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Chapter 1047

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Chu Yang was really helpless now .

He thought to himself, 'I really don't know how to play rogue, I am really not trying to be arrogant . Usually, it's women who try to play rogue with me and I would just keep a cool scowl about it…'

'I am really an embodiment of justice and trustworthiness . '

'Initially, when we were at the Lower Three Heavens, we had both attended numerous banquet events and also witnessed many before . Since when have I been playing rogue to anyone?'

'How can you disapprove of me now…'

Wu Qianqian snorted and said softly, "What have you done? How did you make this Sister so angry?"

"Isn't it all because of you…" Chu Yan wanted to say: 'Isn't it all because of your Teacher…'

The words were right at the lips but were instantly swallowed back and Chu Yang became speechless from the potential awkwardness .

He thought, 'How can I put these words across clearly?'

'I cannot just say that: It's all because of your Teacher's infertility… If I had really said this, what would Wu Qianqian think?'

Having thought of that, Chu Yang could only shut his mouth in embarrassment .

This half a sentence was well heard by Wu Qianqian, albeit with a different interpretation .

Wu Qianqian thought, 'Isn't it all because of you…?'

'Because of me?'

'Why is it because of me?'

"Could it be…"

At that moment, Wu Qianqian was bashful to the maximum . She gave Chu Yang an angry stare, before muttering in anger, "Rogue!"

Chu Yang was dumbfounded .

Chu Yang thought, 'Looks like my title as a rogue can never be relinquished today . '

After these conversations, both Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian had already reached the doorstep . Zi Xieqing naturally realized the presence of a visitor and drew up the curtains to step out .

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Both ladies stopped in amazement . One on each side of the door .

Regardless of Wu Qianqian or Zi Xieqing, both had never thought that the one standing right in front of them, would be such a beauty!

Zi Xieqing was fully dressed in white, as fair and bright as snow frost, standing within the door . She looked just like the millennial ice, alone in the cold .

Wu Qianqian was fully dressed in her usual black, as black as ink but with a feel of simple elegance . She was exuding an outlook of refinement, like an orchid in a deep valley, blooming alone .

Blooming with fragrance .

Despite thousands of years of tribulations, the millennial ice remained standing in frost and cold, alone and independent .

Regardless of people present, the orchid in the deep valley continued to bloom with fragrance and independence .

As the two ladies looked at each other, both had the same idea in their mind, 'There is actually such a beauty in this world!'

Even Chu Yang, who was standing by the side, stopped and dazed .

Chu Yang thought, 'With these two peerless beauty standing together, the impact on a man's vision is so great . This feeling is really unbeatable . '

In actual fact, there was still some difference between the two .

The facial features of Zi Xieqing were flawless, exquisite and graceful . Her features appeared unattainable, but yet with an innocent indifference .

If one were to summarize Zi Xieqing's beauty in a word, it would be probably "Perfect!"

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The most beautiful eyes, most beautiful eyebrow, most beautiful face shape, most beautiful lips, most beautiful ears, most beautiful skin and the most beautiful hair!

All the most beautiful things, assembled within a single person!

It was not an exaggeration to say that her beauty was out of this world .

Comparatively, Wu Qianqian's facial features appeared less of perfection . However, her beauty had an additional sense of realism .

Furthermore, there was a sense of extreme toughness, contained within her extreme fragile outlook . Also, there was a sense of warmth and passion, contained within her chilly appearance . Overall, she appeared like a damsel in distress, as if she was someone who needs protection and taking care of . However, upon closer look, she did not require that .

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This was a beauty of extreme dilemma .

The various extreme dilemmas being unified under the body of Wu Qianqian .

If one were to use flowers to describe them, Zi Xieqing would be a snow lotus within the eternal land of snow and frost . Standing proud and tall .

In the case of Wu Qianqian, she would be the white orchid on the cliff of a quiet valley . Out of this world, independently fragrant, noble and clean .

"This person is…" Zi Xieqing quietly took a glance at Wu Qianqian for a moment, before turning to ask Chu Yang .

