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Chapter 1058

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Ye Shifeng's eyes brightened and his face turned darker . He said, "The ninth day of the 12th month… hum hum hum… Lan Changge is indeed fast to act…"

Chu Yang said anxiously, "Brother Ye, keep quiet!"

Ye Shifeng looked back and let out his laughter . At the same time, he gave a thumbs-up to Chu Yang and said, "Brother Chu, you are indeed a worthy friend!"

Chu Yang smiled anxiously and said, "This is as far as I know, what's more, it's by chance that I came to know of this…"

"Regardless, Ye Shifeng is overwhelmed with emotions and very grateful for this!" Ye Shifeng held on tightly to Chu Yang's hand . Shaking it, he said, "Thank you very much for this!"

Chu Yang sincerely replied, "Regardless of what happened, as long as Brother Ye treats me as a friend, I would naturally treat Brother Ye as a friend too . There's no need to be so polite between friends… Ke Ke… Hmm, then I shall be thick-skinned and accept this Jade Spirit Ginseng . "

Ye Shifeng's lips twitched a little and he let out forthright laughter . "Brother Chu, you are indeed a good friend, a good brother!"

Chu Yang laughed out loudly and said, "Let us get thoroughly drunk, Brother Ye . Have some more to eat, some more to eat . There is rarely someone who likes what I cooked, haha…"

Ye Shifeng was served by Chu Yang, a stomach full of random stuff . He had wanted to leave on several occasions, but was persuaded by Chu Yang for the sake of their friendship to stay longer each time . Only until the plates and cups were empty, was he allowed to leave .

Ye Shifeng stepped out of the Orchard Palace and immediately raised his cultivation energy to run ahead . After turning two corners, he stopped below a big tree, before using his index finger to dig into his mouth and starting to vomit violently…

"F*ck him, how is this a dish? Back then when I was practicing my skills of resisting toxins to my body, I had eaten so many different toxins . However, all those were more bearable than what he served me… I am really giving him my respect, for being able to enjoy what he cooked . He must not have seen the outside world of wonderful cuisine…"

Ye Shifeng continued to vomit while scolding at the same time .

"Wait till I have settled my matters on hand, I will make this a*shole go through utter misery… Hmph!" Ye Shifeng finally left .

Chu Yang was humming a small tune as he wrapped up the mess of the dinner earlier on and threw the mess to a faraway place . Thereafter, he smiled as he played with the Jade Spirit Ginseng on hand .

Chu Yang thought, 'It's all about using brains to make money now . '

'This item came rather easily . '


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Before Chu Yang could recover from his own thoughts, there came a voice from the outside saying, "Is Brother Chu in?"

Chu Yang could recognize the voice immediately, that of someone he knew . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The voice of Yè Mengse .

Chu Yang's eyebrow lifted and he thought, 'There comes another one with a gift . '

Hurriedly, Chu Yang ran out and said, "Yes Yes, I am in . Ha Ha… Brother Yè, such a rare visitor . "

Yè Mengse came in freely and at ease . Looking around, he said, "I've heard that there are beauties at the place of Brother Chu, therefore, I originally wanted to come to take a look…"

Chu Yang laughed and said, "She is just a concubine with a weak constitution, a weak constitution . Ha Ha…" Chu Yang lowered his voice and continued, "She is still sleeping, Ke Ke… troublesome woman . "

As Chu Yang continued, he gave a "You would understand" kind of expression on his face .

Yè Mengse let out a huge laugh and said, "Brother Chu, I shall be frank . I actually have a favor to ask from you this time . "

"What favor? As long as Brother Yè needs me, I would brave any form of danger for you!" Chu Yang patted his chest heroically and gave an impassioned reply .

"Brother Chu, I saw Ye Shifeng leaving your place with both a painful and a happy expression . " Yè Mengse gave a brief smile, before turning serious and said, "Seems like Ye Shifeng is really unhappy with you . He actually made a statement that he would kill you… Brother Chu, Brother Chu, you may not be aware of the situations in Upper Three Heavens since you just arrived . Ye Clan is the number one clan here and offending him would not be a wise move . "

Chu Yang turned furious and replied, "What are you saying? Ye Shifeng was still happily calling me his brother and drinking with me . I even gave him highly important news… Why would he suddenly now want to kill me?"

