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The laboratory rat suddenly became still after a series of frenzied actions. It then fell over, looking like it won't survive for long.

You Ye said while pondering, "It can't bear it and the extent of frenziness is stronger than last time."

Luo Qiu knitted his brows. "This drug… could make humans go crazy."

You Ye said, "Yet some other substances in it may restrain this effect. Besides, if one doesn't use it massively in a long period, this worst situation probably would not happen. This might because the person who produced it considered its real side effect or that the maker added the restraining substances intentionally… Well, of course only the creator knows the real reason."

Luo Qiu looked at You Ye, "Lin Geng should have fainted. It was different from this, right?"

As for the best way to deal with Lin Geng, Luo Qiu left that task to You Ye---he thought You Ye would do better than him.

As to the reason…

It was obvious. Boss Luo didn't think he---the new club boss would be any match, compared to the 300-year-experienced Ms Puppet, in both knowledge and the ability to handle problems.

He just stayed there for a while. Once he felt the sisters were almost done with pouring out each others' feelings to one another, he returned in light of the estimated time, then only listened to how You Ye's handled Lin Geng.

"Yes, because what he used is just common heroin." You Ye said. "Considering that there is a small probability of going crazy, we didn't choose the new products. Besides, we don't want to get too involved, even though it can't be considered as trouble. Now, if Lin Geng wakes up, he will just be a vegetable and can't move, which is the retribution he deserves. In addition, The police have 'successfully' found some evidence revealing that certain improper means have been used by the Heaven's Shadow Entertainment. Reaping what he sowed and losing all his reputation, I think the Tu sisters will be satisfied with this result."

Luo Qiu nodded, but still felt curious, "Oh by the way, how did you find the difference between these and the common drugs?"

You Ye winked, "We've done something similar before and obtained several formulas from some big drug traffickers; therefore, we know quite a lot about the common drugs. I only planned to research this drug because I felt there was a difference. And as to the punishment to Lin Geng, it won't be changed even if replacing the drugs…Is there anything wrong, master?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, thinking at the same time, "We might come into contact with these people, thus it's not bad to know and get used to it early."

He suddenly remembered faintly sensing the aura of a Black Soul this morning so he asked, "By the way, except for No.9, where are the other Black Soul Envoys? I remember that you said they are sent to every corner of the world, so some may not come back so quickly. However, some time have passed, some of them should have been come back already."

Luo Qiu also remembered that he already said that he wanted to meet all the Black Soul Envoys.

You Ye said, "There are 21 Black Soul Envoys, yet all of them are on vacation except for No.3, No.9, No. 18 and No.77. No.77 is attracting a super high-quality customer with all his strength. No.1 and No.18 are not available at the moment. Nonetheless, if master longs to meet them, I'll wake up all the others that are all on vacation."

"on vacation?"

"Yes, Black Soul Envoys are eligible to use their accumulated achievements to ignore their Black Soul Identities and enter society as human beings, enjoying their lives. The length of time depends on their achievements." You Ye glanced at Luo Qiu, saying, "Their vacations have been approved by the former boss."

The reason Black Soul Envoys kept seeking out potential customers and fighting for their targets during their whole life was so that they'd be able to achieve freedom after getting enough achievements some day later. However, this goal seemed too much distant and illusionary. Therefore, the vacation system had been created.

Most envoys realized their vacations were a waste of their achievements but still felt gave it up willingly…

The long-term goals seemed impossible to come true but for short-term goals, despite it being only several years or a dozen years… but they would have friends, a spouse, even families, able to enjoy life like common people.

"No need." Luo Qiu shook his head, "Let's talk about that after their vacations. Well… seems like a new customer coming."

Mo Xiaofei lowered his head while body trembled.

Not far away from the school, there were always some students extorting him for money. Today, the situation was the same.

Besides those familiar faces, another guy came today. He seemed to be in his twenties, wearing a small singlet, with blond hair and a cigarette in his mouth.

In Mo Xiaofei's eyes, these kind of people were unemployed youths. Or more bluntly, gangsters and street hooligans.

Yet, he dared not to speak out these words.

"Is he the guy?"

Blondie sized Mo Xiaofei up and down.

A student near him who was wearing his school uniform with a national style added right away, "Yes, Brother Quan! This brat is very obedient, without any special background. His mother is an ordinary female worker, and father is a cripple."

Mo Xiaofei felt agitated and said, "Dare you say that again?!"

However, just after he exploded, the very next second, Mo Xiofei was pushed against the wall by another student. He tried to hit back but was too weak. Then, stomach was struck by a fist by his opponent. It was so painful that he almost retched.

Blondie said, "Seems like he isn't that obedient."

The student beside him explained, "It's not because of that. If we don't mention his father, he's always well-behaved… But I like to say that to tease him."

"Hahaha, you're too mean, but I like it." Blondie laughed out loud, grasping Mo Xiaofei's collar and lifted him up, "You're Mo Xiaofei right?"

Brother Quan patted Mo Xiaofei's cheek, giving him a sneer, "I didn't find you for anything in particular today, except to tell you that this place under my watch. Obediently listen to my words when you see me next time. And I have something for you to do. You'd better be here before 8 this evening."

"What are you going to do?" Mo Xiaofei was scared.

Brother Quan pinched Mo Xiaofei's chin, "You don't have to worry about it now. Anyway, remember, be here on time. And listen, it's easy for me to ask around for where your live… imagine the consequences."

With this, Brother Quan let go Mo Xiaofei's collar and tidied up his own clothes, laughing scornfully. "Now some f*ckin stupid students think that it'll be useful to tell the school or call the police. But what about the result? We are betting our lives everyday, so what are a few days of jail time? On the other hand, what about you guys? It might be rather unfortunate?"

Mo Xiaofei's face turned slightly pale due to the threat.

"Be here on time."

Brother Quan spoke out the words coolly, then left with the wrinkled cigarette.

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