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Chapter 1036

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"This is indeed a great plan!" Chu Yang commented, as he gave a slap on his thigh . Yet, immediately, he replied with traces of hesitation, "That… isn't it a little unethical? Since a young age, I have always been mild and modest, gentle and kind…"

Becoming furious in his mind with disdain, Lan Changge thought, "You are a pile of dog feces!"

However, on the surface, Lan Changge persuaded . "Brother Chu Brother Chu, I really do not know how should I comment about you… you should know that a man in this world… ke ke ke…"

Chu Yang revealed a face of dilemma and hesitation . Finally, he said with determination, "Alright! Then, let's do it this way!"

Lan Changge clapped his hands and laughed out loud . "Brother Chu is indeed a heroic character! I, Lan Changge, has made the right judgment about you . Only an important man like Brother Chu can accomplish great things in life . "

Chu Yang smiled heartily .

However, in his mind, it was heavy .

This plan could be considered both clever and sinister!

However, from this plan, Chu Yang could infer many things from it and this heightened his sense of vigilance .

By doing this, Lan Changge naturally did not aim for turning the Nine Heavens into chaos, nor was it to change the state of matters in the Nine Heavens . It was more to cause the downfall of the Ye Clan .

Having Elders Feng and Yue as a hindrance, it would almost completely immobilize Ye Clan within this Tianji City; how else could they carry out other matters?

In this way, the matter concerning Holy Tribe Elder, would it not be something for the Lan Clan to lose? However, even if the Ye Clan pulled out of this matter, how confident would the Lan Clan be in succeeding?

Moreover, there was also the involvement of the Ling Clan in this matter .

There would bound to be another reason, within all of this .

Regardless of all these, a mere Young Master Lan, actually dared to scheme against Elders Feng and Yue! This was definitely something worth the caution from Chu Yang .

At this moment, he thought of two characters .

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Diwu Qingrou once mentioned, "Violence and force cannot be relied on . As long as there is talent within, even if one has no means to retaliate now, one can change the world eventually!"

Mo Tianji once said, "A normal person with wisdom can enslave a supreme martial artist . However, if the supreme martial artist has no wisdom, even a normal person can plot a deadly scheme against him!"

This was exactly what Lan Changge was doing now .

Naturally, the wisdom of Lan Changge was nowhere close to that of Diwu Qingrou and Mo Tianji . However, precisely because of the lack in wisdom, he could think of such a plan, one to cause the downfall of the huge Ye Clan and also the powerful Elders Feng and Yue .

Furthermore, this evil plan against Wu Qianqian, was obviously to destroy her! Destroying this disciple of Elders Feng and Yue who possessed limitless potential, he could start his early preparation for the future of the Nine Super Clans .

Chu Yang dared to bet that if it was not him who was sitting here, but rather another person who had a simpler mind, he would have been persuaded .

Leaving a fine reputation for the future ages! Making a great impact in the world!

As beautiful as the flowers!

A Supreme Martial Artist!

Lan Clan, one of the Nine Super Clans, as reinforcement!

All these were simply too irresistible .

However, Chu Yang also dared to declare . He thought, "If someone really did it, then there would only be death awaiting him . Or maybe, the first half of the plan would be smooth; but by the time it came to neutralizing the poison for Wu Qianqian… the person would definitely not be him, but Lan Changge…"

And the person who had carried out the plan, would either get silenced or murdered brutally by the raging Elders Feng and Yue!

However, the main culprit Lan Changge would definitely have his way of keeping himself safe from this matter!

And finally, the one to get hold of the beauty, that would be him!

Chu Yang was full of praise and appeared agitated with excitement on the surface, but his mind was full of murderous intent, assessing Lan Changge . He could not help but wonder: This kind of evil, sinister, despicable and dirty evil plan, how did you a*shole manage to think of it?

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He was indeed an a*shole whose son should not even have an anus .

"So, did Brother Chu agree?" Lan Changge asked excitedly .

"Let's do it!" Chu Yang clenched his teeth, widened his eyes and slapped his thighs .

