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Chapter 1051

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Chu Yang was slightly speechless .

When I mentioned red fruit, you quickly dismissed it, saying it couldn't get to the semi-finals . But when I mentioned black-blooded red fruit, you couldn't bear to let it go…

I've never seen you like this .

Han Xiaoran chuckled, "It seems like you are making fun of me . In all my life of enforcing the law, I've always been just and fair, not to mention never getting involved in bribery . The amount of heavenly treasures that I've seen is pathetically little . When I come across anything that belongs to me or my brothers, how can I bear to give it away… Hahaha…"

Han Xiaoran said it self-mockingly but Chu Yang listened with utter respect .

Perhaps due to his ignorance because of this, Han Xiaoran was being like a miser . Yet he inevitably garnered loads of respect from others .

Only a law enforcement officer like Han Xiaoran was a real and legitimate officer!

What a pity that such people were a rare sight!

The thought of Han Xiaoran's wound made Chu Yang's heart heavy . Chu Yang could obviously heal it but because Han Xiaoran was part of the law enforcement camp, Chu Yang could not reveal his identity to him .

Otherwise, given Han Xiaoran's selfless character, anyone would be able to guess which side he would be on eventually .

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It was a real dilemma .

For others, those who committed the act of backstabbing their benefactor would be seen as ungrateful and vicious wolves . But for Han Xiaoran, that would definitely not be applicable!

Because he was indeed a person who would have no qualms with wiping out his family in the name of righteousness!

Therefore, Chu Yang was in a difficult position .

Han Xiaoran held onto the purple crystal box and looked around a little frantically and secretively before opening it .

"It's the first time in my life that I'm so excited that I feel like a thief," said Han Xiaoran .

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Chu Yang did not know to laugh or to cry .

Inside the purple crystal box lay the Black-blooded red fruit . Its skin was transparent as if it was cocooned by a layer of mist while its inside was a wavering glob that was as black as the night sky and yet contained a tint of shimmering starlight, as if there was some form of life flowing beneath the surface .

A mist of fragrance wafted out . Just a whiff of it would shake up one's spirits as if it was speeding up the functioning of one's internal energy .

"This is good stuff . " Han Xiaoran took an intoxicating whiff of the scent, and said, "Young brother, if such good stuff is eaten by a peak ninth level martial saint, it will be enough to raise him to the supreme level . If it is eaten by me, it will only delay my death by a few more years . Isn't it wasteful?"

Chu Yang laughed, "Big Brother Han, don't be so pretentious . "

Han Xiaoran guffawed . "Alright! I will eat it then . "

Chu Yang nodded with a smile . "There are plenty of good stuff in the world and most of them are kept away by people who do not bear to use or eat them even at their deathbed . Isn't that even more wasteful?"

He then chuckled, continuing, "Only when it's consumed by one of us is it not wasteful . Indeed, when someone eats this, he can ascend to the heavens and break through space . But what has that got to do with me? Brother Han, quickly eat this . This thing has tremendous medicinal effects and even the purple crystal box is unable to prevent the medicinal properties from seeping away . The earlier you eat it, the more it benefits you . "

Han Xiaoran nodded profusely . Without further hesitation, he nibbled on the skin of the red fruit . Sucking just a little, a viscous stream of fluid flowed down his throat .

At that instant, it was as if all his pores were clear and every strand of hair and eyebrow was eager to dance around .

A boiling wave of heat rose from the Dantian, carrying a soothing sensation that made one so relaxed that one could just faint, all the way up to the brain .

Finally, the power of the drug stuck to the wounded area on Han Xiaoran's forehead and sealed it fully . Within the next moment, the wound actually felt a little numb and itchy .

After the effects of the drug, Han Xiaoran could no longer feel anything from his poisoned wound . Even though he knew that it was still there, he could no longer detect it with his power .

It was as though his whole body had calmed down .

"This drug seems to be very beneficial to my wound . Its effect never faded away and instead located and sealed the wound by itself . "

Han Xiaoran touched it and grinned with satisfaction . "After so many years, it's my first time being this relaxed . "

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Chu Yang gave a warm smile . "I wouldn't ask for more . "

Han Xiaoran patted his shoulder and heaved a long sigh . "My younger brother…" He shook his head while sighing, and became silent .

But Chu Yang could feel the agitation from within Han Xiaoran at that very moment .

"Go," Han Xiaoran gently looked at him and said, "We need to set off early . We, the Southeast, will need you to bring us glory this time…"

Chu Yang chuckled, "Why, the Southeast didn't do well in the rankings the previous times?"

"Over the past ten thousand years, not a single pharmacist from the Southeast has entered the finals . " Han Xiaoran shook his head with a bitter laugh .

"This bad!" Chu Yang was shocked .

"This bad indeed!" Han Xiaoran nodded in agreement .

"This time, I guess it will definitely not be bad . " Chu Yang smiled .

Han Xiaoran guffawed and said, "Of course, the Southeast has you!"

"Big Brother Han, how have things been with the Shi Clan?" Chu Yang asked while walking .

