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Chapter 1077

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Zi Xieqing nodded her head, "I knew that you would want to give Bu Liuqing a hand . "

Right now, Bu Liuqing was wielding his sword and rushing forward . Zi Xieqing smiled indifferently as she raised her sleeves, extended her jade-looking little hand and positioned it vertically upwards .

Immediately, Zi Xieqing struck a palm out .

As the palm was struck, although Zi Xieqing looked relaxed on the surface, Chu Yang could clearly see a faint purple fog around her face!

Chu Yang was startled . This strike of the palm was not easy, even for Zi Xieqing!

To take out an opponent who was the best of the elites now, and yet to remain uncovers, was unimaginable .

The faint purple fog that came with the striking of Zi Xieqing's palm quickly shifted to the back of Bu Liuqing and disappeared without a trace!

In an instance!

At this moment, both the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing were also fighting fiercely with each other . The sound generated by both of their strokes were clashing and canceling out each other . However, both of them did not step back an inch!

Bu Liuqing let out a loud scream . With overwhelming power, he gathered all his might and slashed down the sword like a dagger with both hands on it .

As the sword slash came down, the entire night sky of stars went out, almost like in fear . The sky went dark! The unparalleled dominance created a vacuum and the air from all directions rapidly flowed towards the center!

"Excellent swordplay!" The Dharma Supreme's facial expression went cold while he punched out both his fist!

As both fists were punched out, the inner energy was propelled forward . It was complete destruction for anything, including the air, in the path of the moving energy!

It was an entirely different fighting power from Bu Liuqing!

When one retracted, the other released! When one released, the other drew in! When one went inwards, the other went outwards . They were at loggerheads, regardless of what happened or what was the actions .

Both of them were calm and composed .

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In this space, standing opposite each other, their eyes matched up . Both were cold, cool and constant! Both were expressionless!

However, both of them knew that the next attack would determine the winner! Either both sides would suffer injuries, or one of them would die while the other remained alive, or both of them would die!

After fighting for a while, they had both understood the true capabilities of each other . Both of them were comparable in strength! There would be no winner or loser even if they were to continue fighting for another year .

Therefore, they were unwilling to drag it out any further . They had decided to do their best to achieve a swift and decisive battle . The quicker the better!

In an instance!

A sword matched up with two fists!

Both of them clashed together in a loud rumble!

However, both of them actually did not realize that there was an invisible fine palm strength that got in front of Bu Liuqing's long sword and matched up with the Dharma Supreme's right fist!

Zi Xieqing was already standing in the sky with her hands clasped at the back . She smiled and mumbled, "I shall let you take control!"

In the eyes of the Dharma Supreme was a look of surprise, which soon turned into shock, followed by fear and finally, horror! He felt a mysterious force which clashed fiercely against his fist, right before the long sword .

In his mind, he thought, 'Did Bu Liuqing have an ace up his sleeve?'

'He actually still had this kind of power?'

The Dharma Supreme did not have the time to think in depth . He could only struggle to hang on! At this moment, his body was already overwhelmed with energy that was suddenly suppressed by this mysterious force in front and it could not be expelled!

However, both his fists were already out, unable to be retracted!

His fists were about to come into contact with the long sword and there was no way to avoid the impact!

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At this instance, the Dharma Supreme let out a crazy, loud cry and desperately tried to harness all the strength in his body to withstand the attack! At the same time, he tilted his body sideways and only used his left fist to match up with the sword of Bu Liuqing!

The right fist was used in full strength to counter the mysterious force!


The Dharma Supreme quivered fiercely and his face was flushed . At the same time, traces of blood could be seen from around his body . Immediately, the sword of Bu Liuqing came into impact!

It looked as if it was a simultaneous attack . However, the Dharma Supreme was eventually able to separate the two attacks out by a tiny fraction!

It was just this tiny fraction that separated the two attacks!

The Dharma Supreme hurriedly exhaled his breath . He retracted his left fist for a brief moment and extended it again to clash fiercely with the sword of Bu Liuqing!


Both the bodies of Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing shook violently . However, Bu Liuqing only took a short while and a back tilt to stabilize himself quickly .

On the other hand, the Dharma Supreme's face was in patches of purplish red . After shaking violently for a while, the Dharma Supreme threw up a mouth of fresh blood . At the same time, his body stumbled backward .

With every step backward, the body of Dharma Supreme trembled and he threw up a mouthful of blood . With another step backward, his long hair fluttered into a mess and he threw up another mouthful of blood . After stumbling nine steps backward, he finally managed to stabilize himself in mid-air . He looked indifferent and his eyes still looked calm and composed . He lifted his head and looked at Bu Liuqing .

The shock waves from their clash were now lashing out at the surroundings, spreading in all four directions .

On the ground surface, the nature landscape within hundreds of miles was entirely uprooted and destroyed . Below it, from a densely populated mountain and rivers landscape, it became a flat land with no visible end to it, all in an instance!

For the first time, Chu Yang also observed how it was possible to create such a real-looking tsunami in a densely populated mountain and rivers landscape!

Yes, a tsunami . Regardless of the direction, one just needed to look ahead and it was a tsunami in front! It was definitely not an illusion! Although, it was a tsunami made up of sand and stones .

The rumbling sound of the tsunami finally subsided .

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Leaving behind a flat land .

In the future, this huge piece of flat land would be called the 'Supreme Martial Artist's Flat Land'! This was the unintentional result of a battle between two top-class Supreme Martial Artists!