"Ha Ha… Then, I shall congratulate you in advance for the perfect harmony between Brother Chu and angel Wu, a loving husband and wife . " Lan Changge, with a face of envy, said, "This luck with women, Brother Chu, I am really envious of you . "

Chu Yang laughed loudly, so pleased as to lose his sense of measure . It was as if, he had already gotten the beauty…

However, after laughing a while, Chu Yang fiercely frowned and said, "Wrong . This is wrong, this is not enough . "

Lan Changge was startled and asked, "Brother Chu, what is not enough?"

Frowning his eyebrows, Chu Yang replied, "You see Brother Lan, this whole plan from start to finish, I have only gotten a wife… and some intangible reputation . However, in terms of actual tangible benefits… there is none at all . "

"Uh…" Lan Changge was confused and blinked his eyes before asking again, "Brother Chu, what you mean is…"

Chu Yang sighed and said, "Even though angel Wu and I would be married and she would be my wife, but we still have to make a living, right? This intangible reputation cannot be used to bring food to the table . "

Lan Changge was truly stunned and thought, "You bastard! Truly avaricious and insatiable, I have already given you such a huge benefit and you are still asking for more?"

"Brother Chu, what do you mean?" Lan Changge asked, while keeping silent of his heart .

"Brother Lan, as you already know, I am a Pharmacist . What really enthralls me is the elixir! Especially the Heavenly Treasure! I will not be able to take my eyes off it, once I see it," replied Chu Yang .

Lan Changge blinked his eyes and said, "Uh~~~"

Chu Yang sighed and said, "I do not need too many of these, just about eight or ten each of any type more than 10000 years of age . In total, I just need about 10 plus kinds of these… after all, I am still attending the Medicine Banquet, right?"

Lan Changge, feeling the pain in his flesh, replied, "So many…"

"If Brother Lan thinks that it is too many, then let's forget about it," replied Chu Yang, with a fair and considerate tone .

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"It is not considered too many! Our Lan Clan will offer these treasures to Brother Chu," said Lan Changge as he clenched his teeth!

"Aiya, I am really grateful for that," said Chu Yang, who then excitedly shook the hands of Lan Changge . He continued, "There are still some other rare mineral resources that I am also extremely interested in . "

Chu Yang counted with his fingers and said, "For example, the Star Iron, Heavenly Wood, Nightmare Silver, Heavenly Gold, Cloudy Steel, Star Stone, Purple Sun Tears … I have always dreamed of getting them . Every one of them, I do not wish for more, just a few hundred pounds will do . Brother Lan, these items are so expensive that no one can think of buying it and they are the true legacies . "

Lan Changge opened his mouth only to reply, "Uh, Uh, Uh~~~"

"If there are any difficulties, Brother Lan, just take it that I have never mentioned it . As for the matter between us, I will naturally still do my best . " Chu Yang gave a nonchalant shrug . However, anyone could tell what he truly meant . "If you do not satisfy my conditions, you can forget about me doing anything!"

"In any case, you need me now!"

Lan Changge almost crushed his own teeth, with a face of having flesh pain . However, he still had to put up a cool look as he said, "Sure, no problem . Even though we may not be able to get those huge quantities, we will still do our best to get everything for Brother Chu . "

"Brother Lan is really righteous and honorable! My life has not been in vain, having made such a friend like you, Changge," replied a touched Chu Yang .

"Me knowing you is considered my bad luck for 8 lives!" scolded Lan Changge in his mind . "Once this whole thing ends and we have reached our goals, however much that you have eaten from me, I will make you vomit them all out! If not, would I make your life easy, you blood sucking vampire?" continued Lan Changge in his mind .

"But… the purple crystals for daily practice, I would need that as well . " Chu Yang sighed and said, "How much do I need… actually, just a 10 thousand to 20 thousand pieces of purple crystals, that would be sufficient…"

"F*ck you! It would be more than enough even if it was for me!" thought Lan Changge .

Lan Changge almost vomited blood, clenching his teeth, with a dull voice, he replied, "Rest assured Brother Chu, just leave all these matters to me!"

