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Chapter 1045

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As expected, the next moment, Xiao Se's hand flipped and revealed an antique sheathed short sword in his palm . Once drawn, the sword radiated with coldness . The light reflected onto the faces of people around, making them turn green . A chilly aura was projected outwards .

For those who were standing nearby, their body hair all stood up!

It was an absolute divine weapon!

"This short sword, it's called the Gentle Heart Sword . It was obtained from the Black Blood Forest, during the time, when I accidentally stumbled into it . " Xiao Se said, "Even though it isn't the top class divine weapon, the sword is intricately designed, elegantly styled . For a girl like Little Wu, having a short sword for self-defense would be perfect . "

Bu Liuqing scorned . He took a glance at the short sword but did not mention anything about letting Mo Qingwu take over the sword .

It was obvious that he was not interested in it .

Everyone was curious as to what was happening . How was it possible for one to have no interest for a divine weapon like this? It was impossible, right?

Xiao Se was still holding on to the short sword, but the opponent had no intention of taking it over . It was nothing but an embarrassing scene .

It did not seem right to lower the sword back, but it seemed even worse to continue to hold the sword up .

Bu Liuqing sighed and said, "Little Wu, where is your Qing Wu Dream Saber?"

Mo Qingwu was a little hesitant as she looked back at Bu Liuqing . "Teacher, this isn't so nice, right?" Within the innocent and naive mind of the little girl, she thought that it was already embarrassing as of now . If she were to wield the Qing Wu Dream Saber, to deal a bigger blow, that would be too much .

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes and said, "By right I shouldn't, but I really hate it when people take the substandard product as fine product and praise it to the skies . "

Mo Qingwu was helpless but to lift up her own saber . It was nothing, but a quaint scabbard .

Everyone looked as if they had tons of unspoken criticisms . Even if your saber was considered a divine weapon, could it be significantly better than the short sword?

The next moment, Mo Qingwu drew the saber out of the scabbard!


The sword vibration that sounded like a dragon's moan pierced through the air, instantly, the middle of the yard was filled with a red glow .

This Qingwu Dream Saber was forged wholeheartedly by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master using precious materials . At this moment, it was revealed to the public in a fantasy-like stance, right in front of all these Supreme Martial Artist!

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At this moment, with her hands wielding the Qingwu Dream Saber, Mo Qingwu seemed to have transformed into another person totally .

Her whole body was glowing with red sparkles and glittering with starlight .

At this moment, while Mo Qingwu was wielding the Qingwu Dream Saber, her mood seemed to have changed a little as well . The corner of her lips revealed traces of a blissful smile and seemingly with an added shyness to it .

A gently flowing red dress, standing in the center of the rosy red sparkles and glittering starlights . Together with the small face that was as fair as snow, the intricate eyebrows, a straight nose, the delicate red lips and a pair of big eyes that seemed to tell a story…

The crowd present all seemed to have an illusion . An illusion that a fairy maiden was riding the rainbow and clouds, in a sea of white snow, dressed in red and dancing to the tune…

The crowd had a seemingly dazzling feel . They felt that she was not just a common little lady off the road, but an obvious beauty . A beauty with traces of sadness, bits of distress, yet full of passion . Her light and devoted dance seemed to be a faintly discernible fantasy .

The crowd did not know that this dreamy moment of drawing the sword, would have stunned Chu Yang . Had he witnessed it himself, he would have been brought to tears . This moment was the exact scenario that Chu Yang had witnessed during the dying moments of his previous life: The image of a Mo Qingwu, dressed in red and dancing to the tune…

A dance from Qingwu, the entire Nine Heavens and Nine Earth would be dreary and fuzzy…

A fairyland-like dreamy feeling was created with only the drawing of a saber .

The sword and saber were definitely not within the same league . Xiao Se sighed and said, "Little girl, your saber is infinitely better than my short sword, that is for sure . "

Taking a step back, Xiao Se fell silent .

"Xiao Se, this is not an insult to you, right?" Bu Liuqing said .

The crowd instantly rolled their eyes . If this was not an insult, what was?

Unexpectedly, Xiao Se nodded his head and replied, "You are right, in front of such a saber, all swords and sabers in this world are a trifle, not even worth a mention; therefore, how is this an insult to begin with?"

Bu Liuqing laughed out loudly . "But, you still owe my disciple a door gift . I will put it on hold first . "

Everyone broke out in sweat .

After all the humiliation, he still owed your disciple a door gift…

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Next, Bu Liuqing extorted the crowd one by one, before entering Tianji City together with Mo Qingwu, laughing and bidding them goodbye .

Behind him, the crowd was silent .

"This old thing!" The Dharma Supreme shook his head and sighed . "Let's not be in a daze here as well . Let's enter the city . "

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The prestige of the crowd did not diminish at all, even after the incident with Bu Liuqing .

What kind of character was Bu Liuqing? He was the widely acknowledged number one in the world!

It would have been an honor for him to request anything from you! There were at least 50 to 60 Supreme Martial Artist present . However, those worthy of Bu Liuqing were only that ten of them!

Furthermore, everyone had been addressed by Bu Liuqing's disciple as Junior Martial Uncle…

Although this title of Junior Martial Uncle was really precious…

The various Supreme Martial Artists were somewhat outraged, but their faces were unchanged .

Besides, the other onlookers were filled with envy in their eyes .

