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Chapter 1061

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Not long after Chu Yang left Wu Qianqian's place, he saw Lan Changge .

'This Lan Changge… he is sure eager to die . ' Chu Yang thought to himself . He looked forward steadily as he walked over and signaled for him to relax, giving him a look of confidence to convince him that everything was settled .

Chu Yang then rushed off quickly without pausing to see what Lan Changge's reaction was .

Lan Changge's eyes lit up, his excitement rushed up to his throat and he wanted to sing at the top of his lungs . He forced himself to stay calm and suppress his ecstasy .

Thinking about how after today, he would be able to marry the disciple of Moon Breeze and hold the belle in his arms; he could even spoil the Ye Clan's plans and reap benefits for his own clan…

That way, who else but me will qualify as the next Lord of the Lan Clan?

His heart pounded in excitement upon thinking of these .

As he looked at Chu Yang's figure, he smiled and mumbled, "All thanks to this dork, I will let you die in comfort . "

After that, Lan Changge left hurriedly . He went back to make arrangements .

At a distance away, after making a turn at a corner, Chu Yang's ears moved while he muttered, "But I will definitely not let you die in comfort . "

After making a few turns, Chu Yang had already changed his appearance, he had turned into a shorty fatty, he then made his way to the Shui Yue garden .

There was already a sea of people in front of the Shui Yue garden . It was apparent that the Diwu Clan had intentions to cause a sensation this time around .

Chu Yang walked forward with his hands clasped behind his back, his eyes were filled with disdain as he shoved his way through the crowd, knocking into many people; however, upon seeing his cultivation level, many people stayed silent despite their anger .

The commotion that arose from Chu Yang's arrival garnered the attention of one of Diwu Clan's martial artists, the martial artist rushed forward and gave him a respectful bow . "Senior, may I ask if you are here to offer birthday congratulations?"

"Offer birthday congratulations?" Chu Yang laughed and said in a hoarse voice, "Is Diwu Qingrou in?"

With great respect, the martial artist said, "Master Qingrou is currently in the Shui Yue garden, how about I lead you over, senior?"

Chu Yang waved his hand nonchalantly . "Forget it! I have a note here, pass this to him . "

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As he said this, a piece of paper appeared out of nowhere and floated in the air, landing as it reached the martial artist .

"I understand . May I ask you for your last name, senior?" Upon witnessing this Kungfu move, the martial artist showed even greater respect .

"Once you pass this piece of note to him, he will naturally know who I am . " Chu Yang snorted, he suddenly leaped into the air as if he were a rainbow in the sky, and disappeared into thin air .

Without any delay, with the note in his hands, the martial artist rushed to the Shui Yue garden .

At the top of the Shui Yue garden, Diwu Qingrou and the others were in the midst of drinking wine and watching a show . Diwu Qingrou was calm and composed, his moves were natural and he had a gentle look in his eyes, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary .

Out of a sudden, someone requested for an audience, saying that there was urgent news to report; Diwu Qingrou waved his hand and ordered him to enter .

"Sir, someone ordered me to pass this piece of note to you . " With great respect, the martial artist walked towards Diwu Qingrou; he passed over the note with both hands above his head .

"Oh?" Diwu Qingrou received the note and conveniently placed it next to him, he asked, "What did he look like?"

"He is short and plump, however, he has a powerful presence; in my opinion, he is at the very least, a martial saint," the martial artist explained hurriedly .

"Oh?" Diwu Qingrou waved his hand and commanded him to retreat . He opened the note slowly and his body jerked .

"Fifth brother, what is the matter?" Diwu Qingkuang who was sitting next to him asked keenly .

"Nothing much, an old friend sent me a message upon discovering my whereabouts . " Diwu Qingrou said lightly, the piece of paper in his hand had turned into ashes .

Diwu Qingkuang did not believe him but there was nothing he could say so he said an 'oh' and went back to his seat .

Diwu Qingrou stared at the stage but his mind had already been distracted by those words .

On the piece of paper, there were only a few words .

"Mr . Wu Qingrou, did you know how the tables were turned in that year? Shui Yue garden's owner was drunk and there were no sorrows in the Nine Heavens; the east winds guided the ships for ten million miles, laborious efforts were put into devising a strategy; tonight, I will ascend to watch the moon breeze, I will look on as your family is killed . "

Signing off: let's be onlookers .

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Diwu Qingrou thought for a long time, he shook his head and smiled bitterly as he mumbled, "As expected, you are not willing to suffer any losses . I admit that I took advantage of you, but you also did the same to me . Besides, you benefitted much more than I did…"

After that, Diwu Qingrou appeared to have put his mind at ease, he started to pay attention to the show that was going on .

This was because… something interesting was about to happen .

Chu Yang floated gently up onto one of the tall towers in the city . This tall tower was used by the Zhuge Clan to find out the will of the heavens through divination, however, it had not been used in years, so it was not very heavily guarded .

He was like a piece of a weightless dark cloud, silently resting on the highest piece of tile .

The cold wind howled and brushed past his body; however, it did not even lift his black shirt .

He chose this place because it was near the Ye Clan's residence . Not only that, but it was also the highest point around here .

Ye Clan's residence was called the Peaceful Jade Lake .

It was surrounded by water on three sides, the environment was extremely scenic and beautiful . It could be seen that the Zhuge Clan paid a lot of attention to making living arrangements for the strongest clan .