"Brother Lan is indeed straightforward and gracious!" said a touched Chu Yang . "In future, when angel Wu and I get married, we are sure to be grateful for having met Brother Lan; your aid in completing our marriage; your act of giving and your act of kindness," said Chu Yang .

Lan Changge forced out some traces of smile and replied, "Brother Chu is really… Ge Ge Ge, too polite . "

Chu Yang laughed heartily and said, "This is the truth from the bottom of my heart, the truth . "

Suddenly, another frown appeared on his forehead, resembling concern .

The greatest fear of Lan Changge now was to see Chu Yang frown . Suddenly Lan Changge became worried as well and asked, "Brother Chu, what else is missing?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Nothing else is missing, nothing else…" said Chu Yang, still frowning . Rubbing his hands, seemingly embarrassed, Chu Yang said again, "I am really embarrassed to say it…"

"Brother Chu, feel free to speak your mind," Lan Changge replied . Taking a deep inhalation and slowly exhaling the breath . Lan Changge was worried that he could no longer control his temper and flared up, potentially risking him slapping this "collaborator" into a meat paste, that would be horrible .

"Then, let me be frank," replied Chu Yang readily at Lan Changge's invitation . Immediately, Chu Yang said, "You see, Brother Lan, you have a huge household and great career . If our matter succeeds, the moment… Ke Ke, I am just speaking frankly of any unpleasant possibilities, if by that time, you do not fulfill your promises, who should I go to for justice?"

"I would definitely not fulfill those agreements!" Lan Changge scolded furiously in his mind . Lan Changge said, "Brother Chu you would like to…"

"I would like to get half of the deal beforehand! Once the matter is accomplished, then the other half!" said Chu Yang with conviction .

"Getting half of the deal beforehand?! You really dared to say such things!" Lan Changge replied and suddenly jumped up .

"Brother Lan, you are not right in this," said Chu Yang . "For any business transaction, there would be a deposit . Moreover, this is a life and death situation? Half of the deal beforehand is already considered little . Plotting against the Supreme Martial Artist is not an easy task, isn't it? Brother Lan will forever be in the safety of the back scene from start till the end, no danger! However, for me, I will be at the front line of the battle . Any slight mishap and my life will most likely be gone for good!"

"Putting it frankly, this is using my life as the gambling capital for a better future!" Chu Yang said . Slowly calming down, he continued, "Half, there is no room for negotiation! Not even for my biological father! If you cannot fulfill this condition, then all our previous negotiations will be as good as nothing!"

Lan Changge appeared angry and said, "In such a short period of time, where can I go to find all these items for you? This is like asking me to do something impossible!"

Keeping one leg over the other, Chu Yang replied, "That would be a matter for Brother Lan to solve yourself . "

Lan Changge was fuming with anger and looked at him, suddenly the murderous intent in his eyes grew .

Remaining calm and unruffled by the events, Chu Yang said, "Brother Lan, you invited me over today and you did not conceal your actions; therefore many people are aware that I have been invited over . As for tomorrow, I shall continue to treat angel Wu's injuries . If I were to go missing… what would Elders Feng and Yue think? Could it be… that Lan Clan does not want their disciple to recover fully?"

Lan Changge was stunned .

Indeed, there was this possibility . However, the current Lan Clan definitely could not afford to go against Elders Feng and Yue, could they? Even if there was this tiny bit of questioning, it would affect the entire plan .

"If we are unable to reach a conclusion on this, I would not know what to say when I see angel Wu tomorrow," said Chu Yang . Awkwardly, he continued, "I thought this was a chance for me to get rich and become famous… Ai, who knew that this was an empty joy . Me as a person, my greatest flaw is that I am greedy for money and lust for beauty…"

Lan Changge stretched out one hand and stopped Chu Yang . Gently and kindly, Lan Changge smiled and said, "Brother Chu, what are you saying? You and I are good brothers who treat each other with sincerity . This little request of yours, how can I not fulfill it? Rest assured Brother Chu, wait till we get out of here, you can follow me to collect them!"

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