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Chapter 1062

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At this moment, sitting in the frontmost seat of a quiet and elegant tavern, were Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue .

Sitting opposite was the Lan Clan Second Grandmaster, Lan Muxue .

All of a sudden, the Moon Breeze couple received an invitation for dinner from Lan Muxue today . They were unable to reject the invitation and could only turn up for the dinner to show their due respect .

Within the Nine Super Clans, only Lan Muxue commanded such respect from the Moon Breeze couple, sufficient enough to invite them for dinner .

This was not to say that the "Miles of ice and chilly sky, twilight upon a thousand snow-capped mountains full of flower petal" was so great that the Moon Breeze couple had to show their due respect for him . It was more of the case that both Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou owed the Lan Clan a huge favor . The favor of recommending Wu Qianqian, a highly satisfactory disciple with such an enchanted physique .

To the Moon Breeze couple, this favor was nothing short of a great one .

Therefore, despite them being unwilling to, the Moon Breeze couple still turned up for the invitation by Lan Muxue .

"Senior Yue, please have a drink . I, as a junior, have a few heartfelt words that I would like to report to you . " Lan Muxue respectfully raised the cup .

"Oh?" Yue Lingxue looked at him with a non-committal glance and said, "What words are these such that they can only be said after drinks?"

Lan Muxue was hit by a wave of embarrassment . He thought in his mind, 'Talking after some drinks was just a common practice on the drinking table . People say that it's easier to talk after some drinks . Why would this Supreme Martial Artist Yue be so literal?'

Helpless, Lan Muxue said, "Since it has come to this, I shall take my drink first, using alcohol to boost my courage, before I tell senior my heartfelt words . "

Yue Lingxue said indifferently, "Talking is just talking, why would you need any alcohol to boost your courage?"

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Lan Muxue had already raised his cup into mid-air . With this sentence, he was stunned, not knowing whether to cry or laugh .

"If you have anything, just say it . There is no need for all these gimmicks . " Feng Yurou frowned her eyebrows and said, "Muxue, based on our relationship with the Lan Clan, there is really no need for all these . "

Lan Muxue forced out a burst of laughter and finally drank the cup . He said, "Then I shall be frank and speak my mind . "

He sighed before saying, "In my opinion, the two seniors, cutting off your relationship with the law-enforcement officers is not a smart move . "

"Not a smart move?" Yue Lingxue raised his eyebrows .

"Yes, you heard me right!" Lan Muxue raised the tip of his eyebrow and said, "Are you implying that changing a tradition that our ancestors decided on since 90 thousand years ago in Nine Heavens would be the smart move instead?"

"But, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is after all nonexistent!" Lan Muxue muttered, finally giving his rebuttal .

"Nonexistent?" Yue Lingxue laughed .

"Moreover, according to word of mouth, the past Nine Tribulations Sword Master were all of the poor characters . " Lan Muxue said, "To fight for such a person, it's too much… too much of an injustice to you . "

"So what?" Yue Lingxue remained still . With an indifferent expression, he said, "Since the beginning when I first entered to become a law-enforcement officer, I had taken an oath in front of the law-enforcement monument, a very serious oath using blood from seven different parts of my body . Since then, I have dedicated my entire life to enforce law and order in the Nine Heavens with no biases and being impartial . Also, at the appropriate moment, to assist the Nine Tribulations Sword Master in uniting the Nine Heavens!"

"This oath in front of the law-enforcement monument, I have always kept it in my mind!"

"Even though the Nine Tribulations Sword Master may have a poor character, he had never brought any calamity to this world . He was merely using his own strength to unite the Nine Heavens . Ultimately, the price for unity was the life of his nine brothers, used as foundations for the stability of the Nine Heavens! Just what are you implying on, when you claimed that he has a poor character?"

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"Creation of the Nine Heavens has always been bloodshed! Therefore, it requires the unification of the Nine Tribulations and the effort of everyone . With an overwhelming enthusiasm and energy, can this neutralize the calamity of the Nine Heavens? This unification of the Nine Tribulations will also signify a huge calamity for the Nine Super Clans! Every time, brothers of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will correspond to one clan of the Nine Super Clans . "

"Every time the brothers of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appear, it would signify the downfall and demise of a clan within the Nine Super Clans! With this downfall, will it then turn into the Nine Tribulations Blood to complete the nourishment of the sky! What other complain do you have? You would need to know that your ancestors have prospered on the sacrifice of other clans . The lives of tens of thousands of people in a clan were used to complete the sky nourishing blood! Even if your clan was to be destroyed to complete the sky nourishment blood during this round of tribulation, wouldn't it also be fair?"

"Furthermore, you must also know that should the Nine Tribulations Sword Master die, this entire continent will collapse into chaos . Just like the tragedy 100 thousand years ago! By that time, all the Nine Super Clans would also cease to exist!"

Yue Lingxue completed the sentences all at one go . Standing upright, he looked at Lan Muxue and said, "I would like to give you a piece of advice, Muxue . Seeing how your successor Meixian had recommended a wonderful disciple to us, I would advise you to stay away from this battle against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . Take a step back, even though your clan may suffer attrition of over half of your population, it would still be better than total annihilation . As long as the bloodline exists, the Lan Clan will always have the chance to make a comeback . "

His eyes were burning and he continued, "The Dharma wants to get rid of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, that is obviously an act against god's will! If he succeeds and the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is dead, there will no longer be the strength of the Nine Tribulations and the blood energy of millions of dead souls . Without these, the Nine Heavens Continent will not last long . "

Lan Muxue sighed and said, "Senior, it is already impossible for me to stop halfway . "

Yue Lingxue replied sharply, "What is making it impossible to stop halfway? It's just about discarding the wealth and status that you have already gotten . I believe that your Lan Clan has a few copies of the ancient books and records from 100 thousand years ago . Within it, do you know what is the most spoken phrase?"