"Erm, let me introduce . This person here is Miss Zi, she is slightly older than us, so we can call her Big Sister Zi . " Chu Yang introduced courteously, "This is my Senior Sister, Wu Qianqian . I have mentioned her to you before . "

Zi Xieqing gave an "Oh" sound before laughing out vibrantly . "It's Miss Wu, Miss Wu is really a rare visitor . Hurry, please come on in . "

Turning her head to ask Chu Yang, "What do you mean? Are you implying that I am… very old?"

Chu Yang broke out in sweat and finally thought of something, 'Woman! Their biggest taboo is to mention their age . Especially for a pretty woman . '

'If you say that she is mature, she would automatically think you are implying that she is old . '

'If you say that she is young, she would automatically think you are implying that she is immature and lacks elegant bearing . '

Chu Yang sighed in his mind . 'It's really not easy being a man . I really cannot understand how those with multiple wives can manage to survive . Just how…'

"Sister Zi . " Wu Qianqian smiled gently, with a slight sense of appeasement and low profile attitude, yet with the right amount of humility and sweet temper . She said, "Let's not lower ourselves to his level . "

Alright, a word of "ourselves" had immediately brought the two ladies together and united . Chu Yang, on the other hand, was left on his own .

Zi Xieqing blinked and smiled . "Sister, you are right . Come, please come in and let me serve you some tea . "

Holding the arm of Wu Qianqian, Zi Xieqing and he walked into the room affectionately .

Chu Yang was left a little stunned by this .

It was really out of anyone's imagination that a woman could actually make friends much easier than a man . It was only the first encounter and they were already so friendly with each other?

One could only hear Wu Qianqian speaking, "How would I dare to trouble Sister Zi? If Sister Zi could let me know where the tea is, I would pour a cup for myself and that will do . "

Wu Qianqian took a look, but she could not decipher Zi Xieqing's level of cultivation . She couldn't help but develop respect for Zi Xieqing in her mind, 'Looks like this Sister is indeed a professional . '

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Zi Xieqing said, "Your talent is really great . You have already achieved the Third Martial Saint Level . At such a young age, with such an impressive level of cultivation, this is really incredible . "

Wu Qianqian smiled and replied, "Sister, you are of an even greater level . I cannot even decipher your cultivation by looking . "

The two ladies were talking affectionately across the table . One of them smiling gently, the other smiling amicably . However, all these talks were just irrelevant and in a roundabout way .

Both of them knew that deep down in their hearts, it was like this .

Looking at the scene, Chu Yang was heavy headed and did not know how to handle it .

Wu Qianqian was thinking in her mind, 'No wonder Chu Yang is deeply attached to her and he cannot seem to stop thinking of her . She is indeed a peerless talent . Comparatively, I seem to be a little inferior…'

'I wonder how is she looking at me now?'

Zi Xieqing thought in her mind, 'This little girl is obviously infatuated with Chu Yang . An almost out of her mind kind of infatuation . Looking at how she behaved, it almost seemed like she has taken me as Chu Yang's proper wife and she is a mistress who is here to display her prowess?'

'Humph humph… Little girl, you are mistaken . '

'I shall not expose it and see what this little girl has to say first . '

"Miss Wu made a rare trip down here, you must have some urgent matters to settle . If you like, I can excuse myself for a moment?" Zi Xieqing smiled reservedly .

"Sister, you have mistaken . There's no need to do so . " Wu Qianqian hurriedly replied, "However, there is indeed a small matter that I cannot come to a decision . Sister is a meticulous person and it would be great if you could help to give some suggestions . Brainstorm for a solution . "

Zi Xieqing said, "Oh?"

Chu Yang became more attentive upon hearing this .

"It's like this…" Wu Qianqian took a moment to compose herself and looked at Chu Yang with a seemingly hidden meaning to it . She continued, "My two teachers are law-enforcement officers originally . However, at the end of these 10,000 years, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is about to appear… Therefore, my teachers and the Dharma Supreme had some conflicts . Both sides have different ideologies and courses of actions, resulting in them becoming enemies with serious bad blood now . "

Both Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing became really engrossed in the conversation .

They knew that whatever Wu Qianqian had to say today, it could be some secrets that they both could never understand, nor even come to hear of it .

