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Green hills and clear water, birds' chirping and the fragrance of flowers. Such a place far from the hubbub could be said to be the most beautiful.

The little butterfly monster had no idea about her future direction as she was suddenly homeless. After the boss of the bun house and his wife passed away serenely, the little butterfly monster suddenly thought of her mother.

And friends she made in the mountain.

After eclosion, she hadn't come back to the mountain due to the longing for a new life.

"Great! The nectar here is the best after all!"

The butterfly monster, as long as she had nectar, would be satisfied. She now lay on the grass with wild chrysanthemum spread all around, with no shoes on. Her jade-like feet were feeling the grass that was swaying in the wind and tickling her soles.

She suddenly felt her mood improved a lot!

At this moment.

A common butterfly flew past Luo Dance in a hurry. Luo Dance then felt a terrifying aura from the ravine, which made her stand up immediately.

The smell of blood grew stronger and stronger as she approached the ravine. Many trees blocked out the sunlight all day long which contributed to the cool and refreshing feeling.

Yet Luo Dance could faintly hear some screams.

When she got close cautiously, a rancid scent could be smelled… It was like the odor of corpse!

Pushing aside the twig, the little butterfly monster was shocked!

A being like a human clearly appeared before her eyes--- It looked similar to a person because it had eyes, ears, a mouth and four limbs.

However, it was heavily bleeding, as if it had been bitten by something! Observing closely, disgusting green mucus was ceaselessly oozing out from its body.

At the time it had been discovered, it was biting a wild dog… which was also bitten until it was bleeding heavily!

Luo Dance was shocked, instinctively taking a step back and stepped on a small branch!

That being looked up abruptly. Both its eyeballs emitted green light from the dry and deep-set eye sockets.

It… pounced on her suddenly!

Luo Dance felt terrified. Her huge wings expanded in a moment, fleeing far away. However, she didn't forget to take a glance at it. It seems there was a weird crystal skull inlaid in its chest.

It seemed like a walking dead body mentioned by Grandfather Tree Monster… or something like a zombie or a living dead person.

Since when did it exist in the mountain?

Now, the little butterfly monster didn't know where she should go again.

"You are…"

Mo Xiaofei was distracted for a moment. He didn't intend to stay for long, merely wanted to find a place with nobody around--- It was an accident to encounter someone over here.

Nevertheless, his heart beat furiously.

He felt unsettled from this person who was several years older… The feeling was like that place!

"It's you…" Mo Xiaofei took two steps back subconsciously.

Luo Qiu didn't expect to meet with Mo Xiaofei again this way. Just as he was about to speak, Mo Xiaofei showed a slight change on his face, saying it again, "It's you!"

Yet the meanings of both sentences were absolutely different.

"It's you. You arranged all this and made me attack Luo Xin's father… It's you!!" Mo Xiaofei looked nervous.

Luo Qiu sized him up. After hearing his words, he lost any desire to talk to him.

Mo Xiaofei was suddenly enlightened, "I got it! I totally understand! It's you… you controlled all this in the dark! You'd like to see me in pain and wracked by guilt! You're really demons! You, have fun by fooling about with souls!!"

'Well… How did he draw such a conclusion?'

'Merely because I was dragged into the hospital and met him by coincidence?'

Mo Xiaofei snorted.

In an instant, his pain and confusion disappeared and he obtained limitless power; jumping out of the vortex of self-accusation and found the meaning of his existence.

"It's just an accident arranged by you! I didn't do anything wrong! I won't give in! Never! Let alone bowing to you… I'll do better later! And never leave you any opportunity to manipulate me! You're the source of the biggest injustice."

His gaze changed.

Luo Qiu felt that… This customer seemed to have imagined an enormous conspiracy in a short instant.

Meanwhile, his look became sharper… as an invasive strength erupted from Mo Xiaofei.

Luo Qiu sensed that his body was in the state that would probably be overturned at any time, he quickly looked around. At the same time, the power of telekinesis erupted from Mo Xiaofei and increased by several times instantly.

An invisible shock wave exploded in the air.


The aisle window was broken by the shock wave and some family members of patients and the passing nurses fell down unconscious.

However, the club's boss who should have received the full impact was still unscathed and standing there.

Luo Qiu felt Mo Xiaofei's stupefied gaze and opened his mouth, "Did I also do these on purpose?"

Mo Xiaofei became absent-minded from the question--- They did not only lose consciousness, some had even been wounded by the broken glass.

Mo Xiaofei stopped using his power suddenly… Instead, he stepped back.

"It's not me… not me… not me…"

His brain seemed to be expanding like a balloon.

Mo Xiaofei scratched his head while retreating before… going mad abruptly, "It's not me!!!"

He suddenly turned around and ran away.

It attracted onlookers easily. Luo Qiu frowned and didn't chase him but took a glance at the scene quickly… The people who had fainted were all right and the injured just got little cuts.

Nobody had been disfigured.

An oxygen machine flew out from the broken window from the next sickroom which cut the connection between it and the oxygen cylinder.

Waiting until the oxygen in the bottle almost ran out, Luo Qiu made a fist suddenly--- the whole oxygen machine then exploded.

For making the scene look more realistic, the debris was spread all over.

Boss Luo took a glance at it. He didn't want it to be one of the enigmas of the hospital…

"Speaking of which, the clown face does not seem effective against special people."

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