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Chapter 1044

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"Ning Tianya…" The Dharma Supreme forced a smile .

He knew he had no way of getting this disciple .

If it were only Bu Liuqing, he could have played some tactics, or even paid a hefty price to kill Bu Liuqing if there was no other choice, just to snatch the disciple over .

Although that was the last resort, the Dharma Supreme already had the idea in mind . Bu Liuqing was not immortal . As long as he went all out, with the combined strength of the elder law-enforcement officers and the coalition of all the supreme martial artists from the nine super clans, killing Bu Liuqing was not impossible .

But this disciple was also Ning Tianya's…

Then the plan would not work anymore .

It did not mean that Ning Tianya was harder to deal with than Bu Liuqing, but…

When the two of them joined hands, it was not a matter of one plus one makes two .

If the two of them joined hands, even the Dharma Supreme had to avoid their path!

If the world's greatest duo before this, which anyone would know, was Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, it was definitely different now .

Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing were already sharing a disciple… their relationship was clear to anyone .

It could also be put this way: If someone whose cultivation is similar to Bu Liuqing duels with him, the duel would only result in their deaths; but if during the duel, Ning Tianya stands behind Bu Liuqing…

Then, it could be said that Bu Liuqing would definitely win, without Ning Tianya even feeling breathless .

No matter how conceited the Dharma Supreme was, he would never deny the possibility of losing a fight with Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing together . What a joke… if they were to join hands, he would be contented to escape alive .

Can I get the nine super clans to eliminate these two?

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The Dharma Supreme stopped himself from thinking . It would be a difficult and tragic battle, and… the winner of the battle, might not even be their side .

"So, this disciple is also Ning Tianya's . Since that is the case, pardon my impudence!" the Dharma Supreme said smiling while looking at Mo Qingwu regretfully .

Bu Liuqing became unhappy instantly .

"You would snatch my disciple, but not Ning Tianya's? Am I so worse off compared to him?" Bu Liuqing frowned, looking at the Dharma Supreme with displeasure .

The Dharma Supreme forced a smile and said, "Brother Bu, you know exactly what I meant . "

Bu Liuqing replied angrily, "How would I know what you meant? I only know that none of you elders actually brought out any welcome gifts after I introduced my disciple to all of you . How embarrassing!"

Everyone was stunned .

What even… You got yourself a disciple that we can only admire and be jealous of and you still want a welcome gift?

"Welcome gifts?" Mo Qingwu tilted her head and asked her Master, eyes shining, "Master, are there really welcome gifts?"

"That's for sure . " Bu Liuqing was determined to extort .

"That's great . I will not tell Teacher Ning about your idea to send me away then . " Mo Qingwu said happily .

"Ugh, please don't! My dear little mistress…" Bu Liuqing became a sorry figure all of a sudden . "You can't tell that bastard Ning Tianya about it… If you do, that scumbag is going to kill me…"

Mo Qingwu smiled happily .

Bu Liuqing became anxious . He grabbed his disciple's small hand and went forward to the Dharma Supreme . "Greet your junior uncle," he instructed .

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"Junior uncle," Mo Qingwu addressed him sweetly .

"Extend your hand . " Bu Liuqing said .

Mo Qingwu extended her soft white hands obediently . It was as though two flowers were blooming in front of the Dharma Supreme . She looked up at him with tender eyes .

The teacher was shameless, and the disciple was innocent . The cooperation between the teacher-disciple duo was really flawless . With such a pair of eyes staring at them, even the stingiest person would bring out something .

The Dharma Supreme smiled bitterly . At that stage, what else could still be done?

Even though he was the Dharma Supreme, what could he do when faced with a cheapskate like Bu Liuqing?

"It's fate that we met . I like this little girl very much . " The Dharma Supreme smiled compassionately and took out a wooden block the size of a middle finger which he then put into Mo Qingwu's hands . "This block of wood is for you . Haha, if you are unhappy with your teacher in the future, you must remember to find me . I live in the Law-Enforcement city . You only need to say my name when you are there and someone will bring you to see me, okay?"

Although he knew it was hopeless, the Dharma Supreme refused to give up on poaching her . If your disciple decides to leave by herself, you can't blame me, right?

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes and looked up at the sky . I am already close to worshipping her like she is my ancestor . She will go over to you? Ha! In your dreams, maybe!

"Oh . " Mo Qingwu was immediately disappointed with the small block of wood on her hand and could not help but curse in her mind .


I haven't met anyone who gives a block of wood as a welcome gift and such a small piece too . Although it's shiny and attractive, a block of wood is a block of wood…

"Damn!" Bu Liuqing's eyes shone . "Heavenly wood! Dharma Supreme, hahaha, what good stuff you have! Haha… little Wu, this is really good stuff . Quick, go thank your junior uncle, the Dharma Supreme . I will make a ring for you when we get back . "

"Thank you, junior uncle Dharma Supreme . " Mo Qingwu . From what she heard, the thing seemed to be very good? Even her teacher gave it such high praise . She became excited once again and thanked the Dharma Supreme sweetly . She turned her head towards Bu Liuqing and said, "Teacher, you have to make a nice ring . "

Bu Liuqing was all smiles and agreed readily .

