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Chapter 1048

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"Unlimited benefits?" Chu Yang curiously asked from the side .

"That's right . " Zi Xieqing turned serious and said, "In my opinion, Moon Breeze As One is, unequivocally, the best double cultivation martial arts, amongst all similar ones that I know of . "

Wu Qianqian did not feel much about this sentence . However, Chu Yang became deeply interested .

Chu Yang thought, 'All the similar ones that Zi Xieqing knows of? Just how many is that?'

'And Moon Breeze As One is actually the best one?'

"This kind of practice like Moon Breeze As One obviously has a great room for further development . " Zi Xieqing said, "The destructive power does not seem to be great now, however… traditional double cultivation martial arts, due to its compensatory mechanism from either the male or the female, there is always a party that is in a disadvantageous position and they cannot progress together . "

"However, the Moon Breeze couple is perfectly balanced . "

"Most importantly, once someone begins to cultivate this martial art, they can easily come into contact with the Tao Void!" Zi Xieqing exclaimed, "And that is the most precious point of this martial art . "

Tilting her head to look at Chu Yang, Zi Xieqing said, "Your Tao state is different from them . Yours is Heaven and Earth, whereas their Tao state belongs to Yin and Yang . Do you understand it when I put it this way?"

"Yes, I do . " Chu Yang nodded his head .

"However, if the two of you were to cultivate together, due to the special nature of your Tao state, you both would not have to worry about the problem of having offspring . " Zi Xieqing said, "This way, it can not only solve… that problem but also… . promote it . "

Zi Xieqing had a lot of implied meaning within her words . Chu Yang got her hint and was silently frowning in deep thoughts .

Standing at the side, Wu Qianqian seemingly understood .

"In this way, when you have cultivated until the final stage of the martial arts, both Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue might become an easy opponent . " Zi Xieqing said, "When the sky collapse and the void occurs, others have to suffer the wrath of the heavens alone, while the two of them can share the burden . Furthermore, due to the nature of Moon Breeze As One, the two of them are merged as one body and therefore, suffer only just the share of an individual for heaven's wrath . Isn't that much relaxed and easy?"

Chu Yang replied, "I see . "

"Therefore, as long as the two of them do not die prematurely in this Nine Heavens, they would be like Chen Feng and Liu Yun, becoming a couple that even the gods will envy . "

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Zi Xieqing said indifferently .

"Huh?" Chu Yang jumped out of his chair, as if he got a hit to his head and said, "Chen Feng and Liu Yun are a couple? They are a man and a woman? Not two men?"

Zi Xieqing did not know whether to cry or laugh and said, "What you are saying is really laughable to the maximum . Can two men become a couple?"

Chu Yang stared blankly and sat back onto the seat .

He thought, 'The main characters Chen Feng and Liu Yun of the eternal legend in Nine Heavens are actually a couple? How is it possible that nobody knew about this matter?'

The world knew that Chen Feng and Liu Yun were a pair of opponents, who knew that they were also a couple?

Wu Qianqian, who was standing aside, also gave a look of surprise .

She was surprised at the stunning news and also at the broad and profound pool of knowledge that Zi Xieqing had .

By now, Wu Qianqian had finally realized the extraordinariness of Zi Xieqing .

Besides, Wu Qianqian had a feeling that this Sister Zi was actually referring to her teachers as Juniors?

Even for Chen Feng and Liu Yun… she did not seem to give them much respect?

The more she thought about it, the more astonished Wu Qianqian became .

Wu Qianqian thought, 'Could it be that… she is not the sweetheart of Chu Yang?'

Wu Qianqian lowered her head . At this topic of the double cultivation, no matter how thick-skinned Wu Qianqian was, she could never participate in the discussion actively .

"You think about it carefully . " Zi Xieqing said while looking at Chu Yang meaningfully .

Chu Yang nodded his head solemnly .

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"Sister Wu, please continue!" he said .

Wu Qianqian continued to blush and took a while to calm her mind down . She said, "The Dharma Supreme will arrive in Tianji City this afternoon . My two teachers, who are unwilling to engage their enemies from the dark, had already gone over to welcome the Dharma Supreme openly . At the same time, to issue a challenge as well . "

"To issue a challenge?" Chu Yang was speechless .

"Yes," Wu Qianqian frowned and continued, "They said that it will be an open and honorable fight!"

"An open and honorable fight?" Chu Yang became even more speechless . He could not help but say, "Your teachers are really one of a kind . In this kind of matter who would fight them openly and honorably? They have only two people and the opponent has the entire law-enforcement officer of the Nine Heavens . Furthermore, the opponent also has the support of the Nine Super Clans who had controlled the Nine Heavens for the past ten over thousands of years . In these circumstances, how could it be an open and honorable fight?"

"This is exactly what I was worried about . " Wu Qianqian sighed and continued, "If it is a truly fair and open fight, one on one, without any evil scheming or tricks, then there would be nothing for us to worry about . Be it win or lose, there is nothing to complain about . However, the main problem is that the opponent would never fight openly and honorably with my teachers . "

Chu Yang knitted his eyebrows for a moment and said, "That's right"

"However, Teacher Yue believes that if the ideologies differ, then they should not take the same path . Furthermore, both parties have known each other for over ten thousand years, so to fight without first declaring, that is not something that an honorable person would do . " Wu Qianqian smiled bitterly and said, "My Teacher Yue is a really upright person . "

Chu Yang smiled and said, "This, I can tell from just looking"

Yue Lingxue this kind of person, was most likely the kind that would watch his own conduct and pursue perfection . He would deliver whatever he had said and behave upright and honorably . To have a clear conscience in all matters .

