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Chapter 1035

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"Brother Lan's thoughts are really detailed and meticulous . " This sentence from Chu Yang was a praise from the bottom of his heart . This Young Master from Lan Clan who knew only to use flowery languages to charm ladies, was actually able to predict this level of details from his short and single sentence conversation with Ye Shifeng .

Moreover, the prediction was the accurate truth .

Regardless of this man's character, his intelligence and insights were already astonishing .

Chu Yang chose to speak about the matter on purpose at that place, planting a trap for the Ye Clan . However, to his surprise, the first person to realize something fishy about the matter and came to investigate was actually Lan Changge .

"Based on this prediction, Ye Shifeng must have been unaware of the identity of angel Wu at that time, but purely wanted his subordinates to plunder the beauty . However, he did not think that he would meet with such difficulties . "

Lan Changge laughed . "Ye Shifeng actually dared to take advantage of the disciple of Elders Feng and Yue . I, Lan Changge, really admire his drive for passion and lust!"

Chu Yang let out his laughter and cordially mentioned, "This insight of Young Master Lan really deserves my deepest admiration . "

Lan Changge let out his laughter and replied, "All thanks to Brother Chu . "

Chu Yang said, "What do you mean by this, Brother Lan?"

Lan Changge, with a bit of sinister laughter, replied, "This piece of tea leaves, at the center of everything, has always been eyed by all parties; however, as long as there is someone to give a shake to the teacup, this piece of tea leaves will drop into the bottom of the teacup . "

"And Elders Feng and Yue, definitely have the ability to shake the teacup!"

Lan Changge gave a faint smile, tilting his head up, looking at Chu Yang and said, "Brother Chu, the greatest opportunity to change the world's state of affairs is now placed in front of you! With just a single word from you, the state of affairs of the entire Nine Heavens will change because of you!"

Therefore, in the eyes of Lan Changge——

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The face of Chu Yang blushed .

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His body leaned forward uncontrollably, although he realized that immediately and adjusted it back . This also proved just how strong was the level of excitement within Chu Yang at this moment!

Furthermore, Chu Yang subconsciously clenched his hands and fingers, tightly into a fist .

Yet, immediately letting it go . However, the finger joints were already pale .

Obviously, the impact of this sentence to Chu Yang was beyond his capacity? The state of affairs for the entire Nine Heavens would be changed, because of him alone! Who else but him, throughout the ages, could make such an achievement?

Lan Changge sneered in his heart . "As expected from a bumpkin, with just a tiny bit of sweet talking and he's already over himself . To change the state of affairs for the entire Nine Heavens… because of this rural area bumpkin like you…," he thought .

"Brother Chu did not think of this, right?" Lan Changge maintained a smile . In order to complement Chu Yang, his eyes were also beaming with excitement and passion . With a lowered voice to appear serious and mysterious, he said, "As long as Brother Chu says a word, relays it to angel Wu, how could the Elders Feng and Yue sit back while their beloved disciple gets bullied? In this critical period of time, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will soon come out of seclusion . With a chaotic event happening, the entire Nine Heavens will be bound for turmoil… Ye Clan will faint away in power!"

His agitated voice had some quivering . "By now, Brother Chu is well known in the Nine Heavens . Whoever sees you, will undoubtedly give a thumbs up and compliment by saying, 'Great Hero! Good Man! Even the Nine Tribulations Sword Master cannot achieve this . Yet, just a word from you and it's done!' Brother Chu, what is the purpose of life? All the striving and hard work in a man's life, what is it for?"

The agitated Chu Yang appeared flushed on his entire face, as if he had an injection of chicken blood, even his scalp was shiny . He looked at Lan Changge agitatedly, with both his eyeballs almost popping out, nodding his head profusely like a chicken pecking at the rice grains . "Correct! Correct! Correct correct correct correct! What Brother Lan said makes absolute sense and logic!"

Lan Changge got excited and replied, "By then, Brother Chu will be holding on to the fate of the world in your hands, every step that you take will have a great influence on the world! Remember to give your little brother, me, a helping hand . "

Chu Yang was overjoyed, actually forgot his composure and gave Lan Changge a pat on the head, as if patting a little dog . He laughed and said, "That is of course! When the time comes that you need anything, feel free to use my name and I will be there for you!"

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Lan Changge twitched at the corner of his mouth, his face clearly with some black frown lines . He endured the anger building up in his head; forced a face full of smiles and replied, "From now onwards, the two of us brothers must sincerely cooperate and work together!"

Chu Yang again patted his head and consoled . "Relax! Elder brother is not the ungrateful kind! Whatever it is, from now onwards, I will look after your Lan Clan!"

Lan Changge twitched again at the corner of his mouth .

Lan Changge was almost at the point where he could no longer control his impulses to jump up and pound him into a lump of mud-like meat . Numbingly, he thought, "What kind of thing are you… how could you… You will look after my Lan Clan in the future? Who gives a damn about you . Do not make me throw up my rice last year!"

However, in order to accomplish his goal, his face was still full of smiles and he respectfully said, "That is true, that is true . " His heart was as if he had eaten a fly, extremely uncomfortable .

What's more, it was a fly that just left freshly made feces .

Lan Changge continued to force the smile on his face, while his heart could not wait to strangle that bastard to death . Feeling abnormally disdain, he scolded in his heart and thought, "This stupid idiot! He really thinks that he is an influential character now . Just wait to see how I will checkmate him . "

The face of Chu Yang was filled with agitation . With both hands patting on Lan Changge's head, Chu Yang was thinking of how good it would be to stop patting, or even to just twist his head out of place . With disdain, he scolded in his heart, "Damn you, you must have really thought that I am silly . Just wait to see how I will play you to death . "

"However, once this plan is discovered by the Ye Clan, Brother Chu will definitely have the danger to your life," said Lan Changge with a worried voice . Looking at Chu Yang with a concerned eye, Lan Changge continued, "I wonder if Brother Chu already has a brilliant plan in mind for this? The plan to catalyze this revolution? And also to establish our reputation? To leave a legacy?"