'Why did Supreme Martial Artist Bu not want anything from me? That was because my level is not high enough!' For those Supreme Martial Artist whom Bu Liuqing did not request anything from, they were instantly filled with remorse, the moment they thought of this .

This was the wonder of life .

If you had nothing in life, you had to be humble and deprived of any pride, to ask a little something from anyone . If you were a little strong-handed in your request, that would be considered as a robber, gangster or bully behavior!

However, if you were at the top, the same style of asking for a thing would have been an act of style and grace . Furthermore, it would be a form of respect to the person whom you asked from!

It would be an honor and the person would be full of gratitude for you, instead of scolding you .

And this would be the term: Status!

Therefore, the various Supreme Martial Artists were outraged, but they never blamed him .

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The one who wanted something was Bu Liuqing!

The recipient was the common disciple of Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya!

Only the one walking at the last, Zhuge Clan Second Founder, Zhuge Hutu had a bitter old face that was about to have bitter juice seeping out of it . He thought, 'Oh my heaven, oh my earth, our Zhuge Clan must have struck lottery this time around . '

'The gathering of the nine super clans second founder; the arrival of the Dharma Supreme, Bu Liuqing, Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou and also the mysterious lady in the city…'

'That mysterious lady must at least be at the level of Bu Liuqing…'

'Oh my god… If a fight were to break out…'

'When I'm back, I would give the little Hutu, Zhuge Shanyun a beating on the butt! That a*shole is a jinx!'

'I still remember that day when he jokingly mentioned that if Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing also came for this… Alright, his mouth is really that from a bearer of bad luck…'

Within Tianji City, inside the Orchard Palace .

Zi Xieqing, who had been practicing martial arts, opened her eyes . Her eyes gleamed with excitement and she said, "Another few more strong characters have arrived . "

Chu Yang, who was sitting opposite her, asked excitedly, "How strong?"

"Four of them within, might not be below the level of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou . " Zi Xieqing lightly knitted her eyebrows and continued, "And, two of them are definitely above their level . "

"Oh?" Chu Yang frowned .

Suddenly, Chu Yang was shocked . "Why did you suddenly mention Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou?"

"A few days ago, I had a fight with the couple . " Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "That couple, is not weak at all . "

"Umm?" Chu Yang opened his eyes widely . "Fought? How did you fight?"

"Naturally, it was me alone, fighting the two of them . " Zi Xieqing mentioned casually .

"Did you win?" Chu Yang was shocked . Who knew when did this sister go to fight with Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou? Suddenly, Chu Yang remembered the news that he heard at Shui Yue Garden that day . Instantly, he realized what had happened . Looks like, it must have been that day .

"What do you think? Would I lose?" Zi Xieqing looked at him lightly .

Chu Yang was dumbfounded .

"But, Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists were pretty good . " Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang with deep thoughts and said, "And, as they were practicing the Moon Breeze As One Divine Martial Arts . Therefore… Ke ke, it can be considered as one of your chances . "

"My chance?" Chu Yang curiously asked .

"Yes, your chance . " Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Moon Breeze As One, is a type of dual cultivation martial arts; the breeze will gather the heart of the moon, while the moon will gather the heart of breeze . This is martial arts with the highest efficiency within the category of dual cultivation martial arts . Once a couple has started to practice it, they will be inseparable throughout their life . However, this is also one of their biggest weaknesses . Unless the couple can reach the highest level of having a unison mind, they will be unable to have any offspring in their entire life . "

Chu Yang's jaw dropped . "Uh?"

"Regardless of where the two of them may be at any time and anywhere, this Moon Breeze As One will be omnipresent . Even if the two of them were at different places, their divine senses would continue to intertwine . Therefore, they could never be separated . "

"If they wanted to have offspring, there can only be two possibilities . One would be for them to master the divine martial arts, giving them the ability to control it freely . The other would be for them to dispel their divine senses and to not use their martial arts, then that might be possible . However, since the two of them have already reached this advanced stage, it is obvious that they would not be able to do it . Not having an offspring, has been their greatest regret in this life . "

Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang quietly . "Did you understand what I meant?"

Chu Yang nodded, then shook his head . "I understood what you meant, but, when you said that it was my chance, what do you mean?"

Zi Xieqing said indignantly, "You really don't know?"

Chu Yang scratched his head and said, "But Feng Yurou… She wouldn't take a fancy to me… And with my low level of cultivation, it would be impossible for me to take her by force…"

Zi Xieqing instantly turned red and raised her eyebrow in anger . She gave a kick to the hateful Chu Yang and send him rolling . "A*shole! What were you thinking with that dirty mind of yours?"

Chu Yang laughed loudly, while he was sent flying .

Next, he replied, "Then what could be a solution to this? If it's based on my medical skills, I'm really not aware of any medical skills that can help them to have an offspring . "

Zi Xieqing waved her hands, Her huge divine senses shrouded the entire yard .

"You may not be able to, but as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, then you would have a solution for it . " Zi Xieqing said lightly, "If you are able to contain living human beings in your newly created spaces within the Nine Tribulations Space, you can put the both of them inside . After which, you can use your Nine Heavens Divine Technique to quarantine and separate their divine senses . Finally, to use your precious aphrodisiac on each of them… that would do it . "

Zi Xieqing was blushing as she spoke .

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