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The Dharma Supreme glared at Bu Liuqing before turning to Mo Qingwu and smiled at her . "There's no need to be so courteous . Hehe, little Wu… you really are a very cute young lady, hehe…"

In his mind though, he wished he could strangle Bu Liuqing to death . You bastard, not only do you extort things from me, you even reduce my seniority . Junior uncle? Doesn't that mean I am younger than you?

However, Bu Liuqing had already grabbed Mo Qingwu's hand and brought her to Ye Di . "You can address him as your junior uncle too . This is the elder master of the largest clan . He will have a lot of good stuff with him . But, he may be miserly and bring them out," he introduced .

Ye Di instantly had a taste of what the Dharma Supreme had felt: He did not know whether to laugh or cry and was speechless and conflicted . He wanted to punch that face, but he did not dare…

He forced a smile and said, "A welcome gift is a must…" He took out an object the size of a goose egg which was completely red . "This is a peak tenth level mythical beast inner core… Hehe, it's nothing good . You can play with it . "

"Thank you, junior uncle . " Mo Qingwu reached out her hands to take it .

The crowd was tongue-tied . A peak tenth level mythical beast inner core! That was definitely priceless and Ye Di actually gave it without even blinking his eyes… Ye Di was wealthy indeed .

However, Ye Di was very conflicted internally: I don't want to give it away either, but Bu Liuqing was staring at me as if searching for a treasure . If I bring out something that's inferior, won't I be offending him?

At that moment, coo-ing sounds could be heard . The little white fox on Mo Qingwu's shoulder came down like a lethal sword to the palm of her hand . It nuzzled against her hand and raised its head to look at her with thirst in its eyes .

"Xiaoxue, do you want to eat it?" Mo Qingwu asked with surprise .

The little fox nodded its head without hesitation .

"You can have it then . " Mo Qingwu let out a gentle laugh and held out the inner core . The little fox was over the moon and with a stretch of its neck, actually swallowed the whole of the peak tenth level mythical beast inner core in one mouthful . It then wiped its mouth contentedly, then resumed its position on Mo Qingwu's shoulder lazily while closing its eyes .

"Wind fox! A peak tenth level mythical beast!" The supreme martial artists' eyes nearly popped out of their eye sockets . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The little fox was able to eat a peak tenth level mythical beast inner core without having much of a reaction… That means, it must at least be a peak tenth level mythical beast?

Not only does the little girl have two peak supreme martial artists as her teachers, but she also brings around a peak tenth level mythical beast as a pet .

With that thought, everyone broke out in cold sweats .

If anyone who is below an eighth level martial saint is tactless enough to offend this young lady, they do not even need to wait for her two teachers, the two supreme martial artists, Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya to kill them . They would be eaten alive by this seeming harmless 'little pet' .

This little girl is full of traps .

Step into any one of it and you are doomed .

But she is such a wastrel . She had just gotten that invaluable peak tenth level mythical beast inner core and she just let her pet eat it without even blinking her eyes… how wasteful!

Ye Di looked at the little fox on Mo Qingwu's shoulders, his mouth twitching secretly .

He had thought that his gift would gain Bu Liuqing's favor and be the center of attention; however, it was fed to a fox in the blink of an eye…

That was the wind fox that had followed Mo Qingwu since the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens . Due to Mo Qingwu's adoration, the little fox could be said to have a good life, eating all the heavenly treasures and sharing resources for cultivation with her . Even when it slept, it slept in Mo Qingwu's pocket, absorbing the spiritual energy .

Now, it had already reached the tenth peak level, and was infinitely close to reaching the eleventh level . After eating the peak tenth level mythical beast inner core, it would probably be the first wind fox in history to reach the eleventh level .

Bu Liuqing was not concerned, pulling on Mo Qingwu's hand, he walked towards the next person . "This is Xiao Se, you can call him junior uncle as well . He is the elder master of the Xiao clan . He has a lot of good stuff as well . "

"Junior uncle . " Mo Qingwu held out her hands obediently .

Xiao Se laughed and said, "This junior uncle of yours is impoverished and does not have anything good . My whole life, I only know how to play with swords and other weapons . How about I give you a short sword? You can use it to protect yourself too, haha . "

Although he said that, everyone knew that a weapon gifted by Xiao Se, could not be ordinary . At the least, it would be a godly weapon .

However, one saw Mo Qingwu and Bu Liuqing twitching their mouths secretly .

Short sword? What kind of godly weapon can compare to my Qingwu Dream Saber?

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