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Luo Qiu was sizing up the new customer.

He seemed to be hurt seriously. After all, he had spitted out a lot of blood, perhaps even rupturing his internal organs.

"Take a seat."

He treated the customer with the basic courtesy.

Actually, many of the mysterious points of the club could be skipped when meeting new customers as it would be more convincing to do one action, rather than speaking a thousand sentences.

Mo Xiaofei's body started to leave the floor. A wonderful power lifted him up and sent him to the seat.

A shocked look could be seen on Mo Xiaofei's face.

Luo Qiu had gotten used to the clown face. At present, he sat opposite to Mo Xiaofei, "Customer, you said you want to obtain power, right?"

"You…" Mo Xiaofei regained some clarity. He wondered if it was due to the place here, he felt the pain to be relieved by a little. At the same time, he took a look at the man with clown, then move his attention to the beautiful servant girl beside him. "Who are you guys… immortals… or demons?"

"We're merely businessmen," Luo Qiu said indifferently. "Theoretically we can sell anything you want, on the condition that you can afford it."

Mo Xiaofei breathing turned rapid. "You can sell me anything… There are no free lunches in this world. You may want something more besides money, right? My life? Or my soul?"

'Why… A kid at his age seems to be easier to communicate with…'

Luo Qiu said briskly, "Those can be considered as items to be traded. Of course as a human, you can choose other objects to make the deal."

"That might be something like relationship, love, happiness or some part of my body… In brief, what I have, whether invisible or substantial objects, it won't be money, right?"

The club leader was astonished by this kid's words again. Perhaps a child at his age might find it easier to accept weird events.

No guidance was needed from the boss, Mo Xiaofei said immediately, "I'll exchange it with my soul! As long as you can provide me a strong power!"

Luo Qiu fell silent for a minute, then asked, "There are many kinds of strong powers. Which one would you like to choose? Money, authority, or pure physical power? There are all regarded as strong powers."

Mo Xiaofei's expression became intense. "I'd like to own the super power that you used to move me just now! It should be something like telekinesis, able to move objects without touching them! But don't lie to me, don't show some small tricks like moving soda cans to deceive me!"

Luo Qiu said stonily, "Customer, if you want to exchange it for your soul, it'll have a time limit."

"In any case, you only want my soul! And I'm willing to offer it but you have to provide me the best one!"

Watching Mo Xiaofei's look filled with rage, Luo Qiu nodded, "I see, the quality of your soul, is obviously not worth only a soda can. Well, we can sign the contract now."

This was probably the fastest transaction Luo Qiu ever finished… Because of Mo Xiaofei's frankness.

Mo Xiaofei looked at the goatskin roll unfolded in front of him, gritting his teeth… 'After signing, I'll own a strong power!'

'Dad, I know you want me to be a strong man that can stand upright!'

'Now, it's my turn to be the man you're proud of… your hero!'

"Is it… done?"

Mo Xiaofei gazed at both his hands in amazement, touching his body. He felt he was at an unprecedented top form. In a flash, he went back to the former alley.

Mo Xiaofei suddenly shook his fist and the garbage bin in the back alley flew out the next second, heading straight towards the dead end.


The whole iron garbage bin transformed instantly, becoming scrap iron. Finally, it left a huge destructive trace leaving on the wall.

Mo Xiaofei looked at his palms, with an overjoyed expression while mumbling, "I have got power… I've got power! Brother Quan… If you dare hurt my families…"

With a deep breath and waving his hand, he turned around and left.

After he left, the club's boss came to this alley along with the servant girl, watching Mo Xiaofei's back.

"It looks as if some new souls will enter the account soon," You Ye said softly near Luo Qiu.

But Luo Qiu muttered, "I developed his brain to give him that ability, which can trigger a human's latent talent… human beings will certainly evolve though this way some day."

Luo Qiu didn't answer her, instead merely moved his mind to give rise to a thought, which made the dustbin returned to its original shape, although many folds could still be seen on its surface.

The garbage had also been returned back into the bin. Even the fallen gravel from the damage on the wall regained as its former appearance as well.

This was Luo Qiu's caring for public property.

After everything had been restored, Luo Qiu touched the wall. This time, he did not speak with You Ye.

He was thinking. It wasn't him that develop Mo Xiaofei's brain or the body swap of Tu Jiaya and her sister. Furthermore, turning the bone marrow to be suitable for Jiang Chu's son which hadn't matched at beginning, was not due to him either.

Yet at the same time, it could be said to be because of him.

One should say those were all the abilities from the club or more likely due to that weird altar. He was just a carrier of this ability. When buyers signed a contract with the seller, the club would realized the buyer's' requirements through Luo Qiu.

However, the way to achieve it was not something that could be determined by him at the current stage.

Such as developing Mo Xiaofei's brain, having him possess some super power that was similar to telekinesis. The price was the excessive consumption of his health, and reduction of his lifespan---the more he used this ability and at a deeper level, the more harmful it will be to his own body.

He used his soul as a transaction fee only to exchange it for an opportunity to develop his brain---As for the side effects due to ceaseless usage, it was not included in the transaction.

The sentence 'It looks as if some new souls will enter the account soon'' meant just that.

This was not the only way to give Mo Xiaofei the telekinesis ability but they chose this simple and relatively crude method to achieve it… Part of the reason was because Mo Xiaofei was ignorant about these consequences and merely longed for the super power…

Yet, this was probably the resolution transferred by the club to this new leader.

'We're not charity organization! Hum!!!'

To rid himself of the heavy atmosphere, Boss Luo imagined those words in a charming tsundere Lolita's tone.

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