"Why?" Chu Yang asked, "Even if the ideologies are different, 10,000 years of friendship cannot simply be erased away, right?"

Wu Qianqian explained, "It's like this… The organization known as the law-enforcement officer was a legacy from the original creators of the Nine Heavens . The mission of the law-enforcement officer was to ensure the stability of the Nine Heavens, its justice system and its maintenance of the world order! Furthermore, there is also an unspoken rule that the law-enforcement officer can only take a neutral stand in all normal circumstances . However, should the Nine Tribulations Sword Master be in a disadvantageous position during its struggle with the Nine Super Clans, then the law-enforcement officers must help

the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!"

"On the other hand, should the Nine Tribulations Sword Master emerge victorious, the law-enforcement officers hold their troops and bide their time, while the Nine Super Clans get destroyed . "

"For the past 90,000 years, whenever the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appeared, the law enforcement officers had strictly adhered to this unspoken rule, to support the Nine Tribulations Sword Master whenever he fell into difficult circumstances . "

Within the eyes of Wu Qianqian, there appeared to be some complex matters .

"I see," Chu Yang suddenly realized .

"The current Dharma Supreme, based on hearsay, was the law-enforcement master of the law-enforcement officer's interrogation hall 13,000 years ago!" Wu Qianqian continued, "When the time was up for the previous Dharma Supreme, he handed over the position to this current Dharma Supreme and left the world, relieved . "

Wu Qianqian took a strong tone when saying the words . "Left the world, relieved . " It was almost as if she was hinting at something else . Or should it be put, that she herself also thought that something was fishy?

"Left the world, relieved… left the world, relieved…" Chu Yang slowly repeated these few words back and forth, the more he did it, the more it lingered in his mind .

Frowning, Chu Yang said, "Based on what you said, it seems like this Dharma Supreme was really supportive of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, or at least during the initial phases of him taking over the position! Only towards the later parts, did he have some changes in mind?"

Wu Qianqian nodded and said, "Ever since he assumed the position of Dharma Supreme, he had grown to be more powerful and influential than all previous Dharma Supreme . Therefore, my teachers also willingly assisted him . "

"However, not long ago, when the news of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master being born came about, the Dharma Supreme decided to make an enemy out of him and the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! My teachers were not able to tolerate such capricious behavior . Furthermore, my teacher's belief in life was to inherit and to continue the responsibilities of the law-enforcement officer . Therefore, my teachers believe that, by doing so, the Dharma Supreme had gone against the original intentions of the law-enforcement officer . Hence, they are determined not to acknowledge the Dharma Supreme's action . "

"If this carries on, the new Nine Tribulations Sword Master will not stand a chance . Therefore, my teachers firmly left the law-enforcement officers and chose a different path . That is to be enemies with the Dharma Supreme!"

"If the Nine Tribulations Sword Master were to die, then, this entire land of the Nine Heavens, will very much be crumbled into chaos . This is a very possible scenario . "

Wu Qianqian said .

"So there is actually this sort of reasoning and cause behind…" Chu Yang left out a long sigh of relief .

Zi Xieqing's mind was piqued . She asked, "Your teachers, they are the Elders Feng and Yue?"

Wu Qianqian nodded and said, "Yes, they are . "

Zi Xieqing's gaze momentarily sharpened . She said, "But, you obviously did not practice Moon Breeze As One Divine Martial Arts!

Wu Qianqian looked at her in respect and said, "Sister, you really have excellent perception abilities . You can even infer this . " She paused a little, before continuing while blushing, "Moon Breeze As One Divine Martial Arts is indeed powerful, however, it requires two people to practice at the same time, and me…"

Zi Xieqing said, "Isn't that simple? If both you and Chu Yang practice it, wouldn't it be a success? Furthermore, should you and Chu Yang practice it, there would be unlimited benefits . So many problems will resolve by itself . "

Wu Qianqian suddenly blushed from ear to ear .

Wu Qianqian thought in her mind, 'This Sister is really open-minded and really dares to speak her mind . She actually wanted me to practice Moon Breeze As One Divine Martial Arts with Chu Yang…'

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