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Several police vehicles and 3 prison vans had arrived at the tea house which was cordoned off. Two policemen were keeping guard at the entrance; their hands behind backs.

This was the situation several hours after that incident.

"These journalists are like flies." Officer Ma frowned as he looked at those journalists outside who were continuously pressing the shutters of their cameras.

The inconceivable thing was their intelligence network. It was even better than that of the police.

"So, I'm with the flies?"

A dissatisfied voice sounded behind Officer Ma. He turned around, His stern face looked even more ferocious due to the fierce scar he had obtained while handling an old case. All of a sudden, it turned glum as he recognized the person that spoke those ironic words.

It was a very beautiful woman.

"That's not what I mean…"

"Tut." Ren Ziling expressed her disapproval.

Officer Ma had to smile in embarrassment.

Ma's subordinates were all shocked by his gentle tone; totally different from his usual fiery temper. This was this year's biggest news!

Did Officer Ma have a crush on this beautiful lady?

"Stop letting your thoughts run wild! She is the widow of Officer Ma's elder brother [1]! Ma treats her as respectfully as he treated his elder brother!"

"A widow? My god… At this age?"

"Mind your own business! Be polite to her when questioning later! Or you'll suffer back at police station! If you offend Officer Ma, he'll quarrel with you at most! But if you offend this woman, she won't say anything, instead, Officer Ma will become your source of misery!"

On the other side.

Officer Ma drew Ren Ziling aside, asking nervously, "Sister[2]! Why must you be so full of justice? Going undercover in this kind of place? Can you not work so hard? If you get into trouble, how will I face Luo Qiu and my brother?"

"All right, don't prattle on." Ren Ziling said, "I've filmed their entire deeds. I'll give you a copy later as evidence."

Officer Ma hurriedly nodded, "Thanks, my sister."

Afterward, he asked her hesitantly, "Sister… did you knock them down yourself?"

Ren Ziling thought of the clown's words, then answered vaguely, "Why, don't you believe my skills?"

Officer Ma shook his head promptly, "No, no… but I have to write the truth and hand in the report."

Ren Ziling impatiently gazed at Ma, as if he was an idiot, "You're still so stupid after all these years! Can't you say that these guys were embroiled in an internal strife due to the unfair distribution of profits? Then you came to catch them due to a tip-off. I'm just a journalist that came for an interview only!"

Officer Ma smiled after hearing her words. "A reporter's mind is really intelligent!"

"Don't butter me up." Ren Ziling waved her hand. Suddenly she recalled something, saying in a low voice, "But they know my appearance, and I have no idea if they have other partners. I'm alright but you must pay attention to this issue because I don't want any accidents to happen to Luo Qiu."

Ma said quietly, "Don't worry, sister! If anyone dared to hurt brother's child, all the students of his won't let them off!"

Ren Ziling nodded, and said at last, "Oh right, that old man was unusual, you'd better pay more attention to him… Well, binding his hands would be for the best."

Officer Ma stared blankly, but nodded, " I will have someone send you back home."

"No, I have to go back to the newspaper office… this is a huge scoop!"

As Ren Ziling entered her ride and fastened her seatbelt, Officer Ma ran out after her.

"Ziling, hold on." Officer Ma stopped Ren Ziling, he hesitated a little before speaking. "Can you give me a hand…"

Ren Ziling frowned, "What's wrong?"

Officer Ma said softly, "Well, we're investigating an international criminal case… I know your information network is broad so can you help me to look up a person? You also understand, it's inconvenient for the police to do some things."

Ren Ziling thought for a while. "No problem, give me the information."

Officer Ma now said seriously, "But sister! Don't do it yourself, ok? Just purchase some intelligence. Promise me, do not risk yourself! Or I rather not have your help!"

Ren Ziling gave a deep sigh, staring at Ma with a smile and swore, "You brat, you sound like my mom."

Officer Ma answered bitterly, "No, no, no, you're the mother! My dear mother! My grandmother, please don't do anything dangerous!"

"Damn you, I don't have a son your age!" Ren Ziling scrunched her nose, "I only have one son, and he is much better-looking than you!"

"Absolutely! He has Elder Brother Luo's genes, so he must be very handsome."

Ren Ziling was delighted with that. Then she stepped on the gas and rushed out.

Officer Ma shouted helplessly, "Sis! Take care!"

As he went back to the hotel, Cheng Yun reported something to Zhong Luochen, then left using the excuse that he had some business to attend to.

However, after strolling around outside for a while, he went to a cafe to meet the Third Miss of the Zhong Family.

"Is this the black card?" The Third Miss sized up the card after she received it from Cheng Yun.

"Yes! I had someone forged another with almost the same size using the palm size of second master as comparison."

The Third Miss nodded. "Alright. You may leave, don't arouse my second brother's suspicions."

She paused for a moment, then said, "You'll receive a satisfactory amount of money."

Cheng Yun looked cheerful at once, "Thank you Third Miss. I'll head back right away… Eh, it's that guy?"

The Third Miss glanced towards the direction that made Cheng Yun astonished. She found it was merely an ordinary person ordering some food.

"Who is he?" the Third Miss asked.

Cheng Yun said, "I'm not quite sure, but he is Ms. Zhang's acquaintance. They seem to have a pretty close relationship."

The Third Miss suddenly said, "That Ms. Zhang, seems like she is not to be keen on my second brother."

Cheng Yun said, "She's indifferent, but it's hard to say whether she likes him or not. After all, it hinges on whether the man has found the right method to enter the girl's heart."

She showed an enchanting smile abruptly, "Seems like you understand women very well."

Cheng Yun answered instantly, "They're merely ordinary women! I wouldn't dare say to understand noble ladies like you!"

The Third Miss said coolly, "Go get the information on this guy. It might be useful."

Cheng Yun nodded, left through the door while attempting to hide his face.

The Third Miss started to observe the black card in her hand. There was a golden stamp on it… The longer she looked at it, the further the card drew her in. She couldn't help being fascinated by it.

Luo Qiu walked passed the window after he finishing his purchase at the counter.

Which meant he also passed by Cheng Yun.

The shopping district wasn't far away.

After Luo Qiu exited the tea house, he didn't go very far, instead, he hid nearby until Ren Ziling left safely, only then did he went on his merry way back.

He also saw Officer Ma---a close friend of his father from before.

Nevertheless, it was inconvenient for Luo Qiu to appear and greet him.

He came back around lunchtime, so he didn't bother You Ye, instead, bought something to eat from a nearby café… The cake of this café was rather famous in that area.

After returning to the club and changing out of his suit, he sat behind the bar and set down the cake he bought at the café, along with You Ye's black tea.

Luo Qiu started the gramophone. He enjoyed the music while reading the 'Origins of Blue and White Porcelain'.

He would waste half the day like that.

[1]: A elder brother here means his senior colleague in police organization. People also call some male 'elder brother', who is several years older, even cross over a generation, to show their respect.

[2]: The sister here is a friend's wife.

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