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Black Soul No.18 felt an unprecedented thrill. It also felt strong ill intentions from the club's head stewardess.

Black Soul No.18 even fell into deep thought, wondering if he had offended Miss You Ye in ways he didn't realize.

If not… What the hell was this!!

No.18 dared not move. It was the home of the target who needed to be protected.

This was also the new master's home. However, he had to pretend that he couldn't see or hear anything.

Just like that, Black Soul No.18 squatted outside the entrance door like a door-god, merely observing the lift going up and down.

"Don't just stop at the basement floor! Come up quickly!"

Were there any other black souls nearby?

It did not seem to be so. After a further check, it seemed to have left. As he had just woke up, Luo Qiu gazed at the ceiling in a daze.

Luo Qiu still got up on time despite thinking about this question.

Breakfast had been laid out on the dining table. Ren Ziling had woke up early. At this moment, she was focusing on the morning news while having the bread and milk.

"Early this morning, according to the reports of the Chaoyun masses①, the Chaoyun police have caught a man surnamed Lin on accounts of drug consumption and drug possession in a deluxe apartment at Mashan Road Neighborhoods. The police spokesperson announced that Mr. Lin was the legal representative of some entertainment company and was found with a massive amount of drugs at his home. Mr. Lin has been in a coma due to his drug abuse… This event is under further investigation…"

You Ye said, that it would be unlikely for him to wake up. Even if he woke up, all he could do was move his eyelids and lay in bed…

Tu Jiaqing hoped that Lin Geng would be punished for his crimes.

This was probably the end for him.

At this time, while Luo Qiu was pouring water, he heard Ren Ziling whisper seriously, "That makes no sense… Why is it again from the Chaoyun Mass? Why do I never get any wind of this? Why is it the Chaoyun Mass that always manages to catch those drug addicts and criminals? And what the hell is with that "man surnamed Lin"? It's obviously Lin Geng. And it was I who investigate him first!!"

Luo Qiu sat down, showing an innocent expression, "Do you know him?"

Ren Ziling replied absently, "He's the boss of Heaven's Shadow, someone that always shows on the headlines."

She picked up the phone, "Don't know about Jiaya's situation… still can't get through?"

Luo Qiu… changed the subject, "It's time for work."

"F*ck! I'll be late!" Ren Ziling shouted after checking the time, then she hurried to prepare in her disorderly manner just like usual.

"Have you get all you need? I won't send anything to your office again," Luo Qiu said unemotionally.

Ren Ziling paused a moment, she walked over to Luo Qiu suddenly before sniffing at his clothes for a second, then put her arm over his shoulder, "Brat, take her back home for dinner when she's free."

"…" Luo Qiu showed a blank expression as he didn't understand her words.

"Yeah, that's it. Don't forget it!" Ren Ziling clapped Luo Qiu on his shoulder and pinched his face, "My son is always the most handsome boy!"

"… You are going to be late."

Boss Luo skipped classes today. Whether he attended classes or not, as long as he could pass the final exam, then he would get enough credit points.

However, he didn't head back to the club immediately. Instead, he locked onto You Ye's location and arrived in a dry room filled with all sorts of instruments and vessels.

It was likely to be a laboratory or a testing site. Several people were dressed in white gowns. They seemed to be fast asleep on the table. Only You Ye was in action.

There was also the slight sound of dripping---from the activated high-pressure liquid chromatograph.

The servant girl wore the same white coat as those guys. Her hair coiled along with a pair of black frame glasses on her face.

When Luo Qiu arrived, You Ye was shaking a test tube in her hand.

"Where is this?"

"I didn't want to waste a lot of time waiting for the purchased equipment to arrived; therefore, I borrowed this pharmaceutical factory's laboratory."

You Ye put the test tube into the holder, standing with putting both hands together.

Though she dressed differed, but still acted as a servant girl.

"What purchase?"

"Well, there is an exclusive laboratory in Russia; nevertheless, it'll be hard to move it here." You Ye said.

Luo Qiu was shocked. "What's this laboratory for?"

You Ye smiled. "An interest of mine. But if Master doesn't like it, You Ye can seal it."

Luo Qiu shook his head. "No need."

It must be for killing time during this long period. Luo Qiu added, "Let me see it later… By the way, is there anything for you to call me here?"

You Ye gestured for Luo Qiu to come to her side. "Master, I did an analysis on the items found in Lin Geng's home."

Luo Qiu was astounded. "Those drugs should be heroin or crystal meth, etc."

You Ye nodded. "Yes, those are what common people can get access to the 'market'. However, those will leave great damage on people. There is a need to develop some new products that can lower the risk while giving even more pleasant sensations for those few people who can't resist the euphoria from drugs… Of course, people will have more dependence on new ones."

Luo Qiu nodded. He felt he had gained more knowledge. He then raised a further question. "You mean, what Lin Geng used is a new drug?"

You Ye said, "I came here to experiment after sending the sisters away last night. Lin Geng has two kinds of drugs. One is for controlling the artists in his company, such as the one Tu Jiaya got addicted to, which is considered a mixed type. It has been synthesized by adding some stimulants and crystal meth through a simple method. A little time is needed before the recipe can be found… But it's not difficult to achieve it. As to what Lin Geng uses himself, it is probably not an item that can be confected by a common drug dealer."

"What do you mean?"

"As for the other one, it contains very little methamphetamine, the rest are all unknown substances." You Ye shook her head, "It's still in analysis… However, it's clear that they are not the usual materials for producing drugs. In addition, when it's injected into the blood vessel, it combines quickly with the blood, and releases a special hormone, which can stimulate the parietal lobe of the brain directly…"

Luo Qiu tried to understand what she was talking about but he failed. Therefore, You Ye stopped talking and gave him a smile. "In general, it's something that can make people smarter and feel energetic after using it. But seems it'll erode the mentality of the user as a side effect."

Was it a drug that made people intelligent?

"What if it is overused?" Luo Qiu asked suddenly.

You Ye pointed at a mouse in a glass box nearby, "I've extracted the main part of the drug that was found in Lin Geng's home and injected it into the mouse several times."

With this, You Ye took out a tube of blood from a fridge at the side. She opened the box and poured the blood into it.

Nothing happened to the mouse first. However, its eyes soon turned red. Its claws and teeth grew at an alarming rate. Then its whole body instantly pounced on the puddle of blood.

Chaoyun (朝云)Mass---It comes from a word mentioned in mandarin media's reports---Chaoyang(朝阳) Mass. There's a district called Chaoyang District in Beijing. Many artists are always found to be taking drugs in that area. They were finally caught due to tips reported by the residents that live in the Chaoyang District. Therefore, this writer made up a similar name to describe these people who have a strong sense of justice and always fought against corrupt powers.

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