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Chapter 1069

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Chu Yang!

Regardless of Ye Shifeng, Yè Mengse, Xiao Clan, Ling Clan or Shi Clan, all of them got their news from Chu Yang . Also, Chu Yang had been on close terms with Lan Clan during this period of time .

He was drinking and making merry every day with the Third Young Master of Lan Clan, Lan Changge .

Therefore, it resulted in the events of today…

Who was this person called Chu Yang? This name was suddenly the hottest topic in everyone's mind . Although the Upper Three Heavens was big, everyone present here was very well-informed . They would always have an idea of the influential characters around . However, since when was there a character with the family name of Chu?

Everyone was confused at this question .

Who was it? That actually could cause such a high casualty rate to the Nine Super Clans?

In this regard, under the doubtful eyes of Ye Di, Ye Shiyu thought for a moment and finally gave his answer to it . "I met Chu Yang during the Lake of Despair battle in Middle Three Heavens . He is someone who has his unique ways of handling things and definitely a talented and rising star of the younger generation . "

"He had nothing to begin with, just simply working his way up barehanded with nothing to rely on . Yet, he managed to become the leader of various big clans' Young Masters in Middle Three Heavens .

"He highly values the code of brotherhood and loyalty . Furthermore, his character is rather forthcoming and therefore is likable by many . "

From the way Ye Shiyu talked, within a paragraph of descriptions, it was nothing but full of praises for Chu Yang . This made the people from Ye Clan really puzzled and surprised . Even Ye Di, who was listening to all these, could be seen having flashes of thoughts in his eyes .

"However, this person is also ruthless in his way of doing things . Sometimes, he would resort to anything, just to achieve his goal . In summary, if you ask me to give an evaluation of this person, I can only say that he is neither a good nor a bad person . He has his own set of principles and thresholds of doing things . You will be fortunate to be his friends, but will really have a hard time if you were to be his enemies . "

Ye Shiyu smiled bitterly and said, "During the days at Middle Three Heavens, I had no respect for him . However, upon reaching the Upper Three Heavens, especially after reaching Tianji City, I realized that this person was not simple . All along, it had always been me taking advantage of others . Only he was able to do the same to me . "

From the way that Ye Shiyu had described him, the crowd had a desire to laugh out, even though they were all in a heavy and gloomy atmosphere .

"He came up from Middle Three Heavens? And yet he could create such a huge storm here? This young man is really not simple…" Ye Di muttered to himself . Suddenly he exclaimed, "Could this Chu Yang be the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

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Ye Shiyu frowned and was in deep thoughts for a moment before replying, "I don't think so . Based on my investigations, he had already arrived at Upper Three Heavens when the Nine Tribulations Sword Master caused the strange world phenomenon . "

Ye Di agreed and said, "This Chu Yang, bring him over for me to take a look when you have the time . "

This question was also repeating in the minds of the various Super Clans . However, the answers were very varied .

Yè Mengse said, "It was me who went to approach Chu Yang, he was in the Orchard Palace…"

Although Yè Mengse knew that he was tricked, he could not complain about it .

It was the same for the other clans .

Facing the Elder Master, who dared to lie? Naturally, they would relay word for word, whatever that Chu Yang had told them .

After the repeated telling, the various Elder Masters were all frowning .

Yè Qingchou said angrily, "When he phrased it this way, you cannot really blame him? What he said was that Lan Clan would take action tonight! The ones who went to find out more information, actually did not ask for more details, but rather, plunge into it straight away?"

Everyone was too ashamed to show one's face .

In their minds, they thought, 'Yes, the Lan Clan would take actions . Why would the Lan Clan take action? What were they after? Isn't it all because of the Holy Tribe Elder?' Therefore, naturally, everyone thought that it must be an act by the Lan Clan to snatch the Holy Tribe Elder .

Therefore, everyone then naturally sank into tonight's matter .

Who knew that tonight's actions would be so close to what they thought, but in reality, different! At this juncture, Lan Clan was actually planning such an action… Therefore everyone followed suit and therefore everyone got tricked together! Die together! Frustrated together! Wronged together!

In this way, even though they had all been tricked, they could not really take revenge? At least, not openly . What Chu Yang had told them was the truth . They could only blame themselves for misunderstanding it .

This was an error in their way of logical thinking . Chu Yang precisely made use of this preconceived mindset of the various clans . He artificially created this error in thinking and yet was able to resolve himself of any blame for the error .

In the mind of Chu Yang, he could have been thinking of these, 'Yes, all of you came to ask me about the actions of Lan Clan . I gave you accurate information about when they would take actions and they indeed took action during the time which I told you!'

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'What could you blame me for?'

If this matter was an evil plot by the Lan Clan to target all the various clans, then Chu Yang could have been considered an accomplice . However, Lan Clan was only targeting Ye Clan and in the current situation, Lan Clan had failed miserably and was the clan who had the greatest loss!

Accomplice… it was even more out of the question .

This discovery made the Second Grandmasters of the various clans even more depressed .

"What the f*ck, how could there be such a thing!" The fiery-tempered Shi Jing could not help but curse and swear . "The information which you bought with real gold and silver, in turn got you into a vivid and real trap! You must be really good to spend money on something that you got willingly tricked into!"

Finally knowing the truth, the Second Grandmasters looked at each other in dismay, not knowing whether to cry or laugh . If only one of the clans said this, it was still reasonable . However, all the clans were saying the same thing .

Suddenly, they doubted in their mind, 'Did Chu Yang deliberately set up this trap? Or did he not know of it?'