Yè Mengse sighed and said, "Brother Chu, this kind of person, how can you believe him?"

Chu Yang was startled, smiling bitterly, he said, "Maybe, but Ye Shifeng does not seem like a fickle-minded person . "

Yè Mengse chuckled and gave a non-committal reply, "Brother Chu, you would know a person over time . We shall not debate over this matter . In the future, you would know . "

Yè Mengse continued, "Ever since we met at the Lake of Despair previously, we immediately clicked . It was really busy during this period of time and today, I finally have some time to catch up with Brother Chu . "

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He took out a box from his clothes and handed over it using two hands . Yè Mengse said, "It is my first time visiting you . Hope you would accept my little gift . This is something for Brother Chu's beautiful woman . Ke Ke…"

Chu Yang sighed in his mind . 'He is indeed the flower protecting young master . Even a gift for me is dedicated to a woman . I really give him my respect…'

Hurriedly, Chu Yang replied, "Brother Yè is too polite . There's no need for such politeness between us brothers . "

However, Chu Yang had already taken over the gift without any traces of politeness . The moment he opened up the gift, he could not help but be stunned .

Inside was a green-colored fruit . Within the skin of the fruit, there seemed to be dense green smoke slowly flowing around .

"This fruit is called the Youthful Fruit . As a Pharmacist, Brother Chu should have heard of it . " Yè Mengse gave a reserved smiled and continued, "This kind of fruit, number one, cannot heal any injuries or illness; number two, it cannot improve one's cultivation; number three, it cannot stabilize and strengthen the spirit . There is only one effect . If a woman consumes it, she can be guaranteed a life of… youthful appearance!"

"What a great item!" Chu Yang's eyes lit up . Grinning from ear to ear, Chu Yang said, "It's just nice that my woman has been worrying for the past few days, about her losing her youthfulness… Now it's excellent . The moment Brother Yè came, this worry of her can be thrown beyond the topmost clouds… Ha Ha… Brother Yè, you must have put in a lot of effort to think of this gift . "

"It's nothing much . " Yè Mengse smiled freely and at ease . He continued, "Furthermore, I have a favor to ask from Brother Chu . How can I come without a gift?"

"Ha Ha…" Chu Yang let out loud laughter . Holding the arm of Yè Mengse, Chu Yang intimately guided him through the door . Chu Yang said, "Brother Ye, there's no harm for you to speak frankly . Our friendship is more than strong and deep enough for this . "

"Then I shall not beat about the bush . " Yè Mengse smiled amicably . He said, "During this period of time, Brother Chu has been close to both Lan Changge from the Lan Clan and also Ye Shifeng from the Ye Clan . Therefore, you should also be aware of what the two clans are doing now . "

Chu Yang was stunned . After a while, he smiled bitterly and said, "So this is what Brother Yè wanted the favor for…"

This placed Chu Yang in a bit of a predicament .

At this moment, Zi Xieqing came out from the room and walked straight towards Chu Yang . Hurriedly, she asked, "Chu Yang, heard that there is the Youthful Fruit?"

Zi Xieqing then took the box forcefully from Chu Yang .

Yè Mengse stared blankly instantly . He looked at Zi Xieqing in a daze, staring at her out of this world beauty and exotic facial features . At this moment, she was actually beside him .

After a long while, he still had not regained his composure .

Dissatisfied, Chu Yang called out, "Brother Yè, Brother Yè?" He called a few times continuously and finally Yè Mengse regained his composure . Still a little infatuated and head over heels, he replied, "Sister-in-law is really beautiful… really beautiful! Brother Chu, you… you really have a good fortune in love affairs…"

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Within his voice, it was with absolute sincerity and admiration .

