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Chapter 1033

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"I never fail to face up my feelings!" Chu Yang said deeply, "But what can I do when things are developed to this point?"

Feng Yurou's brows furrowed slightly .

Indeed, even if both of you are in love, and even if Chu Yang intended to accept you, Wu Qianqian, had already promised to marry someone else . What could Chu Yang do?

But why does Wu Qianqian still have such deep affections for Chu Yang?

Feng Yurou thought that such a thing shouldn't have happened . And, it's not Chu Yang, but her own apprentice, who's wrong!

You're already someone else's wife! And you've promised him by yourself . And you've also mentioned this to Chu Yang . Why are you still pestering Chu Yang? You're a married woman… yet you're bothered with another man?

No matter how in love the both of you were in the past, you shouldn't be bothered with each other like this now . But Wu Qianqian clearly didn't let go…

But, this apprentice of mine is definitely not that kind of shameless woman!

Then why did this happen?

Feng Yurou was bewildered .

This is so strange!

Aside, Chu Yang also sighed . His Adam's apple moved and he swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, then said in a hoarse voice, "Elder, you should have understood by now… Hehe, now, the old matters are raised up again and my senior sister is also listening aside . I shouldn't have said this so directly, but these words have been stuck in my mind for a long time already, and I'm feeling better now that I spoke them out!"

"I'm a man, and I also have emotions and a sense of righteousness!" Chu Yang smiled bitterly, but his eyes started to become more and more fiery . "It's not just women who have dreams! Men similarly have their own dreams . "

"However, when I see a woman, whom I'm tempted to, married someone else, and furthermore, none of them disagreed to the marriage, and that the man is also my own good brother… What possibly can I do?"

Chu Yang smiled . "What can I do other than escaping?"

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"What else can I do?"

"I can't even give a promise at that time!"

"Master Feng, now you're asking me why didn't I accept my senior sister? Haha… I understand that you're worried about your apprentice . " Chu Yang smiled bitterly and a little miserably . "Do you mean I should go grab my good brother's wife over and say that she's my woman?"

"Not to mention that she's the queen of a country!"

"I never dared to say this previously, and I was also embarrassed to say," Chu Yang said deeply, "But by the looks of the circumstances now, I'm afraid that Master Feng is not going to leave me if I don't say this out . "

He slightly raised his head . "Actually, I know that you want to kill me, regardless of anything . Isn't it? Firstly, it's to firm Senior Sister Wu's heart so that she can concentrate on her cultivation . Secondly, you feel uncomfortable seeing me . I can feel your intentions to kill . "

He smiled . "This is understandable . If I were you, I'd do the same . After all, you have such a talented apprentice, and she's very likely to surpass you in the future . She has such a great future, and it's such a pity should she marry and bear children now . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The coldness in Feng Yurou's eyes gradually disappeared, and instead, there's appreciation in her eyes .

"Very good . " Feng Yurou started to smile lightly . "Your feelings are sharp and sensitive . You're even better in observing the circumstances . You're witty and can devise plots skillfully and easily… You can be considered a rising star of the next generation . "

She said softly, "I indeed wanted to kill you previously, but I've changed my mind now . I only want to ask you a question: Do those words that you've said previously come from your heart?"

Chu Yang smiled a little bitterly . "There's no need for me to deceive myself . Besides, the things have been done, and so what if they're true? So what if they're faked? Master Feng, do you think I need to lie at this moment?"

Feng Yurou smiled .

She turned around to look at Wu Qianqian and said, "Qianqian, what's going on?"

Wu Qianqian looked complex yet sweet . Her face flushed as she looked at Chu Yang, and said, "Teacher, there're some reasons behind this… that you don't know, and I can't explain them with just a few words . And this also involves some privacy issues . There will finally be one day when Chu Yang… will know . "

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Feng Yurou was startled and her pupils shrank . "Some reasons that I don't know? You have been forced to keep them to yourself?"

"No," Wu Qianqian said shyly, "Teacher, you shouldn't ask further… In short, this is… very complicated . " She sighed sweetly in her heart . She looked anticipative and contradictory at the same time .

It's understandable that Chu Yang doesn't know the inside story .

It turns out he, after all, has feelings for me; The efforts that I've put in isn't totally a waste .

This point alone was already sufficient to make Wu Qianqian feel comforted .

As for Tie Butian, she's also a woman and a proud woman just like Wu Qianqian herself . Wu Qianqian appreciated and even more supported Tie Butian's decision .

Wu Qianqian could only respect Tie Butian's decision; Chu Yang didn't realize it himself, then Wu Qianqian must keep her promise and not tell him that matter . Besides, the passages of the Nine Heavens were shut now and he couldn't get down even if he wanted to . If Chu Yang knew this matter, it would disturb his mind, and this would affect him in his cultivations and battling .

I shall wait for them to put their cards on the table first . As long as Chu Yang and I have feelings for each other, that's enough . As for whether we can get together, this is nothing to be worried about .

