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Qin Chuyu watched those students that were concentrating on painting, showing a slight hint of a satisfied smile.

This was a self-employed painting studio. There was some space for teaching other people to paint, while another spot had been set for admiring and selling her students' productions or her own graffiti works.

Of course, if her students' works had been sold, she just asked for a little expense for handling the sale.

This time, she walked up to a man--- He had come in for a while and was focusing on some work that was not for sale but was displayed here.

"Sir, do you like this picture?"

"You are?"

"Oh, I'm the owner here, also an art teacher."

Qin Chuyu handed in her handmade business card.

The man nodded after a glance, then asked with curiosity, "Why is there a… well, odd picture here? It's good-looking though."

Qin Chuyu gave a smile, "This was left by a customer, I've been waiting for him to get it back; however, he didn't leave me any contact information."

The man nodded randomly and said, "My girlfriend is interested in learning to draw…"

Qin Chuyu answered, "Well… could you bring your girlfriend to have a look first?"

The studio needed sources of income, hence she didn't want to miss any potential student.

But the man shook his head, "She's a little busy now. Or, can you suggest me some tools for novices?"

Qin Chuyu nodded, bringing some painter's tools, sketch books and books for beginners in a short while.

The man grabbed those and walked out after paying through POS machine, leaving behind the receipt.

Qin Chuyu looked at the signature on the receipt, feeling that this man was pretty good.

Guo Yushuo

At midday, Luo Qiu was dragged by Ren Ziling to the hospital to visit Officer Ma.

"Old Ma, you really couldn't see clearly the man who knock you out? I believe in your nickname 'the best sharpshooter' and your specialty!" Subeditor Ren didn't spare her praise towards Officer Ma.

"Don't always try looking for a great scoop!"

Though he couldn't still get out of bed but Officer Ma had gotten much better than before. He said with a serious face, "If you have spare time, it would be better to move your pen and write, criticising the society and satirizing the country, letting your bitterly sarcastic ability go wild while screwing over the current politics, rather than digging for gossip."

"F*ck! My son is here!" Subeditor Ren glared at him furiously. "Pay attention to your words!"

"You also know that little Luo Qiu is here?" Officer Ma said with impatience, "Then please learn from your son! He even knows how to peel an apple for a patient! How about you? Who knows whether you are coming to visit a patient or interrogate a prisoner?"

Luo Qiu was peeling an apple while looking at them.

'Can you please delete the 'little' before my name…'

Ren Ziling frowned when suddenly her phone rang. "I've got a call."

As saying this, she snatched the apple Luo Qiu had peeled just now, running out of the sickroom as biting it. "Yeah, boss…"

Officer Ma took a sigh, staring at Luo Qiu, who was dumbfounded with holding a peeling knife, said pitifully, "I actually don't know who the caregiver is."

"That's nothing."

Luo Qiu picked up another apple, holding by pinching it in the middle of thumb and index fingers, and rotating it slowly.

Officer Ma asked, "Luo Qiu, aren't you curious?"

Luo Qiu said softly while turning the apple at the same speed, "Well, everyone has their own decision. I'll respect yours, no matter what it is."

Officer Ma asked, "Luo Qiu, if you meet a person, whose nature is good but had made some mistakes due to their extreme character. Are you going to deny this person a second chance or leave them with an opportunity to correct their mistake?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, "I can't give you any suggestions to clear your confusion due to my age. But I think opportunities are given by one's self."

Officer Ma was stunned. This seemed to make sense… But he was confused.

At this time, Luo Qiu divided the peeled apple into 8 pieces, handing it to Officer Ma. "I'll go wash my hands."

Officer Ma smiled, realizing this child turned more similar to the departed Brother Luo.

He mumbled while eating the sliced apple, "But Brother Luo was not so considerate… Is he really his son?"

As Ma ate the apple, he saw Ren Ziling walked towards him and intended to question him intensely after the phone. So he asked abruptly, "Sister, did you hear that many people have been reported of missing these days?"

Ren Ziling knitted her brows, while nodding, "Old Ma, do you know what goes on behind the scenes?"

Officer Ma answered with a severe countenance, "Do you still remember the murder case in the workshop a few days ago?"

Ren Ziling sat down, taking out the booklet and ball pen. She lowered her head as if she was ready to start writing.

But Officer Ma just stared at her without saying. Therefore, Subeditor Ren smiled embarrassedly, "Well, it's an occupational habit, just occupational habit, hey hey."

"Be serious!!" Officer Ma flew into a rage. However, this influenced his condition of injury, making him not stop coughing.

Ren Ziling stuck her tongue out. Nevertheless, Officer Ma breathed heavily, "I might have, let loose a criminal…"

"Definitely, a common person wouldn't have such powerful force." Ren Ziling frowned. "Though they do, the number of such powerful guys won't appear at the same time. Thus, it's reasonable to suspect that the guy who hurt you is the murderer in the workshop case. Besides, judging by the behaviour of that freak when he threw prisoners into the police office, it proves that guy has a strong sense of justice… It appears that the dead guy in the workshop were hoodlums…"

Officer Ma shook his head, "It's only one of the possibilities and hard to tell without evidence… But, I've consulted my colleagues. Different kinds of people have been reported of missing. Quite a number of them have criminal records."

Ren Ziling took it serious, "Old Ma, if we suppose it's all done by the same person, the one who hurt you, the one who killed people, and the one who contributed to all those missing people… then think about it, what did he do those for?"

Officer Ma frowned and thought for before showing a terrible expression.

Officer Ma seemed to have thought of something. Ren Ziling deeply breathed, "He may have given in to his inner demons!"

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door.

That was a man over 30 in a suit, looking capable and experienced.

Ren Ziling and Officer Ma were stupefied by his coming and the expressions of surprise followed.

That man gave a smile, "Long time no see, Old Ma! Long time no see… Sister."

"Ye Yan!" Ren Ziling exclaimed, "When did you come back? Didn't you go to France for several years…"

"I came back to do something." The man called 'Ye Yan' came in. "I heard Old Ma got injured, so I hurried back as soon as I got off the plane."

Seeing Ye Yan, who was still taking the luggage, Ren Ziling eyes lit up. She narrowed her eyes while smiling happily, "Little Ye, I've heard you joined some operations and solved several big cases… Hence, are you on a special mission this time as well?"

Ye Yan stepped back to avoid the approaching Ren Ziling, "Little sister, you should know my work is more strict than Old Ma's. Haven't you changed your bad habit yet?"


Subeditor Ren was a crafty person. She knew the appearance of this guy was not only for visiting a patient but for more important affairs to come. "I'm going to the washroom! Tell me something about those big case later!"

Ren Ziling was sensible and left the sickroom. Then, Ye Yan sat down and chat with Officer Ma.

Officer Ma asked, "Not for your vacation, eh?"

Ye Yan said, "It's still that case from last time, about 'Mr Sun'…"

As Luo Qiu was walking along the corridor, a person rushed out from the corner. He seemed to be desperate to escape and bumped against him.

Neither of them was hurt but both retreated slightly due to the collision.

He gazed at this person who knocked into him with bloodstains that hadn't been erased… Mo Xiaofei.

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