Suddenly, he clenched his teeth and said, "If Brother Chu has any difficulties, I will not ask any further . Just based on Sister-in-law's unparalleled beauty, I will still present this Youthful Fruit to her . "

Zi Xieqing touched Chu Yang briefly and said, "Why don't you just help him? Look at this Young Master Yè, he is so sincere . "

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, found a tree branch and began to write a few words on the floor, 'On the Ninth day of the twelfth month, during the night time, Brother Yè please pay attention to the movements of Lan Clan . '

Immediately after, Chu Yang extended his leg and wiped the words off .

Yè Mengse's facial expression changed . He chuckled, and said, "Since Brother Chu is not willing to say explicitly, then I shall take my leave . "

Looking at Chu Yang with gratitude, Yè Mengse turned and left .

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing glanced at each other and smiled . Zi Xieqing could not help laughing and said, "You are really sinister . "

Chu Yang was taken aback . "I am sincere in my ways of making friends . How is this sinister?"

Zi Xieqing gave a "humph" sound petulantly and stopped replying to Chu Yang . She threw the Youthful Fruit back to Chu Yang and said, "I do not need such an item, you can keep it for your love interest . "

Chu Yang gave a bitter smile and kept the fruit . He sighed and said, "It's a pity that my love interest cannot consume the Youthful Fruit now . "

Zi Xieqing snorted and turned around to go back to her room .

When night time arrived, the Xiao Clan also secretly brought over some stuff to Chu Yang's place .

Chu Yang's curry favoring during this period of time was well observed by the various clans . Therefore, they decided that Chu Yang was the most possible avenue to get any additional news .

Hence, the clans came one after another .

After much coaxing, pestering and flattering words, Xiao Clan left behind a pile of expensive items and went back satisfied .

The ninth day of the twelfth month . In a short span of one day, Chu Yang had already sold this information to three clans . Including the Lan Clan and Zhuge Clan, the one who drafted the plan and the one to bear the brunt of the plan respectively, there were already five clans out of the nine super clans who were involved in this .

This level of power and influence was already sufficient .

However, Chu Yang was still a little unsatisfied .

On the morning of the second day, Chu Yang went out for another round of strolling .

To continue attracting the various clans towards his plan .

Of course, the effect was very prominent; Shi Clan came over seeking for the information, just like a housefly being attracted to the smell of broken eggs .

Chu Yang had learned well from his previous experiences . This time, he gave a clear price and made an exorbitant amount from them .

He did not worry at all that the clans would sell him out… Even if they wanted to, it would be after all the events had been over . Otherwise, if there was any leak of the information and that caused Lan Clan to change their plan, what would they do?

As of now, Chu Yang had only given out a single piece of information . 'When the time comes, look out for the actions of Lan Clan . '

Following which, Ling Clan could no longer stay put .

However, Ling Hanwu had been camping outside Ye Clan for this period of time, with the only intention of seeing Ye Chuchen . However, knowing that Meng Chaoran was just in the Upper Three Heavens, why would Ye Chuchen give any chances to Ling Hanwu?

Therefore, the Ling Clan Second Master was in a despondent state, drinking his sorrows away .

The one who came was a Martial Saint professional from Ling Clan; he was severely ripped off by Chu Yang .

The remaining Chen Clan and Li Clan, however, had no movements at all .

On the seventh night of the twelfth month, Nangong Shifeng sneakily came to the small yard of Chu Yang .

"Any new information? Till now, and there are still people coming?" Chu Yang could not help but feel a little surprised .

"No, but there is another matter which I just heard of . Therefore, I specially came to inform Young Master . " Nangong Shifeng said with a smile, "It's shocking and no one could have imagined it . The Dharma Supreme and his entourage did not come alone . On the same day, the one at the top of all martial artists, Supreme Martial Artist Bu Liuqing also arrived at Tianji City . "

"Bu Liuqing?" Chu Yang was still lazily, half lying down . Upon hearing this name, he sat up straight immediately, as if he had taken a stimulant . His eyes gleamed and he asked, "He came alone… or…"

. . .

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