Chu Yang scolded angrily in his heart and thought, "You have already talked for so long, is that not all about emptying the dirty water in your stomach? Then why are you being hypocritical now?

Yet, on the surface, Chu Yang frowned with a troubled looking face and no plans in mind . He said, "This, I really have not thought about it . If the Ye Clan really wants to kill me… this… this… h-h-h-how would I be able to fight off the Ye Clan?"

A timid look .

Lan Changge suddenly belittled him some greater extent, despising him even further . Yet, on the surface, it was all a strong sense of heroism . Thumping on his chest, Lan Changge forthrightly said, "Brother Chu, have you forgotten about me? Hey hey, little brother here has a full proof plan…"

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Chu Yang hurriedly asked, "What full proof plan? Hurry tell me, hehehe, Changge, I realized you are really cute, hehe…" While saying, Chu Yang again started to pat his head, as if patting a dog . This time, even stroking the back of his neck .

Just like how a human would compliment a dog . "So obedient…"

Lan Changge shook his head restlessly . However, for the sake of the greater goal, he dared not turn angry . He said, "Brother Chu has already made connections with angel Wu . There will be chances for treatment in the future . You just have to consciously make an effort to remind… angel Wu as a young lady was almost raped . How can anyone tolerate this level of abuse?"

"Therefore, angel Wu will definitely start her own investigations . Once the evidence is sufficient, she will be sure to inform the Elders Feng and Yue… Our roles will only be facilitators… and the enmity and dilemma between Elder Feng and Yue and Ye Clan will only set to grow…"

Chu Yang with some doubts, replied, "Even if it happens as per plan, it is insufficient to make the incident as big as we wanted . "

Lan Changge revealed a tinge of ruthlessness in his eyes and said, "Brother Chu, what do you think of angel Wu?"

Chu Yang licked his lips, mouth drooling with greed and said, "Just like a goddess… simply too beautiful!"

Lan Changge revealed traces of jealousy on his face, immediately wiping it away and said, "Does Brother Chu not want to be in possession of such a beauty forever? Think about it… What if every night, you can have such a beauty, pressing her at your hips and enjoying her to your heart's content… how wonderful would it be…"

Chu Yang revealed traces of anger in his eyes with the urge to kill building up in his heart . At this moment, because of what he said, Lan Changge had already been sentenced to death .

"There will not be a chance that he can be alive!" he thought .

"Damn, how dare he speak this way of Senior Sister Wu…," he thought .

"But… this suggestion… keke… that is my business!" he thought .

On the face, was obviously the look of a lecherous man, yet disguised with some degree of virtue and nobility, Chu Yang replied, "Brother Lan… ke ke, what are you saying… angel Wu and I, our relationship is purely that of a clean and honest male-female relationship…"

Upon hearing the sentence 'a clean and honest male-female relationship,' Lan Changge turned angry immediately, risking an explosion in his chest resulting in shortness of breath . Lan Changge almost wanted to give him a piece of his mind all in a single breath .

"Go to hell, with your clean and honest male-female relationship," he thought .

"Do you not want, Brother Chu?" Lan Changge replied, while holding his urge to vomit blood .

"Of course, I would like to…" Chu Yang replied without even thinking for a second .

"I have a plan, that can make your wish come true, Brother Chu . This plan will not only allow you to get hold of the beauty, but also frame Ye Clan . This will provoke Elders Feng and Yue's anger towards the Ye Clan resulting in a serious discord between them in the future," Lan Changge replied secretively .

"Say it," Chu Yang asked hurriedly .

"Brother Chu can first make this matter clear, to provide medical treatment to angel Wu, to gain her trust . Once angel Wu has confirmed with Elders Feng and Yue that Ye Clan was the culprit… we can then find an appropriate chance . I have a pack of medicine here… once a lady gets a whiff of it, she will fall into a coma, or at worst, still feel weak all over…"

"By then, I would send someone to bring out angel Wu, while leaving behind traces of evidence, to allow Elders Feng and Yue to track down… of course that is to the place of Ye Clan…"

"At that time, in order to save angel Wu, Elders Feng and Yue would be fighting it all out . Brother Chu, on the other hand, can concoct the exclusive antidote and neutralize the poison after much hard work and numerous trials . However, the last step of neutralization requires a male to have sexual intercourse with angel Wu…"

"In this way, angel Wu would lose her virginity and due to the medicine, her intelligence and aptitude would become poor as well . Furthermore, the medicine also promotes pregnancy… if angel Wu gets pregnant, HA HA… that would have been total destruction of this disciple of Elders Feng and Yue… How would they not get furious?"

"Brother Chu, on the other hand, will get hold of the beauty instead . Brother Chu, your original intention was to save angel Wu, so there was no way out but to copulate with angel Wu . Furthermore, even if angel Wu has no feelings towards you, you are after all the father of the child . Would she kill you? In addition, her martial arts skills are just so so, if she does not marry you to become your wife, what else can she do?"

"Therefore, at the rage of Elders Feng and Yue, what good future could behold the Ye Clan? At that time, all other big clans would have come together to attack the Ye Clan… on one hand it helped to avenge you and on the other hand, it gave you a great reputation . Furthermore, you get a heavenly bless marriage . This kind of pleasure event, why not?"

I was so angry that I almost passed out . After thinking for half a day, I finally replied one sentence, "Although I only have 2 middle fingers typing, during the entire duration of our competition, my 2 middle fingers were always pointing at you…

It became quiet on the other side…>

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