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Chapter 1052

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Chu Yang definitely did not agree with what Han Xiaoran had said .

Making such a fuss over a sixtieth birthday was definitely excessive . However, Diwu Qingrou being involved in organizing was abnormal .

As to the possibility pointed out by Han Xiaoran that Diwu Qingrou might be bootlicking…

Chu Yang could not disagree more .

It might be reasonable that Han Xiaoran felt that way because he did not know Diwu Qingrou well . But Chu Yang had to be out of his mind if he thought in a similar way as well .

Had Han Xiaoran known about the power of Diwu Qingrou, he would never say such things even at the death of him .

Some people just had the ability to survive anywhere regardless of their skills .

No matter how vast the world was, such people would still be able to sail through it easily .

Diwu Qingrou was undoubtedly one of them . Someone like Diwu Qingrou would definitely not bootlick others like that . In fact, if others were to do the same to him, he would never agree to it too .

Chu Yang was one of such people as well .

Therefore, Diwu Qingrou understood Chu Yang just like how Chu Yang understood him .

If that was the case, what was all this for?

Amidst the cheers from the Diwu Clan coming from everywhere, Chu Yang's brows puckered in a frown as he walked, slowly formulating a clear chain of reasoning .

Could it be that this is a message from Diwu Qingrou?

But what message?

The ninth of the twelfth month, sixtieth birthday . Diwu Qingkuang, Diwu Qingrou . Lays and operas… Full support and sponsor from Diwu Qingrou?

Chu Yang thought and made the first proposition: Assuming that his guess earlier was correct! Then the Ye Clan and the rest were people hired by Diwu Qingrou to abduct the Holy Tribe Elder…

Let's just first confirm this .

Then, if Diwu Qingrou knew that he was here, he would definitely be closely monitoring him .

Hence, Diwu Qingrou would have already found out about all his whereabouts and actions during this period through various means .

If that was the case, Diwu Qingrou would be able to guess what he was up to .

Then Diwu Qingrou would fully cooperate with him, facilitate the flow of events and perhaps even buff up his original plan .

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Because Diwu Qingrou knows that, maybe other people may not be able to do it, but I, Chu Yang, can definitely do it .

Therefore, such a scene was set up today .

This scene is to convey to me: I have everything planned, all that's left is for you to go up and perform .

The ninth of the twelfth month, probably meant that by the ninth of the twelfth month, everything would be prepared with just the final crucial moment left . Diwu Qingrou setting up a stage and hiring the drama team to perform just meant that he would just be watching me perform .

Diwu Qingrou should not have added the line "May everything in life go smoothly for him!" . Even though it was a well-meaning wish, in this context it seemed disrespectful .

Therefore, there must be an underlying meaning .

"The ninth of the twelfth month" was added in front as well . This should have meant: out of the Nine Super Clans, six of them have already stepped into this trap!

Once I light up the fire, it will ignite a war between the six clans .

Chu Yang's eyes lit up while he fastened his pace .

Since you want to watch the show, I will put up a good performance and make sure you enjoy your time!

Do not think that you are very impressive just because you have devised a plan…

Recalling the bag of elixir in the Nine Tribulations Space and the look of longing and desperation on Lan Changge when urging him, Chu Yang could not help but delve into sadness .

Chaos… might be good .

"The Diwu Clan must be a subsidiary clan of the Zhuge Clan!" said Han Xiaoran out of the blue .

"Yes," Chu Yang agreed softly .

"Doing something like this is embarrassing the Zhuge Clan," said Han Xiaoran, who was in a good mood today and laughing, "Diwu Qingrou actually did something like this . If I were Zhuge Shanyun, I would beat him to a pulp… I would be extremely pissed . "

Chu Yang laughed bitterly .

Diwu Qingrou dared to do such a thing because he was conveying to him a clear message: I have great power within the Zhuge Clan! I hold a high status!

Otherwise, given his steadiness, why would Diwu Qingrou act so rashly if he was not of high status?

Judging from this perspective, Zhuge Shanyun might not actually have the guts to lash out at Diwu Qingrou .

Amidst laughter, the two reached someplace together with the crowd .

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It was a huge open space which was tens of thousands of feet squares wide . It was totally spectacular . Opposite the space stood a magnificent skyscraper .

Above, two big words were dazzling in gold under the sun: Medicine Banquet!

Chu Yang gasped .

He had come to this place three days ago and it was still a mountain then! Surrounding it was a lake .

Now, with all the mountain and water gone, this place has become a barren piece of land!

And the ground was firm and completely even .

"This is what the Medicine Banquet is like," Han Xiaoran said calmly, "With the hard work from everyone, the water was cleared and the mountain shifted within a snap of the fingers . "

"Impressive!" Chu Yang was in awe .

"This is nothing much," said Han Xiaoran, "What is considered world-changing was the battle between the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng back then . Mid-sky, Wu Juecheng grabbed a mountain and raised it while he continued to hover in the air . The two each held a piece of mountain in their hands, and struck each other!"

"Damn!" Chu Yang's jaw dropped .