This kind of character was a born hero character!

A character that would rather have death before dishonor .

Regardless of the time, he would not give up on his beliefs and principles .

This kind of person was one who commanded respect, but also pedantry .

Detestable pedantry, but also cuteness in the pedantry .

"I worry that my two teachers would be schemed against by the Dharma Supreme and gang in their future fights . " Wu Qianqian frowned her pretty eyebrows, and continued worriedly, "Therefore, I came here in advance to discuss it . "

"Do not worry, do not suspect . Your teachers would bound to be schemed against . " Chu Yang said with conviction, "The scheming has probably already begun, even right now . "

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He laughed bitterly . "It would be silly if the bitter enemy does not take advantage to scheme against someone who has such strong adherence to principles . "

"Yes, you are right" On this point, Wu Qianqian and Chu Yang absolutely agreed .

Yet, what could one do when faced with such a situation? To warn? It seemed to be of no avail .

These two people had been the same for the past ten over thousands of years . How hard would it be to demand a change from them?

"I have already warned them and analyzed to them the situation based on the worst-case scenario . However, my two teachers are extremely stubborn . " Wu Qianqian saw the glance from Chu Yang and realized what he wanted to ask . So she might as well reply directly .

"It's easy to talk about this matter, but to really do it and to change their mindset, that would be even harder than ascending to heaven . " Chu Yang knitted his forehead and said, "Without them first suffering some hardship, I'm afraid they would never change . "

"That's right . However, I cannot let them suffer any hardship this time around . Because, this hardship even for just a single time, may already be fatal . " Wu Qianqian frowned and sighed . "The moment Dharma Supreme decides to take action, there is absolute confidence that my teachers could be killed . "

"Therefore, the idea of persuading them to change their mindset, after they have suffered some hardship, will not work . " Chu Yang frowned and stood up to slowly pace around .

"This is exactly the good man's sorrow . " Chu Yang sighed .

Good people had always been like this . They would rather have others let them down than they let anyone down . It would always be after some hardship that they realized how not all sincere efforts would be exchanged for true rewards . By this time, then would they be less gullible .

However, by that time, would it not be the sorrow of a person's life?

"Do you mean that if there is a real trap for them, then we should let them fall into the trap and realize how despicable their enemies truly are? And that their own upright and aboveboard behavior towards their enemies is silly? Hopefully, they would abandon such silly thoughts in their future actions?"

Zi Xieqing frowned and asked . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Yes, I meant that . " Chu Yang looked at Zi Xieqing deeply . "This matter would require some in-depth planning . "

Zi Xieqing understood what he meant and nodded her head in agreement .

Chu Yang could faintly feel that Wu Qianqian was vaguely suspicious of his own identity, but was still a far distance away from verifying it .

Although Chu Yang did not know how Wu Qianqian got her suspicion, he would not reveal his identity at this point in time .

This was also a form of protection towards Wu Qianqian .

"Chu Yang, what should we do for this matter?" Wu Qianqian asked helplessly, "My teachers have always been nice to me . I don't want to see anything happen to them . "

"This matter cannot really be hurried now, right?" Chu Yang replied .

"This is imminent!" Wu Qianqian said, "It would be the preliminaries of the Medicine Banquet three days later, with the entire preliminaries taking ten days . After these ten days, it would be half a month of rest and reorganization . After which, it would be the semi-finals that last for six days . It would then be another rest and reorganization period to ensure that all the Pharmacist who passed the semi-finals would enter the finals in their best mental state . "

"During this kind of process, it has always involved the people of the Medicine Valley and the Nine Supreme Martial Artists spending a huge amount of time and effort to create a strong aura and atmosphere . In this kind of atmosphere, seeing how a Pharmacist clear through all the various obstacles and finally emerging victorious, the champion will inevitably garner all the luck and destiny from the various top Pharmacist in the entire continental Nine Heavens . "

Wu Qianqian said, "Under these circumstances, the champion Pharmacist would personally refine the Heaven Nourishing Jade . This process requires strong mental strength as the main component and destiny to refine . During the process, at the place of refinement, more than ten Supreme Martial Artists would join forces to open the Tao Void and to direct the Heavenly Force to the refinement process . Once this Heavenly Force combines with destiny, it would create the Sky Mending Jade!"

"And subsequently, the nine Supreme Martial Artist would proceed with nourishing heaven . "

"During this entire process, my two teachers would be sure to sabotage! Furthermore, I fear that it would be during the most critical phase when the nine Supreme Martial Artist are nourishing heaven…"

Wu Qianqian said, "Taking into account all possibilities, by the time when the nine Supreme Martial Artist are nourishing the heaven, it would still be less than three months from now . "

"I see . " Chu Yang took a deep breath and his eyes flashed .

Until now, Chu Yang finally understood the whole process of the Medicine Banquet . However, he did not imagine that he would actually learn this information from the mouth of Wu Qianqian .

To use mental strength to create destiny and gather all the destiny onto the body of a champion .

Furthermore, the main component used in the refinement of Heaven Nourishing Jade was actually destiny . What was missing was how one could use destiny to refine the jade . Chu Yang frowned and remained in deep thoughts . The Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Space was still in seclusion, isolated from all matters of the outside world . Therefore, the Sword Spirit was unable to provide any answer to Chu Yang .

Also… to direct the Heavenly Force to the refinement process!

To create the Heaven Nourishing Jade!

Such complexities .

Chu Yang was suddenly interested in this idea of 'Directing the Heavenly Force to the refinement process' . There was a sudden hunger to know the details of it . It seemed to bring about some advantages which should be rather huge, right?

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