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Chapter 1032

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Chu Yang was startled . He was about to speak when he realized that he had been unknowingly trapped in his position .

He couldn't even move his lips! His entire body was fixed stiffly on the spot!

Wu Qianqian shuddered . "Teacher!"

This white figure was, of course, Feng Yurou .

Feng Yurou drifted in and sat opposite Wu Qianqian .

Wu Qianqian finally discovered Chu Yang's abnormality and asked in panic, "Teacher, what have you done to him?"

Feng Yurou said lightly, "I'm only punishing him by making him stand . I haven't even… cleared my debt with him!"

Wu Qianqian's heart was slightly relieved . He said, "Then… where's Teacher Yue?"

She knew that Feng Yurou was gentle and was very fond of herself . Even if Feng Yurou was in violent rage, with Wu Qianqian herself persuading at one side, Chu Yang wouldn't face any danger .

But in comparison, Yue Lingxue's killing intentions was greater and his temper was also hotter . If Yue Lingxue was here, it's probable that…

"Your Teacher Yue has some other stuff he needs to do," Feng Yurou said lightly, "I'm just worried that you're alone here, so I've come up to take a look . I didn't expect to meet this bastard here!"

"He… He isn't a bastard…" Wu Qianqian explained weakly .

Feng Yurou snorted heavily and Wu Qianqian dared not to talk further .

"He's the man that you so love deeply?" Feng Yurou pointed a finger at Chu Yang and coldly said, "You are always in black robes just because of him? You didn't even want the robe that I've given to you, that helps you prevent injuries from swords and sabers? You're in the gloom just because of him? You only agreed to stay in the Upper Three Heavens to be our apprentice just because of him?"

"Teacher!" Wu Qianqian stood up in panic and dropped her knees on the ground . "I'm sorry! I've decided all by myself and he knows nothing! Teacher, if you're angry, please punish me and don't put blame on him . This really has nothing to do with him . "

"What a fool!" Feng Yurou sighed . "Why is he worth such deep affections from you? What's so good about him? He's a coward and has no balls! In the face of a woman that's so deeply in love with him, he's actually so heartless… Why are you so stupid? There are so many handsome guys in the world, why did you just fall in love with this guy?"

"Teacher…" Wu Qianqian spoke haltingly, but stubbornly, "Chu Yang… isn't as bad as you've said . "

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Feng Yurou stared back . "Shut up!"

She extended her hands and dragged Chu Yang up to both of them as if he's a puppet .

Feng Yurou suppressed his anger and asked, "You're Chu Yang?"

Chu Yang was stupefied .

"Speak!" Feng Yurou said angrily .

"Teacher… It seems that you haven't removed your prohibition on him…" Wu Qianqian reminded carefully .

"Urgh…" Feng Yurou waved her hands . Chu Yang instantly realized that he could move again . But Chu Yang wasn't at all alarmed . He only smiled lightly and asked back, "You're Master Feng?"

Feng Yurou's prohibition on him made Chu Yang's heart shudder . This was a strong, unparalleled feeling that he had only felt previously from Zi Xieqing . Although Feng Yurou was slightly weaker, neither Chu Yang nor the sword spirit was her opponent .

Feng Yurou said lightly, "Yes, I am . "

Chu Yang said unaffectedly, "Then, I'm Chu Yang . "

Fire rose in Feng Yurou's heart . "Kid, you dare to compare yourself with me?!"

Chu Yang said smilingly, "From your perspective, I may not be on par with you, but from what I've spoken, I'm already on par with you . "

Feng Yurou laughed coldly . "You indeed have a few hard bones!"

"Master Feng, you're flattering me," Chu Yang said humbly, "It's only that as compared to normal people, my bones can only slightly bear more . "

"But why don't you dare to commit yourself to my apprentice?" Feng Yurou took in a breath and asked .

Chu Yang looked complicatedly at Wu Qianqian and said, "Since when did you know that I didn't commit myself to her? Do you know that I have my reasons for this?"

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"What reasons?!" Feng Yurou frowned .

Wu Qianqian asked worriedly, "Teacher, please don't ask . "

Feng Yurou waved her hands . "Today, I want to get to the bottom of this matter! If there's no possibility for the both of you to get together, Qianqian, then you shall not bother him further, and you shall concentrate all your heart in cultivation! Even if this kid is willing to accept you, I still have to test him whether he's worthy to be matched with my apprentice! Well, what airs is he putting on? Do I even have to be afraid of my apprentice having no one to marry?"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly .

"Kid, I shall ask you: Qianqian doesn't look good?" Feng Yurou asked .

"No! Senior Sister Wu's beauty is unparalleled in the whole Nine Heavens . It's very rare to find any woman who can be matched with Senior Sister Wu's looks, figure and qualities," Chu Yang said seriously .

"Then, is Qianqian's temper not good?"

"No! Senior Sister Wu has a gentle temper . While she looks soft from the outside, she's inwardly hard . Such a good temper is also rare . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Then, Qianqian's status isn't high?"

"This has nothing to do with status! Besides, I have the same roots with Senior Sister Wu; what about status is there to talk about?"

