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Chapter 193: Only For Making This World A Better Place
Ren Ziling started to ask some questions.
The boss of Peace Hotel was very cooperative, "He’s been living a few days but didn’t go out. Today is the first time he’s away. "
"Did he tell you something?"
The boss hesitated for a while.
Ren Ziling added, "I’m his sister-in-law. Something happened back at home and I want to bring him back."
The boss started to think about the situation…’Sister-in-law is his eldest brother’s woman. As to family, it’s a team. No matter how, the woman looks marvelous, oh my fortune cat…’
‘However, her words are not exactly trustable. What if they are true…’ the boss thought it was better to keep himself out of trouble.
Ren Ziling acted as the bad guy now after playing the good guy. She fished out 2000 yuan, "This is the compensation for your fortune cat."
The boss counted the money joyfully, "Yes, he did. He seemed to be waiting for some letters from someone. Actually just exactly after he left, there was a letter for him that arrived here."
Ren Ziling waved her hands, the boss hesitated, "That… is inappropriate, hum?"
Ren Ziling took out her cellphone, clicking the address book, name---Ma Houde.
She sneered, "You’ve been living here for so long, should know what this name represents, right? Do you believe that I can screw up your business forever with just one call?"
Soon the boss was in cold sweat … In this society, who didn’t know what this name represented? The boss felt quite miserable, ‘You should have just have told me in advance that you’re with that guy with a beard. Why did you want to destroy my fortune cat?’
"Here it is…" the boss said fearfully, "But don’t ever tell him that I told you this. It’s private…you understand it"
Ren Ziling got the letter, but didn’t open it right away. She asked, "You said that he left at an early time. Did he tell you when he’ll come back?"
The boss shook his head, "No, he didn’t, but he went out with a foreign lady. Tut, from that lady’s expression, she must have slept with him! Now, they might be enjoying themselves somewhere."
"A foreign lady?" Ren Ziling gaped, "How does she look like?"
"Er… She’s around 30? Quite tall, blonde, and big boobs? Well, foreign ladies look quite similar, how can I distinguish them?"
‘Around 30… golden hair, big boobs? I bumped into one these days. Could it be such a coincidence?’
Ren Ziling frowned before stepping out of the hotel quickly.
"Hey, madam! Letter… don’t take away my letter!"
But Mouse Qiang walked to face the boss at this moment. He stretched out his index finger and shook it in front of him. He then started to clench his fist slowly.
"I, I don’t have another fortune cat!"
Watching Mouse Qiang left, the boss wiped away the sweat and sat down. Even though this place had survived for nearly 20 years, it was not the first time for him to encounter such matters. Still, he was depressed. He lowered his head and wiped his face. At this time, the door was pushed open again.
"What do you want again!" the boss got pissed off and raised his head but then he looked distracted for a moment.
It wasn’t them coming into the hotel just now. Instead, it was another woman.   
She was wearing a black dress, as if with a fatal kind of beauty. However, she was pulling two large suitcases, "Excuse me, are there any rooms still available?"
"Yeah, yes." The boss who was looking at her infatuatedly answered unwittingly.
"Can you help me to get one ready for check in?" the woman in black dress voiced softly.
"Ok, sure.." The boss took out the key of a room panickedly.   
"And, can you please help me to prepare some food? I want a little of everything on the list. Here is the money, if it’s not enough, I’ll make it up later."
The boss ignored the cash she put on top of the counter. When he was still thinking whether or not he should help her to carry the sui

tcases up l to the room, the woman had already grabbed one in each hand, going upstairs without any difficulty.
The boss looked at the menu in his hand subconsciously, "My god, she can eat so much! This is the portion for a dozen of people. No wonder she’s so powerful… but there’s something weird. How can she squeeze so much food into such a small stomach? Her figure seems to be too thin to stuff so much food…"