Picking up a mountain with one hand? Striking each other?

They… they must be fearless .

"Who is Wu Juecheng?" Chu Yang asked out of curiosity upon hearing the name .

Han Xiaoran coughed twice and said, looking slightly uneasy, "He is a senior master… You will know him in the future . "

Chu Yang gasped, before hearing the voice of the Han Xiaoran, "Wu Juecheng is the only disciple of supreme martial artist Chen Feng…"

Chu Yang froze . There was no expression on his face .

He instantly knew that this name and status was somehow like a taboo?

Chu Yang checked out the building in front of his eyes and said, "The rooms here look unique . "

"The rooms inside are specially prepared for the pharmacists," said Han Xiaoran as he gave Chu Yang a "What an ignorant country bumpkin" look of condescension .

"Sir Ye Di peeled off the outer layer of a mountain, picked out the sturdiest rocks, and carried them back . He then carved out pockets of spaces and stairs from the rocks to make the rooms . Therefore, all the rooms here… are part of whole pieces of rock!"

Chu Yang was caught in a coughing fit .

My god, I can't even lift a rock right now… This Ye Di actually lifted a mountain… and peeled off the outer layer? And then… picked out the sturdiest rocks… . And carried them back?

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"Carried back? From outside the city?" Chu Yang said, his eyes widening .

"Yes, flew back carrying them from outside the city," Han Xiaoran added as though what he had said previously was not enough .

"He flew back while carrying them?" Chu Yang could not believe his ears .

"You dimwit, if he was carrying such a huge rock, how could he enter the city gates? If he did not fly, how else could he have come back?" Han Xiaoran said as if it was obvious reasoning .

"Hurhur… So he was forced to do so… He had no other choice!" Chu Yang surrendered .

"Yes, humans are all forced!" Han Xiaoran said pretentiously, "Aren't you and I today also forced out…"

"Big brother Han… I know you are in a good mood today, but… being dramatic really isn't your style . " Chu Yang reminded him .

Han Xiaoran burst into laughter .

It was still an honor for the Southeast law-enforcement officer to bring Chu Yang in . The disciples from the Zhuge Clan who were in charge of the periphery of the banquet came over to show Han Xiaoran the way in .

They then took their leave .

It was then Chu Yang realized that the specific internal matters of the Medicine Banquet were entirely taken care of by the people from the Medicine Valley . Even though it was held in the territory of the Zhuge Clan, the people from the Zhuge Clan could only be in charge of the periphery of the banquet .

In front of him, there was a single row of tens of tables . Two people dressed in white were sitting at each table . Behind them, there was a pathway that led to a room .

These people wore the same expression, one that was even colder than Han Xiaoran . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Seeing the Southeast law-enforcement officer approached one of the tables, the person at that table spoke without even lifting his head or opening his eyes, "Who are you?"

"Southeast law-enforcement officer, Han Xiaoran, presents the pharmacist under the South-east law-enforcement officer . He is here to participate in the Medicine Banquet," Han Xiaoran said with a smile .

"Oh, officer Han, please step back and allow the pharmacist to register," the person said calmly .

Chu Yang was convinced .

Everyone said the people from the Medicine Valley were big and he never understood what was "big" about them . Now he had finally seen it for himself .

Their air of superiority was immense!

So darn awesome and cool!

In the face of the Southeast officer, he uttered: Please step back!

What the f*ck!

Chu Yang stepped forward .

"Your name?" asked the person casually .

"Chu Yang," replied Chu Yang .

"Gender?" the person asked .

Chu Yang was stunned . Gender? I'm standing right in front of you and yet you can still think I'm a female?

At this moment, similarly structured conversations were heard from adjacent tables:



Chu Yang turned his head, only to see the amused expressions on the faces of the pharmacists who were also being questioned . One of them even subconsciously peered into his pants as though he began to suspect himself upon hearing the question and he needed confirmation .

"Uhem, male . " Chu Yang confirmed . He rubbed his nose . Actually, he wanted to touch the front of his pants to confirm it but he ultimately found it too embarrassing .

"Uhem male?" the person frowned and said, "I ask for your gender . It's either male or female! What's uhem male?"

Chu Yang was instantly angered . Han Xiaoran was frantically signaling him with his eyes .

"Male!" Chu Yang said through gritted teeth .

"Alright, age?"

"Nineteen . "

"What elixir did you bring? Take it out and let me see . " The person rolled his eyes with slight contempt: What can a nineteen-year-old pharmacist possess? What decent panacea can he have?

He must be another one of those filler candidates .

"This . " Chu Yang took out and passed over a purple crystal box .

"What is this? Can't you say?!" The person glared at him before taking over the box and opening it . He immediately shuddered while his face became flushed, then pale . He then cried in a croaked voice, "What! What did I see!"

The other pharmacists all turned and looked at them .

The person, with eyes as big as saucers, breathed . "Black-blooded redfruit! Top-quality stuff! Oh my god…"

Just slightly before, he was arrogant as ever and now, he had completely become a different person, acting all amazed and startled . Chu Yang might even lose his marbles because of him…

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