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Chapter 1070

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Yue Lingxue gave a confident smile and said, "If the Dharma Supreme really wants to obstruct my way of doing things, then… I shall fight you . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled gently . "I understand what you meant . The Lan Clan has offended you this time . However, you are also using this as an excuse to bring ahead your desire to destroy the Nine Supreme Martial Artists' plan to nourish the heaven!"

Yue Lingxue fell silent for a moment, before saying, "The Nine Supreme Martial Artist plan to nourish the heaven, it's an act against heaven's will . It will never succeed! The mission of the Law-enforcement officers for the past 100 thousand years will not change because of you alone!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently . "Success or failure, it depends on your capabilities . "

Yue Lingxue replied dismally, "Yes!"

"Come!" The Dharma Supreme did not move, but at this moment, gave an impression to the others that he was immensely tall and looking disdainfully at the world! He said indifferently, "I would like to invite the Moon Breeze couple for a battle with me! A battle to end all enmity, a battle to determine the fate of the Nine Heavens, a battle without mercy, a battle of life and death!"

Yue Lingxue looked up to the sky and laughed . "Not bad, a battle without mercy, a battle of life and death! Dharma Supreme, since you want a battle of life and death, then we shall follow suit at all cost!"

Feng Yurou let out a clear whistle and drew out her sword from the sheath .

The Dharma Supreme remained indifferent and smiled gently . "Let's battle!"

The hands that he had kept behind his back were slowly put down . Following which, the hands were lightly raised forward . As his black robe fluttered with the wind, he raised one hand and put up an invitational stance, as if he was saying, 'Come, let's battle!'

With this stance, the entire night sky and the entire earth was filled with a taste of being invited to death .

Divine Nature!

The Dharma Supreme at this moment had already merged his body with heaven and earth . At this moment, he was the heaven, he was the earth!

When he moved his hands, the heaven shook; when he stepped back, the earth shattered!

Regardless of the opponent, anyone who fought him now, would be equivalent to fighting heaven and earth!

How could a mere human gain victory over heaven?

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Although in speech the Dharma Supreme was indifferent, in his heart, he had long been filled with murderous intentions . He wanted to bring out his greatest destructive power and to defeat the Moon Breeze couple in a single strike . Or to kill them!

If the Dharma Supreme could do it, then after today, his influence and prestige in the Nine Heavens would be at its peak . It would have also been higher than that of Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing! Furthermore, he would be crowned as the strongest fighter in all the minds of the various elites!

If he won this battle, he would even have gotten the confidence to fight both Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing together at the same time .

Divine Nature was about the cultivation of the heart . The more ambitious the heart was, then the cultivation would be stronger!

One who often won versus the one who often lost, their mindset would be very different . The Dharma Supreme often won in his battle, but he still needed another victory against fighting two of the strongest opponents at the same time!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou straightened their bodies at the same time and said indifferently, "Please!" The couple's eyes were sharp and determined . A strong and abundant aura rushed up the skies and brought with it resolute decision to fight to the death!

This aura from the Moon Breeze couple and the Dharma Supreme's nature encompassing aura clashed! In an instant, the skies turned, in the cold night sky of mid-winter, a thunderous sound was heard and the clouds were dispersed in all directions, revealing a deep and clear night sky .

A sky full of glittering stars!

Even Ye Di and his equivalents could not stand the strong aura and had to take a strong step backward!

The three auras intertwined with each other . With these kinds of elites, once they started their battle, there would be no one in this world who could possibly separate them!

No one would have imagined that the Moon Breeze couple would have to use force against the Dharma Supreme at such an early stage of them opposing each other!

The people of Zhuge Clan had mixed feelings within . They hoped that the Dharma Supreme would take action and destroy the Moon Breeze couple . Yet, they wished that the two parties did not start a fight . Regardless of who won, either the Moon Breeze couple were killed or that all three people were killed in action together, their home base was destined to be totally destroyed .

The crowd looked on intensely and fixated . Everyone held their breaths and focused on this imminent battle of the strongest!

The battle of these three strongest characters was about to begin .


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An aura of swift and fierce sword-energy came from across the sky . This sword-energy was shining brightly, lighting up the entire earth, revealing all details within it! It was brighter than even the mid-day sun!

The source of this sword-energy was actually ten thousand feet away! It came in a mighty rumble just like that and split the entire night sky into two .

A voice said indifferently, "Dharma Supreme, if you were to take actions today, then I would like to have a taste of your Divine Nature Power as well!" He laughed coarsely and said indifferently, "I wonder if your Divine Nature Power is greater, or my Mercy Sword has its own unique style!"

Bu Liuqing!

The crowd was overwhelmed with shock and horror!

This Supreme Martial Artist chose to intervene at this critical juncture and had obviously chosen to stand on the side of Supreme Martial Artists Feng and Yue .

The Dharma Supreme's gaze momentarily sharpened up and he said indifferently, "Brother Bu, is this worth the trouble?" The huge amount of accumulated aura and the state of mind was all broken just by the words of Bu Liuqing!

In his mind, he sighed and thought to himself, 'This is Heaven's Will! Is it trying to hint that I would not succeed with this, if he does not come to assist me?'

"No trouble at all . " The voice of Bu Liuqing from afar spoke indifferently, "Even you lost your cool and wanted to take action, my patience and discipline are much worse than yours . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled bitterly and said, "Brother Bu, if I do not take any actions, all these people here would be killed by the Moon Breeze couple!"

Between sentences, his aura had already been slowly dispersed away . He knew that with Bu Liuqing now involved in this battle and with his attitude, it was inevitable that this battle would not take place .