As of now, inside one of the Peaceful Jade Lake rooms, Ye Shifeng was pacing up and down restlessly, his eyes were fixated anxiously on the door .

There were a few elders dressed in black around him, they seemed to be taking a rest . In the other rooms, none of the Ye Clan's members were resting, they were not doing anything and seemed to be waiting quietly for something to happen .

The door opened and a piercing cold wind rushed in, followed by a black figure .

"How is it?"

"The Lan Clan has not made any moves . "

"How did this happen?"

Ye Shifeng looked perplexed . This night, he tried very hard to convince the rest of the Ye Clan to follow behind the Lan Clan, and while the Lan Clan and the Zhuge Clan disagreed and fought, the Ye Clan would take advantage of the opportunity, it was a brilliant plan .

To do this, they even dispatched two martial warriors of the fifth supreme level and one martial warrior of the sixth supreme level to gather information .

The remaining martial warriors all had strong divine sense, it was as if they were dealing with a powerful enemy . Who could have thought that after waiting for such a long time, the Lan Clan was still not making any moves…

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If the news was fake, Ye Shifeng would be in deep trouble this time around .

All these professionals were the Elder Masters of the Ye Clan . Are they people that Ye Shifeng can fool around with?

At a corner, Ye Shiyu sat in an elegant yet sluggish posture, keeping quiet . The truth was, in his heart, he was suspicious of the whole operation; however, why would Ye Shifeng be willing to share this important news with Ye Shiyu when he wanted to claim all the credit?

Hence, Ye Shiyu still knew nothing about this matter .

If Ye Shiyu found out about this, he would probably be highly suspicious and launch an investigation .

Ye Shifeng made a huge mistake: No matter what, Ye Shiyu met Chu Yang previously at the Middle Three Heavens, he also had some understanding of how the fatal incident at the Lake of Despair in the Middle Three Heavens happened . At the very least, he was aware that Chu Yang was one of the people who triggered the incident .

Furthermore, Mo Tianji, Gu Duxing and the others all followed Chu Yang's lead .

No matter how ignorant he was, he should know that even though these people were nothing by the Upper Three Heavens standards, they were considered great talents by the Middle Three Heavens standards, just below that of the clans .

Since Chu Yang could garner the respect of these people with his bare hands without the use of any weapons, how would he not have any skills?

Ye Shiyu's heart turned cold upon seeing Ye Shifeng's anxious and nervous behavior . This was his second brother, his biological brother; he was usually caring towards him, but when it came to an important issue like fighting for credit, he would not divulge any information to him .

He yawned and said, "Second brother, you guys can continue to wait, since there is nothing I can help within this operation, I shall rest . "

With a nod, Ye Shifeng said absent-mindedly, "Go ahead, go ahead . "

Ye Shiyu was more disappointed than ever, he nodded and he wriggled his way out of the room; however, his movements today were very obviously stiff and unnatural .

Apart from the Ye Clan, Xiao Clan, Shi Clan, Ling Clan, Yè Clan and the Zhuge Clan were all doing the same thing as the Ye Clan: observing the Lan Clan, closely observing!

There were no professionals outside at all .

The first half of the night was extremely peaceful .


As Ye Shifeng waited anxiously, a whiff of divine sense emerged, "Lan Clan is in action! They have dispatched many people!"

Ye Shifeng was ecstatic, he almost jumped for joy, he clenched his right fist and waved it excitedly . "Take note of the direction!"

A black figure dressed in the Ye Clan's uniform entered the Jiaxiu building like a plume of smoke .

The two female servants on the first level barely had any time to react before they were knocked out; without any pause, the black figure made its way to the Jiaxiu building, it moved as fast as lightning yet it appeared to be moving in a relaxed, slow-paced and noiseless manner .

After arriving outside the door of Wu Qianqian's room, he listened attentively; he only heard the soft breathing of a person .

He quietly placed his hand on the door, splitting with full strength; the door then disintegrated into pieces silently, exposing the insides of the room . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Wu Qianqian was lying on the bed; surprisingly, upon hearing the noise, she did not attempt to protect herself, she strained to prop up her body . She said in a fearful tone, "Who is this?"

The black figure gave an odd laugh, he was relieved and said in a hushed tone, "My apologies, Lady . Our second young master has taken a fancy to you and wants to invite you over for a conversation . "

Wu Qianqian said angrily, "Second young master Ye? Ye Shifeng? How brazen! How dare he do this!?"

"Let's not talk about the Second young master's guts, since the damage has been done, please resign to fate, Angel Wu . " The black figure moved a step forward and slapped Wu Qianqian's shoulders . Wu Qianqian only had time to utter, "How dare you…"

And she fainted .

The black figure immediately wrapped her up in the blanket, carried her on his shoulders and jumped out of the window . They disappeared into the night .

He was extremely cautious when he made his way over, he ensured that there were no other professionals present; this matter was indeed smooth-sailing and he completed his task almost immediately .

It seemed like the Chu Yang that the third master mentioned was indeed an idiot . . .

This time around, Ye Shifeng was definitely unable to bear the consequences of his failure .

After he left, a slender figure appeared out of nowhere, the white figure that appeared to be like a nonentity was, in fact, Zi Xieqing!

She rose up from the top of the Jiaxiu building and looked in the direction of the black figure, she used her divine sense to perceive; with scorn in her eyes, she suddenly disappeared without a trace .

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