"Which phrase?" Lan Muxue asked with doubt and puzzle .

"From the beginning of time, nothing lasts more than six thousand years!" Yue Lingxue said indifferently, "100 thousand years ago, the strongest and the longest-lasting clan was the Tian Jiao Clan . However, they also did not last more than six thousand years . No other clans were able to have continued prosperity for any period longer than that! However, when it came to the time of the Nine Tribulations Clan, every clan lasted for ten thousand years! Have you thought of how this was possible?"

"Which clan could have lasting prosperity for ten thousand years? Were you all so incredible? Nothing to ruin the family all these ten thousand years? As the saying goes, Poverty does not last more than five lifetimes; Wealth does not last more than three . Ten thousand years… why?"

"Isn't it because you all are the raw ingredients to make the sky nourishing blood, therefore the Heavenly Energy was applied upon the Nine Super Clans? Or else, all the Nine Super Clans would have perished along with the long history . How were you able to prosper for ten thousand years?"

"And now, you are still not contented?" Yue Lingxue asked sternly, "Even to the extent of going against heaven's will! Do you know that the more you fight against it, the more completely will the Lan Clan be eliminated? Until the end, it would really be nothing but chaos and total annihilation!"

Lan Muxue heaved a long sigh, lowered his head and said with a bitter face, "Senior, what you have just said, I am also aware of it . However, over the past ninety thousand years, everyone in the Nine Super Clans was aware of all these . However… who did not hold the tiny hope of escaping this calamity? If a clan could survive and maintain its current prosperity and influence, who would like to become enemies with their sister clans whom they had worked together with for the past ten thousand years?"

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"Everyone of our clans had gone through ten thousand years of hard work, in order to reach the current state of prosperity . These ten thousand years of blood and sweat, the years of wisdom from the ancestors, who would be willing to see it destroyed?"

Yue Lingxue sighed and said, "Since it's this way, then there is really nothing else to say . When the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appears, the Lan Clan and I will be supporting the opposing sides . By then… it would really be awkward to meet . "

Lan Muxue also sighed .

At the time of the conversation, Yue Lingxue, who had always been cold and reticent, had already made an exception to speak so much . Every word was spoken with sincerity and kind persuasion . How would Lan Muxue not know that?

However, Lan Muxue would never agree to it .

Lan Muxue felt a little guilty . Although Yue Lingxue said that they would be enemies in the future, this round of conversation was filled with sincerity and kind persuasion . However… when Lan Muxue invited them out, it was to plot against their only, well-doted disciple .

Lan Muxue could not help but feel uneasy and awkward .

The three of them ate quietly for a while . Lan Muxue finally decided to get some information on the disciple . "I wonder if the disciple of Master Yue, Angel Wu… is she already married?"

Feng Yurou lifted her head violently and looked at him . Feng Yurou grunted and said in an indifferent voice, "Lan Muxue, you would like to be a matchmaker?"

Lan Muxue smiled and said, "That's right, I have a successor, regardless of character, martial arts cultivation, temperament or the brains, they are all…"

"There's no need to say anymore . " Yue Lingxue waved his hands to interrupt before Lan Muxue could finish his sentences . Yue Lingxue said, "The few small characters in your Lan Clan would never be able to match up to my disciple!"

Lan Muxue's eyes burned with anger, but it was very well concealed and instantly over .

Lan Muxue thought, 'Who do you think your disciple is? Our Lan Clan is actually unable to match up with her…'

At this moment, a clear and cold voice came from outside . It said, "Such a good mood for enjoyment . Elders Feng and Yue are indeed Elders Feng and Yue . Even when their own disciple has already been captured, they still have the mood to drink and eat . "

The faces of the three of them turned at the same time .

"I will go back to take a look . " Yue Lingxue quickly came to a decision . He stood up and exited from the windows . In a moment, he was gone, leaving behind only Feng Yurou .

This was because the couple had already recognized who the speaking person was . Probably in this world, anyone could deceive them, but not this person who had absolutely no reason to do so!

This was exactly because she did not even need to use her full strength and she could already kill the Moon Breeze couple . With this huge disparity in strength, why would she bother to deceive the Moon Breeze couple?

Lan Muxue said in a "heavy voice, "Who is it? Get out here now!"

His mind was already racing .

Lan Muxue thought, "Just a word from this person, Yue Lingxue left immediately . Did he have absolute trust in the person? Or was he overly concerned with the disciple?"

'With the early departure of Yue Lingxue, has the clan's plan succeeded? Would it…'

Lan Muxue attempted to use his divine senses to find out who was speaking . However, he suddenly realized that there was no response to the divine senses which he sent out .

"Whoever I am, you do not need to know!" that person replied and the voice sounded as if the person was just beside the ear, "Feng Yurou, you really have patience . This old thing in front of you had already sent all his successors to plot against your disciple, be it drugs or aphrodisiacs or other despicable methods . Right now, your disciple is being attacked by them and you still have the mood to drink and eat with him!"

Feng Yurou turned red in the face suddenly . Turning the head, her two eyes became two sharp swords that stared into Lan Muxue . Feng Yurou said, "The 'Good' things that the Lan Clan has done!"

. . .

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