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'He came today?'

Luo Dance gazed at Luo Qiu, who was sitting there quietly as usual. She appeared to be absent of mind, counting the remaining lifespan of the uncle and aunt silently.

The aunt had been living for dozens of years. She was not educated but had more worldly wisdom than the young ones. She pulled Luo Dance aside.

The beauty of the bun house from dozen of years ago was speaking to the current beauty of the bun house while holding her hand.

"Dance, tell me the truth, do you have a crush on little Luo Qiu?"

The aunt was waiting to see the shyness of a young girl. Nevertheless, she couldn't have known that the young girl was actually a butterfly monster that had just achieved eclosion. This meant she didn't know what 'have a crush on' meant.

"Why should I have a crush on him?" Luo Dance blinked her eyes.

Disbelief could be seen on the aunt's face. She was very confident in her numerous years of experience. "No? Then why did you peek at him the whole morning?"

Luo Dance didn't know what to say, neither did she know how to handle the situation. She had no choice but to shake her head, "Aunt, it's not like that."

The aunt blinked her cloudy eyes, as if she had seen through everything. She felt this girl was pitiful. She had lost her memory and didn't even know her origins. Therefore, she might have no idea about what kind of person she liked. Hence, the aunt said, "Young one, you have been sneaking glances at him all day. This isn't false, right?"

'That's because I don't know what the boss of that weird club will do.'

However, Luo Dance still nodded.

The aunt added, "Then, when your gaze meet his, do you feel nervous?"

Luo Dance searched through her thoughts for a while before nodding subconsciously. She felt a different feeling when their gazes meet each other… It was like the feeling she felt when she was very young and saw the huge monsters passing by her. However, it was slightly different… this feeling was scarier.

"Are there butterflies in your stomach?" The aunt asked her step by step.

Luo Dance considered for a while before nodding.

"And you will be afraid that little Luo Qiu's will notice your glances! Right?" The aunt inquired with a smile.

As to this part, Luo Dance nodded seriously.

The aunt then patted Luo Dance's hand before stating the conclusion. "That's it! That means you like him!"

"…I like him??"

The aunt asked slowly, "Another question, did you feel happy when you brought back several boxes of milk last time?"

Luo Dance nodded, she was definitely happy because she didn't have to starve.

"You said the milk was from little Luo Qiu, right?"

She nodded.

"So you're actually happy right?" The aunt said.

Luo Dance felt something wasn't right. Those were paid by Huang Chengyin, it was just that before they left, Luo Qiu had said 'If it's not enough, take more'. This was the reason she dared to accept more. Therefore to a certain extent, the milk was gifted by Luo Qiu… The young butterfly monster felt that there was some confusion regarding this issue.

Anyway, she was happy in the end. So she nodded again.

The aunt didn't intend to stop her questions, "Do you hope that he will give something else to you?"

With this, a look of expectancy appeared on the young monster's face… she did look forward to getting more milk and honey.

"Do you think he's special, totally different from others?"

Luo Dance admitted this issue rather quickly.

"That's it!" The aunt smiled happily. "You always peek at him, feeling afraid if he found out. And butterflies in your stomach, while thinking he's the most special person, and sometimes want to receive gifts from him! Those all mean you like him!"

Luo Dance eyes opened wide. "I, I like him?"

The aunt said slightly, "Girl, don't be shy. I have gone through that period too! When I was young, I had the same feelings you had when I was with Old Chen. You might not want to admit it but that's definitely what you feel!"

Luo Dance wanted to say something else but the aunt wished for the pure girl to be happy, so she gave her some sincere words and earnest wishes. "Girl, what do you think of me? Do you trust me?"

Luo Dance nodded.

The aunt consoled her, "Believe me, you can't go wrong! You definitely like him! I've lived all my life, it's easy to see through young people's emotions."

Luo Dance shook her head. Like forest monsters, the older they were, the more intelligent they were. For instance, the grandfather tree monster, who had died of environment pollution, was a respectful senior. He said, 'Having an aged senior in the family is like having a treasure. If you're confused, it's better to listen to the seniors. Because they're more experienced and knowledgeable than those ignorant little guys.'

Humans… were probably the same.

The little monster looked through the window, watching at the quiet and lonely person. 'Is this… the 'like' that humans always mentioned?'

"Aunt, What should I do?"

"Don't worry! I'll help you!"

The aunt, with smooth movements, took out a steaming basket filled with dim sum from the steamer outside the door and passed it to Luo Dance, "First, you should have more contact with each other! It used to be that a boy should chase after a girl; however, times have changed. a girl can act more daringly and pursue a boy!"

Luo Dance looked at the basket and was at a loss of what to do. At that moment, the aunt pushed her back. "Go to him! Be brave! If you like him, speak it out loud! Have him know you are fond of him! Express your feelings with actions! Or even say it out!"

'Is that really true? But the grandpa tree monster said some similar words as well.'

Monsters are monsters. They should adore nature, and stay true to their heart. If you were keen on him, tell him directly. Your butterfly tribe is almost extinct, so it would be better to reproduce quickly…

Luo Qiu was counting down the time.

He merely intended to be with Old Chen during his final moments.

As he was turning the New Testament in his hand, Luo Dance suddenly rush towards him in a fluster. Luo Qiu raised his head and found that the young butterfly monster was holding a steaming basket while standing in front of him. It seemed she was at a loss of what to do next.

"Something the matter?"

Luo Dance glanced back at the aunt whom at hidden herself to spy on them. All she could do was placing the steaming basket in front of him. "For, for you."

"I didn't order this." Luo Qiu gave a start.

Looking at her uncomfortable behaviour, Luo Qiu naturally discovered the hiding aunt. Before he realized what happened, the butterfly monster took on the attitude of a dying warrior and shouted at him.

"I…I like you!!"

The event was probably too much for Luo Qiu's psychological endurance to handle. In that moment of inattentiveness, the New Testament in his hand fell to the floor.


At the same time, the whole dining room was shocked. The aunt standing outside opened her mouth wide, with a miserable look on her face. She felt too embarrassed to watch any more.

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