"If that's the case, her cultivation isn't high enough and can't be matched with yours . "

"Master Feng, you're joking . This is not worthy of comparison between us . "

"Then, Qianqian didn't love you enough?"

"No! I completely understand Senior Sister Wu's affections for me!"

"Or do you think that Qianqian can't be a good wife?"

"No! Anyone who can marry someone like Senior Sister Wu is a great blessing for him!"

"Then, I really don't understand you . " Feng Yurou started to really feel strange . "Why don't you accept her?"

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Good looks, good virtues, good qualities, and deep affections…

Is Chu Yang crazy?

Chu Yang smiled bitterly .

From the start, he had been feeling uncomfortable after being constrained by Feng Yurou . The resistance he had back against Feng Yurou was an indication of this . But as he spoke, the anger in him was completely dispersed .

I'm sorry to Wu Qianqian . How can I blame her teacher for seeking trouble on me?

"Master Feng, I want to say a few words . I wish that you can allow me to finish my words and not interrupt me in the middle," Chu Yang said lightly .

"Alright! You shall speak," Feng Yurou said coolly .

Chu Yang laughed, randomly pulled a stool over, and sat steadily on it . Feng Yurou raised her brows, but she still suppressed herself from her anger .

"I, Chu Yang, am an ordinary man . Before I met Senior Sister Wu, I had a person that I fell in love with . But for a variety of reasons, we didn't get together . "

Chu Yang said lightly .

"If not for the crisis at the Beyond The Heavens, I might have worked hard to improve myself and to approach the person I love, step by step . Then finally, the two of us could live peacefully together . "

"Now, wars are everywhere in the Nine Heavens, and the strong rules over the weak in the Middle and Upper Three Heavens . Such a situation has already lasted for 90,000 years! As a result, there're much more women than men . Under such circumstances, polygamy has become a common thing . "

"Although I'm a man within the Nine Heavens, in my heart, I only want to have one wife in my life . "

"This is what I've been thinking about previously . But then, this conviction of mine was shaken because of Senior Sister Wu! I originally thought that I'm a single-minded man! I can't deny that I once thought about having a few wives, but at that time, I thought that I couldn't do so . "

"When I arrived at Tieyun, wanting to reverse my fate, I realize that there's no one around me that I can trust! There's only Senior Sister Wu . So, I could only rely on her help to realize my dreams . "

"Gradually, Senior Sister Wu became fond of me . I don't have a stone heart, and it's certain that my heart is also moved . Senior Sister Wu has feelings for me, and I equally has feelings for her!"

Wu Qianqian's eyes suddenly lit up spiritedly as Chu Yang spoke till here .

Feng Yurou frowned, about to question Chu Yang, but Chu Yang raised his hands to stop her from questioning . "Master Feng, please allow me to finish my words, or else I would lose my train of thought, and I might not be able to continue my words . "

Feng Yurou frowned tightly, and could only be patient and continue listening to Chu Yang .

"Both of us have feelings for each other, but neither of us uncovered them . I was deliberately trying to evade her, while Senior Sister didn't want me to feel difficult," Chu Yang sounded very calm and said, "But everything has its sequence! Even if I want to accept my senior sister, I also have to explain the matter to the person I've been in love with previously . "

"If I had done so, I would have felt at ease! But before that, I thought that any other relationship with Senior Sister Wu would be illicit . I would not only be letting down the person I love, but it's also a blasphemy on the feelings Senior Sister Wu and I have for each other . "

"So, I pressed everything down . "

"After I finished my matters in the Lower Three Heavens, I immediately decided to leave . I once decided to go to the Middle Three Heavens to find the woman I love, and come back again after her side was settled! If she didn't want me to part with her, I could only escape for my whole life . Anyway, at that time, although Senior Sister Wu and I had feelings for each other, we didn't confess it . Senior Sister Wu knew me, and I also knew her . "

"This is what I really thought . "

Chu Yang smiled bitterly and said, "I'm a man, and I'm also lascivious! I'm no different from any other man regarding this . But I think that my own merit is that I'm able to give respect to the ones I love!"

"No matter whether it's Senior Sister Wu or the woman I'm deeply in love with . "

"But when I was about to leave, Senior Sister Wu got married to Tie Butian, the Emperor of Tie Yun . " Chu Yang's face turned bitter . "Tie Butian is a great lord and a marvelous man! He has a heroic spirit and a sensitive mind . I admire him very much . "

"The most important thing is that Senior Sister Wu agreed on this marriage . Tie Butian is also my friend, brother and comrade!"

"If Senior Sister Wu hadn't agreed and Tie Butian had forced the marriage on her, I would have no scruples to go against him! I've helped him to establish Tie Yun, and I similarly could destroy it!"

"But this wasn't a forced marriage!"

"If that's the case, how could I… how could I…"

Chu Yang paused and stopped as Chu Yang spoke till here .

Feng Yurou obviously didn't know about this matter and looked strangely at Wu Qianqian .

Yet she saw that Wu Qianqian's heartbroken look had vanished . Her whole face was lit up and she had her eyes fixed on Chu Yang . Her small ears were straightened up highly, and redness and shyness were all over her face .

Feng Yurou couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, thinking: What a strange thing! That guy is talking about why he didn't accept you, yet you're actually becoming excited…

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