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Chapter 675: 675

Volume 9 – Chapter 63: Superpower
It had been almost a day since the target suddenly disappeared, and she was nowhere to be found .

This man, who was known as the young master, was in a luxurious hotel suite at this time . He opened the curtains and looked at the scene of a quarter of the city .

The subordinates, whom he dispatched, hadn’t come back yet; they wouldn’t return before there was any news .

In the fierce battle with that strange human woman with white hair, this young master used the power of the Yin Greedy Wolf to gain an upper hand… Of course, if it weren’t for the dozen of subordinates who sacrificed themselves to hold her off, the ending would probably be rewritten .

“It’s not China’s Taoism…which side is she from?”

“I care more about something in this city than her . ”

Another voice different from the young master sounded in this room . The Yin Greedy Wolf attached to the young master like a shadow . At this time, a dark matter gushed out from behind the young master .

It looked like a werewolf with a half body, and only those scarlet eyes could be seen . This werewolf-like black shadow was much larger than the young master .

The young master frowned, “You mean the True Dragon of China?”

“No, our clan has no grudges with the True Dragon . I’m talking about… Greedy Wolf Star . ” The werewolf shadow said calmly, “Don’t you feel it yet? That trembling feeling from your bloodline? Although it is very weak, I can be sure that the real Greedy Wolf Star of the Greedy Wolf Clan must be nearby . ”

The young master’s gaze looked a little complicated, and he murmured, “The real… Greedy Wolf Star . ”

Then Yin Greedy Wolf suddenly laughed strangely at this time, “Are you afraid? Yin Greedy Wolf is born for Greedy Wolf… Once the current Greedy Wolf Star chooses to devour the Yin Greedy Wolf… hehehe . ”

“Yin Greedy Wolf, you talk too much . ” The young master said calmly, “Since this is my destiny, I will accept it calmly . As long as Greedy Wolf Star can return to my clan, even if I have to…”

The door of the hotel suite suddenly opened at this moment, and a man with thick eyebrows and big eyes in weird clothes walked in quickly . Before this, Yin Greedy Wolf in the young master had already returned to his body .

“Young master, I have found the trace of the white-haired woman!”

“Let’s go . ” The young master’s purple pupils flashed with ruthlessness . He swung his sleeve and walked out of the hotel suite first… The secret treasure of the clan must be retrieved!

It seemed that Nero bought these protection times just to be able to wander around in this city .

Nero didn’t do anything particularly amazing . She was like an ordinary woman who lived in the city, doing those normal things to pass the time .

After coming out of the game hall, Nero spent two hours walking around a mall; she was just window shopping .

Luo Qiu curiously asked why she didn’t buy it .

She simply replied: Because I can’t take it away .

Then she pointed at her forehead, smiled and said: But if it is here, I can take it away .

With less than three minutes left, the two came to a riverside park built by the river . At this time, Nero was buying two ice cream bars from the ice cream shop in the park .

Nero was looking at the two ice creams; she seemed a bit difficult to choose .

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat . ” Boss Luo said calmly .

Nero gave out the one she was holding on her left hand, and she said with a serious face, “Boss, this one is smaller, yours . ”

Instead of licking with her tongue, Nero just put the ice cream ball to her lips and sucked it . Her eating speed was still quick .

It was just that these cold food and hot food were essentially different .

“Wah… it’s so cold!” Nero slapped her forehead, “Boss, you don’t like this taste? Why you just eat a little bit? If you don’t eat it quickly, it will melt away . ”

Luo Qiu said at this time, “Ms . Nero…time is up . ”

“Just walk with me a little longer . ” Nero walked in front . “You don’t need to protect me . Just walking through this place . It won’t waste much of your time right, boss? I’m at least a regular customer, you will at least give me this little present right? ”

“Of course . ” Luo Qiu smiled and followed .

The two were walking slowly along the green passage near the river . Nero suddenly asked, “Boss, when did you become this boss… Uhm, don’t say anything first, let me guess! Before I came out, I have obtained some information from the clubhouse . there are rumors that your shop existed earlier than the few old freaks in the clubhouse… Then, 500 years ago?

Luo Qiu shook his head .

“Six hundred years?”

The boss still shook his head .

“Could it be… a thousand years ago?” Nero looked at Luo Qiu with a weird look, “So you are the real old freak?”

Nero’s question had some secrets about the store . If he really wanted to be frank, it would reveal the two different bosses . Luo Qiu did not intend to disclose at all . At least until Nero was willing to purchase this information .

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“Forget it, it feels impossible to guess . ”

Nero shook her head, then she turned to look at the place where the river flows, “Boss, you said that after you gained superpower, your view of the world changed right? I don’t doubt the ability that you sell in your shop . As long as the customers can afford it, you can do anything . Which means, boss you can do anything… at least I think so .

She stepped on the stone pier of the railing by the river as if to keep her sight further away, “Then… what kind of feeling will you have?”

“Why do you ask so?” Luo Qiu asked curiously .

“I’m just curious . ” Nero said calmly, “I also have superpower . I originally thought this world would be like this . Since I got the Yama Blade (previously translated as Yama Knife [1]), things have become very boring… This world is already boring enough for me . So for you, boss, how unbearable is this boring?”

“That’s why you like to prank?” Luo Qiu asked without answering her question .

“Besides that, I have other reasons… Do you know why?” Nero suddenly turned around .

She stood on the stone pier, bent down slightly and looked down with her hands behind her back, “If you want to know, I can tell you, but what are you going to buy my answer with?”

Luo Qiu said lightly, “Doesn’t Ms . Nero hate businessmen?”

“That’s why it’s necessary to bargain . ” Nero narrowed her eyes .

The Divine General with the Yama Blade, whom Luo Qiu was familiar with, had returned . At this moment, she was no longer the ordinary girl walking in the city, but she with superpower .

Nero stretched out her palm, and the Yama Blade that merged with her body slowly emerged from her palm . She spun her shoulders, then stretched her waist, “Well… I have enough rest, and I’m full, then I’m going to have a big fight . Boss, you want to watch the fight?”

Luo Qiu looked in a certain direction… This direction, if the words of the demon beast clan, there were several powerful demon beast qi approaching quickly .

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He looked at Nero and asked, “Need help?”

Nero shrugged and said, “I don’t have anything to pay now . Boss, you say this at this time, are you a profiteer? You really want me to sell myself to you?”

“Then I will watch the fight . ” Luo Qiu smiled slightly .

Nero jumped off the stone pier and walked by Boss Luo, but when she was about to walk pass, she stopped suddenly .

Luo Qiu showed a puzzled expression .

Nero smirked . She quickly grabbed the unfinished ice cream in Boss Luo’s hand and swallowed it directly .

She was still eating too quickly .

So she patted her forehead again and walked forward, then she looked back and said, “It’s still better for me to finish it myself . In fact, I can’t bear to give it out~”

She jumped into the sky and went far away .

Luo Qiu casually found a bench in the park and sat down . There is no one nearby, then I’ll watch the fight here .

Nero’s perspective… switched .

[1] We looked through the raw of Chapter 456: An Unknown Evolution, the raw text description was actually 太刀[Tachi]

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