertwined together . Anyone who heard it would be absolutely horrified!

Zi Xieqing called out to Chu Yang twice, but he totally did not respond .

Chu Yang paid full attention to what the Dharma Supreme was saying, without any bit of distraction! Therefore, he was totally oblivious to the calling of Zi Xieqing!

His entire mind and heart had already sunk deep into the story .

This was the first time that Chu Yang had heard someone, especially the personnel directly involved, narrate the story involving the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and his brothers!

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Listening to what the Dharma Supreme had narrated, Chu Yang could imagine the undying trust between the nine brothers and their absolute loyalty, respect and gratefulness towards the Big Brother . Chu Yang was touched and he suddenly thought of himself and his brothers .

He thought to himself, 'My brothers are definitely not inferior to your brothers! My brothers also treat me the same way as your brother's do to you!'

'However, I am different from you!'

'I would never do these things to my own brothers!'

The Dharma Supreme continued, "At that moment, our Big Brother said that what Little Ninth Brother said was true . He had indeed drugged all of us with the Soul-Scattering Poison, resulting in our immobility . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently and shook his head . Then, he fell silent .

"Ai… Soul-Scattering Poison…" Even though Bu Liuqing was currently locked in a fierce battle with the Dharma Supreme, he could not help but let out a long sigh as he became helpless for words to say .

Soul-Scattering Poison was a drug specially designed to poison the Supreme Martial Artist . To a normal person, this medicine was useless . With the cultivation of Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist and above, a person would develop a 'Second Primordial Spirit' . All of the energy from the cultivation would be fed to the growth of this Second Primordial Spirit . The moment this Second Primordial Spirit matured, it would be the time for the sky to collapse and the void to occur .

The Soul-Scattering Poison was used precisely to immobilize the Second Primordial Spirit! It was a ruthless drug . As long as the Second Primordial Spirit was immobilized, even an elite Supreme Martial Artist would be trampled upon at will . Even a three-year-old kid could kill him with a knife on hand .

Bu Liuqing had not thought that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would drug his own brothers with the Soul-Scattering Poison .

"Hai…" the Dharma Supreme also let out a long sigh and said anguishedly, "Brother Bu, we might still be life and death enemies tomorrow, but… what I said today is true . What happened then, was engraved deeply within me . Every word has been replayed umpteen times in my mind! The tone and expression of everyone, even if another million years were to pass, I would definitely not forget it!"

He stared blankly at the stars and said, "Being at the top is lonely . That is so logical and true . For so many years, I have never been able to find anyone to have a heart to heart talk . "

Bu Liuqing nodded his head and said, "I believe!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled and continued saying, "When our Big Brother said these, we were all startled . Our first reaction was that our Big Brother was joking . "

"Second Brother said: Big Brother, what are you trying to do? Quickly help us to get up, so that we can give you a beating . "

"The Big Brother shook his head and said: There's a few words and matters that I would like to tell you all . I have no choice but to resort to this method, so that you all can quietly listen to what I have to say . All our brothers were asking what kind of matter was it, that we had to be restrained, instead of just having a heart to heart conversation? It was overboard for what our Big Brother had done… However, at that point in time, we all thought that our Big Brother would never really harm us!"

"Amongst our brothers, the most resourceful Diwu Chouchang said that it was very likely that what Big Brother was going to say would get all of us agitated!"

The Dharma Supreme chuckled .

"Diwu Chouchang!" Bu Liuqing was stunned when he heard this name . He said, "You are one of the Nine Tribulations, 30 thousand years ago . "

The Dharma Supreme did not answer him and continued saying, "Big Brother said: Everyone knows that I'm the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and my mission is to reorganize the Nine Heavens . However, there is a point which all of you do not know . I have another mission, that is to use the strength of tens of thousands of dead souls to nourish the heaven for the next ten thousand years . This will ensure that the Nine Heavens does not collapse in the next ten thousand years . "

"Everyone was really excited and also agitated . We thought that this unknown mission was a good thing . It was a contribution to contemporary times and would bring benefits for future centuries . We brothers must do our part for it as well . Although it would involve killing people, it was all for a greater cause and we would still have a clear conscience!"

"However the Big Brother said… Big Brother said…" The voice of Dharma Supreme was quivering for a moment before returning to normal . "Big Brother said that it was his sole mission, but it would require the assistance of nine other people . "

"Big Brother continued to say: Within these two years, I have used my secret method to gather the strength of dead souls and have finally succeeded . Now, I am just lacking the souls of the Nine Tribulations! After which, Big Brother looked at us solemnly and said: My brothers, you are the Nine Tribulations!"

. . .

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