Bu Liuqing was dressed in his green robe and wielded his long sword, standing in mid-air . He looked coldly at the Dharma Supreme, standing right in front of him .

"What a great Bu Liuqing! I have underestimated you!" The Dharma Supreme raised one hand and lightly wiped away the residual fresh blood at the corner of his mouth . He started to laugh lightly and he said, "I did not think that you would have exceeded a ninth grade supreme level, reaching a level that could cause the sky to collapse and the void to occur! Although, up till now, you still refuse to leave and want to wait here to suffer the once in a hundred years kind of heaven punishment . All for seeking revenge from me?"

Initially, Bu Liuqing had wanted to follow on with another attack . However, seeing how the Dharma Supreme looked, he was startled . He did not think that the Dharma Supreme would be defeated so quickly . This sounded a little off the norm . The Dharma Supreme should not have been defeated so quickly .

The moment he heard what Dharma Supreme said, he was startled again .

This sentence was not logical . Bu Liuqing knew his own level of cultivation . At the current stage, he was just a tiny step away from the mysterious realm . However, he had yet to enter it!

If so, then why did the Dharma Supreme said that he had already exceeded it? Was it an illusion? However, for a high caliber person like the Dharma Supreme, how could he have an illusion?

Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian looked at each other, dumbstruck .

As the personnel directly involved, both the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing did not even notice that Zi Xieqing had helped out secretly in the dark .

Bu Liuqing thought that he had truly gained the upper hand against the Dharma Supreme and the Dharma Supreme had similarly thought that Bu Liuqing had used his real strength and cultivation to defeat him!

Bu Liuqing said indifferently, "It is not so much of you overestimating me, but rather you have overestimated yourself! I have not exceeded that step . " He looked coldly at the Dharma Supreme and continued, "Isn't it because you have a guilty conscience?!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled with exceptional free and easiness . He shook his head and said, "Brother Bu, you are not one of the Nine Tribulations, you would not understand the hatred in my mind . To exact my revenge… I would do anything and everything, without feeling guilty . "

The Dharma Supreme raised his head and heaved a long sigh, before saying, "Today is my defeat and I have also sustained some injuries . It is a comfortable, yet nostalgic feeling . Long time ago, I was also a hot-blooded young man . Ke Ke… furthermore, I was also very sentimental . "

Looking at Bu Liuqing, the Dharma Supreme smiled gently and said, "Brother Bu, although I have sustained some injuries, you would not be able to stop me from leaving, even if you combine your effort together with Ning Tianya . I believe you understand this point, right?"

Bu Liuqing fell silent for a moment before he said, "You are right, we definitely cannot stop you!"

At such a level of cultivation, unless it was a battle to death with no intentions to escape, then was it possible to die from the battle . However, if he had intentions to leave, just like what the Dharma Supreme had said, even with the combined effort of both Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya, they would not be able to stop him .

"Since that is the case, will Brother Bu be interested to hear a story?" The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently, as he looked into the distant . "That way, I can also answer the doubt and suspicion in your mind . "

Bu Liuqing smiled with a cold and stern look, before saying, "I'm all ears!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently and said, "I shall start from the time I was injured… Ke Ke . This story happened quite some time ago, but it was forever kept deep in my heart for tens of thousands of years… Brother Bu, you wanted to kill me so as to take revenge for your brother . However, my broken soul that long deserved to be scattered and dispersed is still around . Do you have an idea what is that for?"

Bu Liuqing kept quiet .

The Dharma Supreme smiled pitifully and said, "You want to take revenge for your brother! The same goes for me as well! Ha Ha Ha… Brother Bu, the two of us are really similarly pitiful to an extent . "

After those words, his eyes looked down, as if he was in deep thoughts, reminiscing and recollecting his thoughts . This moment, the devil-like Dharma Supreme actually softened and relaxed his facial expressions .

"During the good old days, whenever I was injured, there would always be a few brothers to accompany me . Some would guard my safety, some would apply medicine and some would provide consolation… At that time, all ten of us brothers were united as one!"

"The nine of us would accompany our Big Brother, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, all along the journey of bloody killings . When we fought from the Lower Three Heavens to the Middle Three Heavens, there were only four of us . However, when we fought from the Middle Three Heavens to the Upper Three Heavens, it became seven of us . By the time we reached the Upper Three Heavens, there were ten of us!"

Some fresh blood seeped out onto the corner of his lips . The Dharma Supreme wiped it away and smiled indifferently .

Just like having a conversation with an old friend, talking effusively .

It was to an extent that Bu Liuqing could totally feel that the Dharma Supreme had not activated his martial energy to recuperate at all . Furthermore, he allowed injuries to deteriorate .

"You are really one of the nine tribulations . " Bu Liuqing heaved a long sigh . He realized that what the Dharma Supreme was talking about right now was the insider information regarding the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Chu Yang, who was listening by the side, was shocked and started to focus his attention on the conversation . This insider information was never before mentioned by the Sword Spirit . Even within the state of mind of the First Nine Tribulations Sword Master, it was also all blurry!

However, right now, the Dharma Supreme was someone directly involved in the whole event!

Chu Yang faintly felt that he was about to unravel the biggest mystery in his mind . The greatest secret of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master in this hundred thousand years!

As the Dharma Supreme continued, Chu Yang continued to pay close attention to it . As Chu Yang listened on, he compared it with his own life; compared it with his own feelings along this journey . Gradually, he became totally immersed in the conversation .

. . .

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