After a discussion, the crowd concluded that there was about a sixty percent chance that Chu Yang had deliberately set up this trap and only about a forty percent chance that Chu Yang had no idea of it . Regardless, he would not be able to absolve himself from the responsibilities .

Chu Yang .

At this moment, the various elites had already engraved Chu Yang's name in their minds . If they were to take revenge on Chu Yang openly, it would only invite gossip that the Nine Super Clans were extremely petty . Their transaction with Chu Yang was open and honest . Now that the Nine Super Clans had suffered a loss, they wanted to take revenge on Chu Yang . That would be unreasonable .

However secretly, it could be almost guaranteed that Chu Yang's troubles would not be little .

. . .

Over at the other side, Yue Lingxue impatiently asked, "Have you all finished the discussion? I want to see my disciple now!"

Ye Di and the other hurriedly asked about the matter of Wu Qianqian, but only found themselves more confused .

They thought in their mind, 'What exactly has happened?'

'Why is the matter getting more and more bewildering?'

"Hurry to find her!" A few of the Elder Masters ordered .

Time passed bit by bit and those who were sent to find her came back one after another . They only brought back one answer: 'Nothing . '

The eyebrows of Yue Lingxue were knitted tightly together and the murderous intent within him got stronger over time . Finally, he let out a long roar . "Enough! How much more acting are you going to do? Do you really want me to start a massacre!?"

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice said, "Brother Yue, massacre is a serious word, please do not say it out so easily . "

The voice was very indifferent, but it was also very dignified .

It was misty in front and a man dressed in black appeared suddenly .

He stood in mid-air, with the hands clasped behind his back, the black robe fluttering in the wind and his black hair hanging down, center-parted . He was indifferent, yet proud, looking disdainfully at the crowd .

"Dharma Supreme?" The eyes of Yue Lingxue squinted and he said indifferently, "You want to stop me from starting this massacre?"

The Dharma Supreme replied indifferently, "At least, while I am here, give me some respect, will you?"

Yue Lingxue gently shook his head and replied solemnly, "No, I will not!"

"Will not?" The Dharma Supreme's eyes were warm and his voice was gentle . However, an aura of immense pressure appeared out of nowhere and he continued indifferently, "Based on our friendship over ten thousand years, if I were to ask my old brother for some respect, will I not be able to get it?"

Yue Lingxue gently shook his head again and said, "No, it is indeed a no . " He gently lifted his head and looked at the Dharma Supreme with his sharp eyes . He gently, but with strong determination, said, "You and I, we belong to different paths!"

Everyone's heart pounded for a moment .

Finally, the Moon Breeze couple and the Dharma Supreme had officially fallen out today!

Not a single bit of respect would be given!

Furthermore, it was clearly announced in front of the Nine Super Clans that both the Moon Breeze couple and the Dharma Supreme were people belonging to different paths!

These same words were first heard at the city gate . However, at that time, Yue Lingxue was there to notify . To give notice before the battle, then to have an open battle afterward .

This was the greatest form of respect for one's opponent, amongst all the different rules of the martial society!

Therefore, it was nothing strange when the words were heard then . However, to say the same words, now that the Dharma Supreme had requested for some form of respect, it was a ruthless and no-return way of falling out!

Although Yue Lingxue was furious over what had happened to his disciple, it seemed a little overboard to speak of such words and to do such things at this moment .

A moment of murderous intent flashed across the Dharma Supreme's eyes . However, he immediately clasped his hands behind the back and smiled gently .

However, everyone was clearly able to feel that his aura, like that of a king descending to the world, had become stronger .

The next moment, the Dharma Supreme had descended from mid-air to the ground, like descending from the stairs . Everyone saw that the Dharma Supreme was in mid-air, but the next moment, he was already standing on the ground . However, everyone could still feel that the Dharma Supreme was slowly descending from mid-air .

This contrast between extreme motion and extreme silence while being simultaneously exhibited in a single action was an unparalleled visual impact on the crowd . Many within the crowd had the cultivation of a Supreme Martial Artist, but even they had such illusions as well .

The pupil of Yue Lingxue shrank a little and he said indifferently, "Dharma Supreme, your Divine Nature powers have improved . "

The Dharma Supreme clasped his hands behind the back and smiled . "You are right, Brother Yue . I was lucky enough to have advanced another level . Brother Yue, could it be that you want to have a battle with me right now? Within this Nine Heavens, the ones whom I'm most unwilling to make enemies of are you and your wife . "

Gently, the Dharma Supreme sighed with deep feelings . "It's not because I'm concerned about your martial prowess, but I am concerned over our ten thousand years of friendship!"

He shook his head and his black long hair moved gently with the motion . It was elegant and carefree beyond words . However, it also brought out an aura of cold intention . "I do not wish to destroy that friendship . "

Feng Yurou looked at the Dharma Supreme cautiously . Her legs were making small movements as she inched closer to her husband . With their cultivation and special martial arts, not to say short distances, even if they were a few thousand feet apart, their cultivation could be mutually exchanged .

However, when the Dharma Supreme appeared this time, Feng Yurou had an unknown feeling that she could allow her husband to be separated from her . Therefore, she unknowingly moved a step away .

Yue Lingxue fell silent for a moment and then laughed indifferently . "Ever since the day I left the Law-Enforcement City, you should know that our friendship was already over, forever over . "

The Dharma Supreme gave a long sigh and said, "So, if that's the case, how about a battle with me, Brother Yue?"

. . .

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