Ye Yan saw Jessica again when he woke up.He couldn’t move at all and he found himself not in the previous unit but was already transferred to another place.
Ye Yan took a deep breath, smiling bitterly, "I really shouldn’t t trust you… Are you going to send me back like this or are you one of them?"
Jessica became silent and didn’t speak a word.
But right at this moment, another voice was heard from his back, "Let me tell you the answer!"
Ye Yan didn’t even have to turn his head. He had guessed who was the person standing behind him simply by listening to the voice.
He walked to Ye Yan’s side, using one of his hands to grab Ye Yan’s shoulder and pinching it with a little force, "Dude, long time no see. You look quite good. How’s your body recovering? My hands are itchy these days."
Ye Yan sneered, "Very good, I thought I needed a longer time to get well but it only took me a few days. Your fist is indeed too weak."
"Tut, you wanna have a try?" Kingkong sneered as well.
But Jessica who was silent suddenly went forward and grabbed Kingkong by his arm, "It’s not yours to deal with him."
Kingkong rolled his eyes, "Why? You taking pity on your ex- lover?"
Jessica said with a scorn, "How can you use such a stupid method to probe for the inside story and to find where he hid the evidence? This man won’t answer you I even if you beat him to death."
Kingkong frowned, "Do you have a better idea?"
Jessica said, "Don’t forget about my job. I have better knowledge in interrogation compare to you."
She walked to one side where there was a box laying on top of the table. After opening it, there were indeed some injectors, medicines, and pills.
Kingkong shrugged and stepped back at one side. He lifted his hand, pretending as if he was watching a play.
At this moment, Jessica said, "Get out, I don’t need your here!"
"What should I do if you set him free? He’s your ex-lover, I have to keep an eye on him."
"Should I ask for instructions from the superior, then only let you leave?Don’t forget that once I’m here, you’re under my supervision."
"OK, it’s your call." Kingkong shrugged, "And I won’t take responsibility if something happened. Humph, do it quietly."

"I didn’t expect that you’re one of them." Ye Yan looked at Jessica who was mixing some potion with a sense of incredibility.
It wasn’t like he had never seen these things before … in the headquarters, they were used as tools to interrogate the convicts --- the so-called ‘Truthful Medicine’.
Jessica flicked the syringe, "But you’ve seen it eh?"
"…Are you also the one who revealed my tracks in Lyon?"
"Is it necessary to question this?" Jessica turned around walking towards Ye Yan.
Ye Yan tried to struggle but his whole body was powerless like an imprisoned lion who narrowed his eyes.
Jessica came close and sat on Ye Yan’s lap. As the two were looking straight at each other, she asked, "Would you like to be a part of us?"
"This is the worst joke I’ve ever heard throughout my lifetime." Ye Yan sneered, "Be a part of your team? The Michael Club? Do you think I have no idea of what that hellish place is doing?"
Jessica explained emotionlessly, "Whatever we are doing, is only to make this world a better place."
Ye Yan let out an exceptionally bright laughter, "This is the best joke I’ve ever heard throughout my lifetime! To make this world a better place? So you do illegal drugs and organ-trafficking, smuggling weapons, and even promoting riots in the Middle East and Africa? Are those achievements meant to make the world better? Hahahaha!!!"
"Do you think all the evil-doings in this world could be eradicated?" Jessica coolly asked.
Ye Yan snorted, "Crap!"
Jessica said, "As long as humans exist in the world, the evil side hidden in human nature won’t vanish. So it has to be controlled by using an effective method. And when there is only one origin of where the evil left in this world, a new social order will be established."

"Since there is only one origin of evil left in this world, a new social order will be established."
When this sentence was heard by the third and fourth persons in this room, their responses were different.
The fourth one who seemed to be in high spirit revealed a smile.
As to the third one… Luo Qiu was thinking deeply about the meaning behind this saying.
It reminded him of the sentence once said by Ma Houde.
‘They are a group consisted of few people, or a few dozens of people who might be important figures from all walks of life. Capitalists, dignitaries, big drug traffickers or warlords, etc…
That was why their concepts were to be the origin of evil in the world, and establish a new order in the society.
Luo Qiu felt such concepts didn’t make sense regardless they were right or wrong. Just how delusional souls were burning in the masterminds behind this Micheal Club?
"This is all those clowns could think of."
This had been the second time for You Ye to give such a comment describing this Michael Club.
Luo Qiu didn’t continue the servant girl’s words. He only quietly looked at Jessica who was slowly inserting the syringe into Ye Yan’s body.
Instead of the ‘Truth Medicine’, it was some nutritious solution, which had already been changed by You Ye in advance.

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