"It's a long story that I have been keeping from you . We'll come to this in the future . Anyway, it's extremely complicated," said Han Xiaoran with a frown .

"Oh!" Chu Yang stopped asking .

As the two walked, they saw the crowd in front thickening . All the pharmacists and families from houses and alleys from all directions swarmed into this wide street, forming a torrent .

"So many pharmacists, where are they from?" Chu Yang was slightly bemused . "I didn't see many people on the streets during the past few days . How did all these people appear suddenly?"

"This is only from this small area . Other areas have more than ten times of this," Han Xiaoran was used to the scene and said without an ounce of bewilderment, "The Nine Heavens have so many people and so many pharmacists . This is nothing surprising . "

Chu Yang was amazed .

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The pharmacists moved forward in an orderly manner . Although there was a huge number of people, there was hardly anybody talking . Occasionally, familiar people would exchange a few words, before becoming silent again .

They all carried elixirs but even the closest friends did not know what medicine one another was bringing to the Medicine Banquet .

"Everybody aspires to enjoy the scenery from the very top, regardless of whether you are a pharmacist or a warrior, a poor man or a businessman . Everyone wants to stand at the highest point of his own stratum!"

Han Xiaoran deeply sighed . "Hence, the Medicine Banquet is the biggest opportunity in every pharmacist's life!"

Chu Yang nodded .

Han Xiaoran spoke as he walked, "Over the last two months, 13 thousand people have entered Tianji City and met their silent deaths . The elixirs that they brought with them… have also disappeared without a trace . "

He looked at Chu Yang thoughtfully and let out a sigh .

"13 thousand lives lost mysteriously…" Chu Yang was at a loss of words .

"Who knows how many evil crimes are taking place behind the prosperous and bustling facade of this Tianji City!" Han Xiaoran said solemnly, showing slight anger .

"But there is no evidence for these actions to be investigated," Chu Yang frowned and said, "Why concern yourself with this matter?"

"No," said Han Xiaoran, "There are traces . "

"Murders among pharmacists are ultimately rare occurrences . "

"I've observed the Nine Super Clans this whole time . They are up to something almost every single day . Especially the Lan Clan, it's almost as if they are no longer trying to hide it," Han Xiaoran said through clenched teeth, "What a disappointment it is that the legendary Nine Super Clans have stooped so low to doing such things!"

"The Lan Clan…" Chu Yang was dumbfounded .

He suddenly thought of the heaps and mountains of elixirs he had extorted from the Lan Clan in the Nine Tribulations Space… A sense of guilt crept over him .

In order to compensate for the huge loss of elixirs that day, the Lan Clan had resorted to killing and stealing…

Such talents .

At this moment, loud drum rolls were heard in front .

The two of them were startled and quickly made their way over .

They were stopped at the end of the road by some people dressed in white, fervently hitting on the drums and playing the trumpets .

Sounds of gongs reverberated through the sky .

Meanwhile, similar drum beats emerged from every corner of Tianji City .

Gong gong gong… "Ladies and gentlemen, we are from the Diwu Clan and we have an announcement to make!"

Gong gong gong… "Kindly spare us a moment, the Diwu Clan has good news to share!"

Gong gong gong…

Han Xiaoran frowned and said, "What is the Diwu Clan trying to do?"

Upon hearing the word 'Diwu', Chu Yang felt uneasy, and said, "Regardless, let's remain quiet . It doesn't hurt to stay and listen . "

Finally, the drum rolls ceased, but the pounding sounds still lingered in the ears of the people .

"Everyone, on the ninth next month, which is the ninth of the twelfth month, it's the old master of Diwu Clan, Diwu Qingkuang's birthday! Let us all rejoice in the diamond jubilee! In order to express his good wishes, our Sir Diwu Qingrou has reserved the Shui Yue garden through his means for his big brother's celebration . Let us drink to our heart's content! On that day, regardless of who you are, everybody who comes to the Shui Yue garden will be entitled to the drinks!"

Gong gong gong…

"Sir Diwu Qingrou has erected a stage in front of the Shui Yue garden . On the ninth of the twelfth month, there will be plays to celebrate the diamond jubilee of our old master! May everything in life go smoothly for him! On the ninth of the twelfth month, there will be plays and operas!"

There were a few more drum rolls, followed by some shouts from these people, before the path was cleared for the crowd to move again .

"It's just a sixtieth birthday and the Diwu Clan had to make it so grand . They mustn't have seen the world!" Han Xiaoran scoffed, "For the martial artists in the Nine Heavens, sixty years old is at the very most the age of learning to speak and walk, and yet they are making such a huge fuss? If he dies right now, it would still be considered a cot death! If the Diwu Clan are overdoing the sixtieth birthday to this extent, are they going to invite even the people from the lower three heavens for the six thousandth birthday? This is utterly ridiculous . "

"This Diwu Qingrou is also a parvenu, going to such great lengths to lick his brother's boots… From what I see, the relationship between the two brothers must be rocky!" Han Xiaoran inferred .

On the other hand, Chu Yang was shocked, eyes quivering .

The ninth of the twelfth month? Diwu Qingrou?

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