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Chapter 682: 682
Volume 9 – Chapter 68: Panic (Part 2)

It could be the angel’s whispers while, at the same time, the devil’s whispers .

When Hou Chen Yuhan came back to her senses, there were still passers-by rushing home after getting off work .

Everyone hurried because they had a set destination . Hou Chen Yuhan found that she suddenly couldn’t remember what the mysterious boss looked like .

Hou Chen Yuhan took out the phone subconsciously and hesitated for a moment .

Hou Chen Yuhan: Do you have to work overtime tonight?

Husband: I just finished the meeting at Shao Fei’s company . I’m heading back to the company soon . If it goes well, I should be able to come back early . Any problems?

I just ran into…

But she quickly deleted these words and instead typed these out: Then, we will talk after you come back .

Husband: If it’s too late, don’t wait for me .

Hou Chen Yuhan did not respond to this sentence .

When the elevator came to the lobby, Zhu Maolin waited for a while but did not receive his wife’s text reply . He shook his head, remembering what Shao Fei had told him .

So he typed: Shao Fei invited us to have a family gathering .

But, he also quickly deleted these words and finally did not send any text messages out .  I should head back to the office .  He convinced himself .

Zhu Maolin drove back to the company . He stopped for a while in the middle of his journey, planning to buy something for dinner and continue to work overtime . For him, food was merely something to satisfy his hunger .


An embarrassed figure suddenly knocked on Zhu Maolin . At the same time, there was a man with murderous eyes . Right now, Zhu Maolin met this man’s gaze . He felt like being stared at by a lion .

“Help me… please . ”

It should be a woman . At this moment, she was hiding behind him . Zhu Maolin frowned . He was not particularly a righteous person . He was not willing to involve himself in trouble just because the other party was a woman, especially in the case where he didn’t know who was right and who was wrong .

Zhu Maolin subconsciously looked at the panicked woman hiding behind him, and then he was taken aback, “It is you . ”

It was… that new model Little Lu .

“Ah…Manager Zhu!” Little Lu smiled at this moment as if she had encountered a lifesaver, “Manager Zhu, help me . This guy is a bad guy!”

You’re the bad guy, okay… Dazhe didn’t know where to start complaining, but at any rate, it was just his true character, so the act was still permissible .

“Hey! Brother, you better not be nosy . ” Dazhe’s voice was calm, but it sounded like a cold saber, “This woman owed us a lot of money… You know what to do, right?”

Zhu Maolin frowned . He recently heard that many students at school, especially female students, would do some absurd things, such as using nudes for loans .

The model circle was chaotic . There were good and bad girls intermingled in the circle . Although he had a chance to cooperate with Little Lu, he didn’t have much contact with her . He wasn’t sure whether she was hiding something under the pure and innocent appearance .

“Since it is a financial dispute, it is not convenient for me to intervene . ” Zhu Maolin shook his head, “Besides, I am not familiar with you either . ”

“Have you heard that right!? He is not interested in you!” Dazhe snorted, walked up, quickly reached out, and grabbed Little Lu’s arm . He dragged her forcefully and said to Zhu Maolin, “Brother, just go away . I don’t want to cause trouble either . ”

“Let go of me! What are you doing! Let go! Who allowed you to touch me! Let go of me!” Little Lu’ screamed in horror at this time .

Her face turned pale all at once, with her whole body trembling .

Looking at the appearance of “Little Lu” at this time, Dazhe felt that if he hadn’t known what was going on, he would believe her .

Sister Number 18 . It’s a waste that your acting doesn’t get you an Oscar award .

“Let go… let me go!”

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There is no need to be so violent… Dazhe frowned, but it seemed that Zhu Maolin had no intention of ​​intervening at all . The plan failed utterly .

Dazhe had no choice but to sneer and said, “Hmph, blame your gambling dad who doesn’t have a good memory! The child pays the father’s debt . Since your gambling-addicted dad ran away, you must pay the debt! Do you think you can run away too?”

“Let go . Let me go! Don’t touch me!”

But, Dazhe seemed inaudible, pulling her along the way abruptly .

“Let her go . ” Zhu Maolin suddenly grabbed Dazhe’s arm and said calmly, “Otherwise, I will call the police . ”

“Huh? You just said that you don’t want to be part of this . Are you asking for trouble?” Dazhe sneered and stared at Zhu Maolin, “Brother, it is simple if we want to do something to you!”

Zhu Maolin said calmly, “Even if it weren’t me, there would be someone else with a strong sense of justice who couldn’t see eye to eye to this . If she made a lot of noise along the way, you would face a lot of trouble . Besides, if it’s just a matter of money, why not use other methods?”

Dazhe continued to sneer, “So, are you planning to pay her debt?”

Zhu Maolin shook his head, “I don’t plan to do this . She can pay back the money by herself . No one else should intervene . ”

Dazhe was taken aback, frowned, and snorted coldly, “If she can pay back the money, she won’t run away in the sight of us! She simply denies the debt!”

Zhu Maolin said indifferently, “She may not be able to pay back now, but it won’t be in the future . Aren’t you just looking for money? There’s no need to push her too hard . Give her some time . I believe she can pay you back and cut ties with you . What good is it for you to push her so hard? Brother, you can’t stay on the streets for too long if you’re too ruthless . ”

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Dazhe sneered . He grabbed Zhu Maolin’s collar all of a sudden, pulling Maolin in front of him, “Aren’t you quite brave, hero? You dare to speak to me like this?”

However, Zhu Maolin appeared calm as he faced Dazhe’s gaze .

Dazhe’s gaze swept across Zhu Maolin’s collar that was opened up due to the harsh pulling . Dazhe saw something under his neck .

If he was not mistaken, it was a tattoo, not the kind of petty ones that young men and women got tattooed for each other .

Generally speaking, this was something that people got after mingling in the underworld .

“So, you are from the streets too?” Dazhe said abruptly at this time .

Zhu Maolin said indifferently, “Let go of me . I don’t want trouble either . She can pay back the money . As long as you give her time, she can find a job and pay it off . Don’t push people to a dead end . It doesn’t serve well for anyone . ”

Dazhe patted Zhu Maolin hard on the chest twice, “Okay, I’ll give you face this time, but it won’t end just like that . If she pays back the money, things are settled . Otherwise, I will kick you off the street no matter your backer is!”

“Fine, he is gone already . ” Zhu Maolin sighed, looked at Little Lu, and said, “You should go home too . ”

But seeing Little Lu squatting on the ground at this time, shrinking, still panicking, Zhu Maolin frowned and patted Little Lu on the shoulder, “Are you okay? Are you injured?”

“No… don’t touch me!” She panicked even more .

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