The current Dharma Supreme was not necessarily concerned about Bu Liuqing . However, the main problem was that both Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya were considered a single entity, with the same disciple . If he were to provoke Bu Liuqing, it would be equivalent to provoking Ning Tianya at the same time .

The Dharma Supreme dared to face both Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou together and he had absolute confidence in it . However, against both Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya together, he was not confident .

Therefore, the timing of intervention by Bu Liuqing was really at a wonderful moment!

He had definitely helped Moon Breeze couple . At the same time, he also caused a damaging hit to the Dharma Supreme's confidence!

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The current Dharma Supreme dared not to take action . Once a person's mind had the thought of not daring, it would also have fear . Furthermore, with fear, the confidence level would be sure to take a plunge!

Furthermore, what the Dharma Supreme was cultivating was exactly the mind .

On one hand, Bu Liuqing had some friendship with the Moon Breeze couple . On the other, it was also because he felt the Dharma Supreme's rising desire and excitement to battle… therefore, he intervened to stop the rise of it .

He knew that if the Dharma Supreme had overcome this threshold, it was likely that the Dharma Supreme would then be above him .

Therefore, there was no hesitation from Bu Liuqing when he intervened decisively!

Although he had not started the battle, it was in fact already a heavy blow to the Dharma Supreme!

A heavy blow to his mind and heart!

The most critical component of winning a battle!

Bu Liuqing smiled coldly and sharply . "The life and death of everyone here, or whether they get killed by Moon Breeze couple or not, is none of a concern to me . I only know that if you were to take action, you would become the first Dharma Supreme to fall and be murdered in the hundred thousand years of history of the Nine Heavens!"

The first step was to strike down his confidence!

This time, Bu Liuqing used life and death .

In the battle between the two strongest elites, the underlying meaning of their words and their impact on the mental state of mind was often far greater than the impact of any physical attacks on the body!

Ye Di, Xiao Se and their equivalents were all people in the know . They naturally knew that the talks between the two were actually the beginning of their battle of the strongest! They could not help but listen attentively and accurately captured each of the underlying meanings in their conversations . Compared back to their own cultivation and mental state of mind, they all had a feeling of 'sudden realization' .

An intense light flashed in the eyes of the Dharma Supreme . He said indifferently, "Brother Bu, you seem a little overconfident . I'm afraid that rather than killing me, you may get killed instead! Brother Bu should know that if you had a one-on-one battle with me, it's not as if I don't have the capabilities to do that!"

Step by step, the Dharma Supreme had been forced to the corner by Bu Liuqing . Now, he finally started his retaliation .

This first retaliation was to keep Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple separated, so that he could have a one-on-one battle! If the Dharma Supreme had chosen to take action against the Moon Breeze couple, Bu Liuqing would be sure to intervene . On the other hand, if he were to directly challenge Bu Liuqing, based on his reputation and arrogance, he would rather die than to accept any assistance from the Moon Breeze couple .

If the Moon Breeze couple were to intervene at their own will, Bu Liuqing might even get angry instead . Therefore, it was certain that the Moon Breeze couple would not intervene easily .

Just a sentence of retaliation from the Dharma Supreme, it had already sealed the fate of the Moon Breeze couple participating in their battle . Although this had been a deviation from his initial intentions, the final goal was still well within reach for the Dharma Supreme .

A human figure flashed and Bu Liuqing dressed in green and white cloth came from afar and appeared suddenly in mid-air .

Within his hands, was a long sword gleaming with green light . He stood just like that in mid-air, a sword in his hands and both his body and glance were sharp like a sword . He laughed coldly at the crowd below him and recited indifferently, "Walking through the world, you see only lonely shadows who had ventured out alone to look at this world . The world is after all about life and death, therefore, the Mercy Sword shall have no mercy on its opponents!"

Bu Liuqing said in an awe-inspiring manner, "Come Dharma Supreme, have a battle with me!"

Against the retaliation of the Dharma Supreme, Bu Liuqing suggested a direct one-on-one battle right away! This was an even stronger reply, to the extent of being pressurizing!

Bu Liuqing thought in his mind, 'You said that you can kill me, then come battle me! Let's see who gets killed!'

Due to what Bu Liuqing said, the Dharma Supreme had a psychological barrier and wanted to do his best to overcome it . This was also the same for Bu Liuqing, who also wanted to overcome his own devil within! Ever since he knew that the Dharma Supreme had innate spiritual meridians, he was already feeling uncomfortable over it .

Therefore, Bu Liuqing had to defeat him tonight!

In order to overcome his own devil within!

The Dharma Supreme's eyes flashed and he said indifferently, "To battle with you, why not? However, the Moon Breeze couple must not kill anyone tonight!" His words were obscured, yet clear in expressing what he wanted . If the Moon Breeze couple were to take action, the Dharma Supreme would have a worry at the back of his mind . Even if he were to battle Bu Liuqing, it would not be an all-out fight .

"You stopped me from taking revenge for my disciple, that alone is already overboard . Now that you both want to have a battle and you try to restrict my actions again? Dharma Supreme! Don't you think you are interfering too much?" Yue Lingxue turned furious and was about to explode anytime .

Suddenly, a gentle voice was heard in his ears . "Your disciple is fine! However, the Lan Clan cannot be let off lightly!"

Yue Lingxue jerked and happiness was revealed in his face .

It was the voice of that mysterious lady .

Yue Lingxue's expressions changed and he said indifferently, "I can spare everyone's lives today! However, the main culprit Lan Clan must give me an explanation! Otherwise, even with both Dharma Supreme and Brother Bu trying to stop us, while we cannot kill everyone here, we are confident that we can kill more than half of the people here and still escape safely!"

The Dharma Supreme grunted and said, "Then, where is Lan Muxue?"

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