As long as I'm in your heart, and as long as you don't make me suffer from my affections towards you, that's enough .

My request is really not that great .

Chu Yang and Feng Yurou had the same expression now: They were both looking blankly at the bashful Wu Qianqian, not knowing what's in her mind .

You didn't deny your marriage with Tie Butian, but you also didn't deny your affections for Chu Yang; Tie Butian didn't force the marriage on you and you agreed on the marriage by your own will…

But in the dark, your mind is still preoccupied with your past lover…

You've done such a big sin, yet you still have peace of conscience? No matter what, Wu Qianqian herself would have felt incredulous about such matters .

Yet she's actually secretly feeling delighted?

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This is really confusing .

By Wu Qianqian's typical conduct, she's not such a shameless woman…

Both cast a glance at each other and they both thought that this hidden information was indeed something great… But no matter how they cracked their brains in thinking about this, they never would have thought that the so-called 'husband' of Wu Qianqian was actually a woman!

And she's also Chu Yang's woman!

And she had even borne Chu Yang's child…

What else was Wu Qianqian afraid of?

How would she have any psychological burden?

Chu Yang's eyes widened . No matter how witty he was, he's also really muddled at this moment . He stuttered, "Senior Sister Wu… Wu… That… This… What's going on?"

Wu Qianqian's face reddened and she flipped her eyes at Chu Yang . She said, "You know nothing! You shall go work on your own business . I'm here and there's nothing you need to worry about . "

As she said, she actually pouted her mouth and smiled dreamily, while her bright eyes rolled secretly . Then she lowered her head, then secretly raised it up again, and gently smiled again . At that moment, she seemed to have thought of something, and even her little ears turned red…

Chu Yang stumbled out of the Jiaxiu Building, still in a stupor .

He only felt that the weather today was really good .

But what the f**k had happened just now?

All the bad things were gone after I confessed my own feelings? The winds had stopped, the clouds had frozen, and even the suffocating air had vanished…

He remembered asking Wu Qianqian before he left, "Then… Is Tie Butian really sick?"

Wu Qianqian's face was still red and she even stamped her feet . She said angrily, "Of course! And he's very ill . And I shall talk the truth . Other than you, no one else can cure his sickness!"

Yes, if you cure her illness, my own illness will also be cured…

Of course, Wu Qianqian couldn't say this out . With just a thought about this, her face instantly turned beet red, and she immediately kicked Chu Yang out of the door .

Then she stood leaning against the door, smiling idiotically .

Not to mention Chu Yang who felt utterly miserable after being kicked out of the door, even Feng Yurou also gazed at her apprentice with her eyes wide open . At the moment, Feng Yurou almost felt that her apprentice had turned crazy . Otherwise, why would she do such unusual things?

"Qianqian, what the hell is going on?" Feng Yurou asked while she looked frowningly at her sexually awakened apprentice .

"Hey, teacher, you shan't ask further . Anyway, there're some things you don't know, and they're some big things… Anyway, there's no need for you to care… about this matter…"

Wu Qianqian, who had never been acting coquettishly ever since she was accepted as an apprentice, actually started to do so for the first time . She held on to Feng Yurou's arms and shook them till Feng Yurou became giddy .

As Feng Yurou held one hand on her forehead, she moaned, "I… I think I need to rest . The world… has really changed… Changed to the extent that even I can't recognize it…"

Wu Qianqian smiled secretly . She held her teacher to sit down, then went to make tea . Her face flushed, and as she held the teapot in pouring tea, she didn't even realize that the teacup was already full, allowing the tea water to spill out of the cup…

"Alas!" Feng Yurou sighed and rolled her eyes, then took over the teapot from Wu Qianqian and shook her head . My apprentice is… hopeless…

Feng Yurou had already taken over the teapot, but Wu Qianqian still didn't realize, and she remained in that position . She only recovered her stupor after a long time . "Hey, where's the teapot?"

"If I wait for you to finish pouring the tea, the whole Jiaxiu Building would be flooded," Feng Yurou said disappointedly, "Qianqian, women need to be reserved! You mustn't reveal such a contented look even if you're really feeling it this way… You would be belittled, don't you know? You're already someone who has previously handled troops, engaged in battles and even been a queen . With such staidness of yours, I really doubt your capability as a queen!"

Wu Qianqian smiled sheepishly and said, "Teacher… It's right that women need to be reserved, but women also need to be brave in deciding who they love or hate . Because once women become enamored, this will last forever . As compared to lifelong happiness, it doesn't matter at all to keep a reserved character . "

"I didn't dare to say it earlier on because I'm afraid of destroying the feelings between Chu Yang and his lover . So I hid this matter in my heart . Now, since I've known his heart, I'll all the more keep this to myself . Chu Yang is a responsible person . Wait till he has settled his own affairs, he would come to me to account for himself regardless of anything . I shall just wait for him . "

Wu Qianqian smiled happily . "Even if I can't be with him for my whole life, I, after all, have known that he has feelings for me! This is already sufficient . "

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