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Chapter 1059

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Nangong Shifeng said, "During the arrival of the Dharma Supreme, the entire city gate was heavily guarded by the Nine Super Clans . There was no way for us to get to the front of the crowd . The news of Supreme Martial Artist Bu entering the city was also not announced by them, until today, when a professional from Zhuge Clan revealed this news by mistake to the public . It was not because we did not put in sufficient effort to find out . "

Nangong Shifeng thought that Chu Yang was blaming him for being late in reporting this news and therefore, was doing his best to explain the delay .

This was not really a secret that the Nine Super Clans were trying to keep . It was more of the reputation of the Nine Super Clans and Dharma Supreme that they had to maintain . Those who knew would understand that being asked for something by Bu Liuqing was an honor . However, there were a lot of people in this world, who did not know of such things .

If the news had gone to the ears of the common martial artists, it would have sounded as if the Nine Super Clans and Dharma Supreme were suppressed by a single Bu Liuqing .

This would be serious damage to the reputation of the Nine Super Clans and the pride of the law-enforcement officer .

Therefore, they would never announce this .

Chu Yang hurriedly interrupted Nangong Shifeng's explanation and asked, "What I wanted to know was, did Supreme Martial Artist Bu come alone? Or were there a few other people? Or did he bring along anyone?"

Nangong Shifeng was startled as to why Chu Yang was so concerned about such minor details . Yet, he hurriedly replied, "I've heard that Supreme Martial Artist Bu brought his disciple along, a young girl dressed in red . Accordingly, Supreme Martial Artist Bu had stopped the Dharma Supreme and the Nine Super Clans' various Supreme Martial Artists, just for the sake of getting a welcome gift for his disciple… Ha ha…"

Until this point, Nangong Shifeng also felt that this matter was a little funny . He could not help but let out laughter and said, "Supreme Martial Artist Bu really was blunt . "

Chu Yang only heard the sentence 'Supreme Martial Artist Bu brought his disciple along, a lady dressed in red' and his mind was shocked . In an instant, there appeared stars in his eyes and numerous deep longing thoughts appeared in his mind .

He actually did not hear what Nangong Shifeng said beyond that sentence . He literally zoned out afterward .

Nangong Shifeng continued for a few more sentences . However, seeing that Chu Yang had no response, he stood up helplessly to take his leave .

Chu Yang remained silent and motionless . Only until Nangong Shifeng had gone for a while did Chu Yang open his eyes and ask hurriedly, "Where are they staying?"

However, there was no one left to answer . Chu Yang took a look closer only to see that there was not even a shadow of Nangong Shifeng left .

Chu Yang laughed bitterly in his mind . He thought that Nangong Shifeng must have seen him zoning out and left because of that .

With hindsight, Chu Yang thought that it was pointless to ask the question anyway . Based on Nangong Shifeng's capabilities, it would be strange if he was able to find out where Bu Liuqing was staying .

Chu Yang heaved a long sigh .

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Chu Yang thought in his mind, 'Xiao Wu, you are here . '

'You are finally here! I can finally see you again!'

Chu Yang was excited .

Even though he continuously reminded himself to keep calm, his body was burning hot from the excitement and his face was flushed . Suddenly, Chu Yang stood up and began pacing around in the room .

Looking at the deep night sky, Chu Yang could not help but develop an urge in his mind, 'To find Mo Qingwu immediately and to see how his Xiao Wu looked like now?'

Chu Yang thought of how Mo Qingwu would leap forward upon seeing him; how her tender arms would be wrapped around his own neck and how she would sweetly assert 'Brother Chu Yang, I miss you so much'…

Almost unable to hold his feelings, Chu Yang gave a smile of happiness from the bottom of his heart .

When he could no longer suppress his feelings, Chu Yang gave a push and stepped out of his door .

The oncoming cold wind slapped onto his face . Chu Yang quivered in the coldness and suddenly halted his footsteps .

The desire to see Mo Qingwu was indeed very strong . He believed that Xiao Wu was also dying to see him as well . However, if he really did see Mo Qingwu now, the little girl would be sure to stick around him .

There was nothing to worry that Mo Qingwu would hamper him in anything . However, the Nine Super Clans would be sure to recognize her .

If they knew that Chu Yang was on close terms with Mo Qingwu and there was also a Bu Liuqing… would they not suspect anything about what he had told them and made changes to their own plans?

Chu Yang smiled bitterly .

This was almost brainless as it would definitely be a huge impact when the time came!

Chu Yang hesitated . Finally, he turned around and went back to his own room .

Chu Yang thought, 'It was already the seventh day of the twelfth month . Tomorrow would be the eighth day and the day after, the ninth . After two more days and two more nights, everything would be fine . '

'However, if the painstakingly prepared plan was hampered due to me visiting Mo Qingwu, then it would really be an illogical impulse move…'

'Only two more days . Just two more days…'

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Chu Yang consoled himself continuously, forcefully calming himself down . However, he still felt extremely confused and troubled, as if 100 claws were scratching his heart and he was standing in a pan of boiling oil .

Chu Yang actually panted from just lifting his head to drink two cups of cold tea,

Suddenly a white figure flashed past and Zi Xieqing came in lightly and gracefully .

"What happened?" Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang .

"Nothing . " Chu Yang shook his head with distraught and sat down .

All along, Chu Yang thought that his willpower was extraordinarily strong and that there were very few in this world who could compete with him . However, ever since he heard the news about Mo Qingwu, Chu Yang finally realized that he had severely overestimated himself .

