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In the hospital.

Jiang Chu was sitting silently in his office with a heavy heart. Meanwhile, another woman was with him.

This was his ex-wife.

"Jiang Chu, tell me the truth, what's wrong with our child?"

Jiang Chu said dejectedly, "His body is showing symptoms of rejection ."

The woman's face turned pale. "Rejection? How come… but you said you've found a bone marrow that matched him, only then did I consent to the operation! Now you say, there are signs of rejection?"

Jiang Chu was very agitated right then as well. "Do you know how hard it is to find a suitable match for our son? I've focused all my efforts on searching for one…but it still failed!"

"Then…what now? Can the rejection be controlled?"

Jiang Chu shook his head, "I cannot answer this question…it depends on how serious the rejection is. We'll know the situation after receiving a more detailed analysis report. Anyway, I won't let anything happened to our child… Go see our child, I need to a moment of peace."

After his ex-wife left, Jiang Chu leaned against the chair, gazing at the ceiling in a trance.

"How could this be… Why?"

Not only did he get diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's disease, his son could go into critical condition any time as well.

Jiang Chu closed his eyes painfully.

Now, it was as if he saw the wishful look and the pale face of the little girl lying in the sickbed. Tormented with the illness, she was still waiting for his operation.

The two kept intertwining with each other in his head, just like a spiral. Jiang Chu felt as if he had dropped into an abyss.

He opened his eyes suddenly; cold sweat beaded his forehead. Only then did he realize that he had fallen asleep due to exhaustion.

Luo Qiu first cursed the person who invented the locating function on cell phones.

Nevertheless, he still sent his location to Ren Ziling's cellphone. He guessed she would appear nearby in a short while.

At the so-called part-time job location.

Generally speaking, it was normal for university students to have a part-time job. Ren Ziling wouldn't be opposed to it. However, she still worried that he'd been working in some illegal places.

To avoid Ren Ziling's nagging about going home late, Luo Qiu decided to work…for only one evening.

He had to carefully select the appropriate workplace.

It should be a place that Ren Ziling rarely go to or never been to and one that she wouldn't come again after this time.

Furthermore, the job should be common and easily found by a university student.

"Tutor, is this alright?"

"Let me see…"

Right, the job that didn't need him to face many people, matched his personality, and did not need many other actors was---A tutor!

It was very easy. Should he let You Ye find and hypnotize a mother-son pair? Father-daughter pair? Mother-daughter pair… anyone was fine. As long as they were at the age that required a tutor and could afford the payment.

However, he didn't know if You Ye had a preference for beauty.

Luo Qiu was now tutoring a high school girl…in Grade 10.

Wasn't this a little too well-developed? The current high school girls were…

As for her parent, she was a woman who looked well-educated and a model of propriety.

She sure maintained her beauty very well…just like a beautiful siren?

But when he thought of the fact that these two were innocents that were forced to coordinate with his play, furthermore without pay, Luo Qiu at least still hoped to properly teach this high school girl in return.

Even though he had no idea how helpful this once off tutoring would be, nevertheless, he was still willing to solve several questions.

The place he chose was a quiet western restaurant near the shopping district. A seat near the window was taken.

"He really was tutoring students…" Ren Ziling said while biting into a hamburger and sipping cola.

She had stood there and observed for more than ten minutes.

She was happy that Luo Qiu had been tutoring students, but…

"This girl is really well developed… and how did her mother maintain her beauty so well…like a beautiful siren? Is she the kind that would eat up younger men?"

Subeditor Ren was good at thinking, she also had a ridiculous imagination.

She fiercely sucked a mouthful of cola, still unable to reign in her imagination. "Are they…a MD (Mother and Daughter) honey trap?"

The scene where Luo Qiu had his left arm draped around the young lovely daughter while hugging her beautiful mother in his right arm flashed across her mind. Ren Ziling felt that this situation was awful!

Definitely not allowed to happen!

Subeditor Ren threw the leftover hamburger and cola into the garbage bin, before rushing into the western restaurant in a hurry.

Ren Ziling's sudden dash into the café was beyond Luo Qiu's expectations. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

"Who is this lady?"

The girl's mother looked at the woman who suddenly appeared, asking Luo Qiu curiously.

Just as Luo Qiu was about to explain, Ren Ziling gave a wide smile. "Hello! I'm Luo Qiu's elder sister, call me Ziling. I just finished work and heard my brother was tutoring a student, so I dropped by to take him back home… Well, I hope I didn't disturb you guys?"

"That's alright." The girl's mother smiled gracefully, taking out a pack of tissue and pulling one piece out to pass to Ren Ziling.

Ren Ziling gave a start, while Luo Qiu pointed at his mouth impatiently.

Ren Ziling touched her mouth… My god! There was still sauce from the hamburger sticking on her face.

No wonder the staff gave her a weird look when she came in.

"Thank, thank you…" Ren Ziling smiled awkwardly and wiped off the sauce on her face.

"Well…that's all for today, time is almost up." The girl's mother smiled faintly and stood up. "Tutor Luo, we can continue next time."

There should not be a next time.

However, Luo Qiu still nodded.

The girl's mother said, "We won't disturb you two. Pinting, say goodbye to them."

The girl's name was Pinting… Luo Qiu didn't know it till now.

"Goodbye, Tutor Luo, and bye, big sister." The girl said politely.

Luo Qiu let out a sigh after they left, then said with a little anger, "I thought you were supposed to just look from outside. And what the hell is with the older sister?"

Ren Ziling poured out her grievance, "All I did was for your sake! What would others think about you if they knew your mother was so young and beautiful?"

Luo Qiu sighed again. "It's good to be confident, but can you wipe your mouth after eating? And, can you try not to add mayonnaise when you eat hamburgers?"

Ren Ziling opened her eyes wide, "What are you talking about? Filthy!"

"…" Luo Qiu skipped this subject. "Are you full now?"

"So so…" Ren Ziling touched her belly.

Luo Qiu shook his head, and called the waiter over, ordering a seafood spaghetti and a portion of fruit salad. He calmly added, "It's healthier to eat something light in the evening."

Ren Ziling planted a kiss on Luo Qiu's face without thinking, "Good boy! You're the one that's like a mother!"

Luo Qiu wiped his face, then moved to the end of the booth, leaning against the window. He then proceeded to take out the 'Origins of Blue and White Porcelain' and started reading without saying any other words.

Seeing that Luo Qiu was behaving the same as usual, Ren Ziling realized her fears were all for naught.

She started enjoying the cuisine served by the waiter.

An extraordinary beauty that looked like a model passed by the mother and daughter pair quietly. Due to her beauty, the two of them glanced at her a few more times.

When they came back to their senses, the girl's mother shuddered as the night wind blew over her. She said absent-mindedly, "Weird… where is this?"

Ji Pinting gazed at her mother wonderingly.

Right then, a black card flew under the night sky, silently slipping into the handbag of Ji Pinting's mother.

"Let's go back."


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