Zi Xieqing playfully looked at him and said, "Just now, I heard that a top Supreme Martial Artist had arrived . "

"Yup," Chu Yang nodded .

"After you have finished your tasks these two days, I would go and meet him . I would like to see how the top Supreme Martial Artist in Nine Heavens is like . " Zi Xieqing smiled faintly .

"Then you should go to find the Dharma Supreme," Chu Yang replied .

Due to his relationship with Mo Qingwu, Chu Yang also treated both Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya as if they were one of them .

Furthermore, if Bu Liuqing were to get abused, Mo Qingwu would surely be unhappy…

Zi Xieqing looked back at Chu Yang and said, "This Supreme Martial Artist brought along his disciple dressed in red… hmm, it's a girl . Should not be too old, right? Almost about the age of Le'er?"

Chu Yang nodded and said, "Yes, about the same . "

"Hmm, if she was over 14 years of age, then she would have been called a young lady . However, Nangong Shifeng said that it was a little girl," Zi Xieqing said with some laughter, "And your troubles would not have been due to this… Bu Liuqing, right?"

Chu Yang finally calmed down and gave a few embarrassed coughs .

"From this, you mean that it was because of that little girl?" Zi Xieqing asked while looking at him .

"*Cough*…" Chu Yang coughed profusely .

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"Ha Ha Ha…" Zi Xieqing finally could not take it and laughed out loud while saying, "I really could not imagine that . That our brilliant, wise and tough Young Master Chu, would actually yearn day and night over a little girl… Ha Ha… a little girl that is about the age of Le'er… is actually the dream girl of our Young Master Chu?"

Chu Yang's face turned black and he said, "Your laughter is really unpleasant . "

It was the first time that Zi Xieqing laughed like this . It was really strange .

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At this moment, all these images were completely shattered .

Zi Xieqing continuously smacked his lips . "Tch Tch, Tch Tch Tch Tch, really… Young Master Chu, your emotions are really unique… Tch, I could never imagine that you had this kind of inclinations . This has really changed my impression of you . "

Chu Yang flew into a rage out of humiliation . Angrily, he said, "What's with it?"

Zi Xieqing snorted and said, "I am just full of admiration for you and that's all . This little girl just came and look how agitated you have become . Looks like you have not seen her for very long . Probably about one to two years ago? At that time, she was only ten years of age… Ha Ha Ha… it's around ten years of age, right?"

Chu Yang's face turned black . "You should go to sleep . "

Zi Xieqing snorted and said, "Just ten years old . Tch Tch, there are so many professionals in the Nine Heavens, even a commoner may not be able to start a relationship with a ten years old girl… Ha Ha Ha…"

Laughing herself into convulsions, Zi Xieqing said, "Chu Yang, you are really great . I have been through so many dimensions and this is the first time I have heard of such a thing . You are really the first of its kind . You have given me such a huge surprise!!"

Chu Yang was finally at the limit of his tolerance . "Have you said enough? Little, little what? Tell you what, even if you were to marry me next time, you would still have to obediently call her big sister! Do you understand or not?"

"Me marrying you?" Zi Xieqing scoffed and said, "You can continue to dream forever!"

Chu Yang snorted and said, "Even a concubine would have to call her big sister!"

Zi Xieqing stopped laughing and stared at Chu Yang fiercely . Suddenly, with a movement of her hand, a wave of divine senses was dispersed and shrouded the entire yard .

Immediately after, Zi Xieqing grabbed onto the shirt collar of Chu Yang and dragged him outside .

"Very well, very well! You did really well . I have not drilled you for these few days and you actually have the nerve to make fun of me! Come come come, let me help you get some enlightenment," Zi Xieqing clenched her teeth and said .

Chu Yang softened instantly . Laughing, he said, "It was just a joke . Hasn't it been normal for us to joke with each other?"

Before he could finish his words, Zi Xieqing had already dragged him outside of the house .

"I solemnly declare now that a gentlemen uses his mouth and not his fist!" Chu Yang knew that under the wrath of a furious Zi Xieqing, he would have a terrible ending . Therefore, he was trying his best to find a reason to avoid it .

"It's a pity I am not a gentleman, I am a lady!" Zi Xieqing clenched her teeth and with a swing of her wrist, Chu Yang was spun a complete circle and his butt now faced Zi Xieqing . Involuntarily, the butt was protruded in a position, perfect for kicking .

"Who asked you to make fun of me!" Zi Xieqing gave a fierce kick onto Chu Yang's butt .


Chu Yang screamed terribly . Like a fireworks rocket flying straight out into the limitless night sky .

He actually took a while before landing . Needless to say, he was kicked really high up!

Zi Xieqing commented bluntly that if Chu Yang had flown so high on his own effort, then he would have at least been in the top ten within the Nine Heavens Continent, in terms of the art of lightness .

"Who asked you to make me a concubine!" There went another kick .


Chu Yang flew into the clouds again . However, both his legs and butt were already swollen like a milling stone .

"Who asked you to make me call someone big sister!" And another kick…



Minister Chu had been a flying man for half of the night…

This kind of kick that sent him flying in mid-air while being sealed of his cultivation energy, was a really bad experience . Especially when it was during the night of a cold winter .

By the time Zi Xieqing showed her mercy and released Chu Yang, Minister Chu had already been frozen like a popsicle .

The price of a bad mouth .

At this moment, Chu Yang was touching his butt that had almost swollen to transparency when he suddenly thought of Nangong Shifeng . He thought, 'I am so unlucky… One takes on the color of one's company… I have been influenced by that guy…'

. . .

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