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The issue about asking Taoists for obtaining longevity has been heard in stories or from other’s mouths; but now, a vivid example was showed in front of him.

Luo Qiu didn’t think about Qin Chuyu, because she might be a person that was at the boundary of longevity.

However theoretically, he could be considered a long-life person, who was different from Yang Taizi or Qin Chuyu. It was not about how easy it was to get it. Actually, the reason still confused him.

Someone had cultivated painstakingly for dozens of years but didn’t even cross the threshold; some other people were drifting in the world, who suffered rebirth again and again; however, a few people had enjoyed a smooth journey.

Yang Taizi, Qin Chuyu and Luo Qiu… Luo Qiu looked up to the top. The old Taoist rites built around the mountain suddenly connected with something similar in his mind.

Some people rich in destiny were born into a wealthy family, so there was nothing for them to worry about during their whole life; and some were from a poor family, but would get achievements after half a lifetime of hard work; also, others might be still struggling among all the living beings.

No matter longing for longevity or wealth, they were all human beings.

Yang Taizi now stopped the sigh in his heart, "That Black Water snake monster hides by day and goes out at night. Now it’s midday, it’s a good time to fight her."

Luo Qiu nodded.

He let go the rusty iron chain, which was not necessary. The club boss raised his head faintly and his body then floated up, from centimeters to several meters, it kept rising up.

The disciple of the old Taoist opened his eyes wide.

He witnessed his master climb the mountain as easily as walking on firm earth, thinking that would take him half of his life to master.

While watching this anomaly that floated up, it would not take only half his life to learn; rather, he probably wouldn’t even manage to learn it in his whole life. No wonder his master Yang Taizi was so courteous to him.

It was not because he came to help him but due to his real capability.

Looking at Luo Qiu and You Ye in a daze, who had ascended 10 more meters, Zhan Er turned to his master that with an admiring look, speaking out his inner thoughts, "Master, If I begged him, can I learn this cloud-riding Kung Fu?"

Yang Taizi immediately felt sad at heart.

His disciple’s mental age was much younger than actual age. It was awkward to say Zhan Er meant no harm, just like a child’s babble… but that was true.

The bitter feeling of Yang Taizi was hard to express. Nevertheless, for maintaining the dignity, he had to reply in in a low voice, "You didn’t master the basic skill but want to have a skyrocketing rise? Do you remember what master taught you before?"

Zhan Er face turned embarrassed, lowering his head, "I should follow the prescribed order, step by step."

Yang Taizi nodded, one hand grabbed the chain, both legs thrust against the ground and slid up through the chain. Thought it was with the aid of other things, it still looked unrestrained.

When the two climbed up, Luo Qiu was overlooking this ‘floating’ Taoist abbey.

It was unclear when the Taoist temple had been built but looking at it, it was made of wooden structures with holed and suspended beams on steep cliffs as foundations. The neighboring buildings were connected by skyways and leaned against precipice, overlooking the barranco.

It was not large, but art beat nature. It actually looked very magnificent.

Luo Qiu looked at the distribution of the building, which was zigzagging, jagged, miniature but didn’t seem to be a tiny area. Instead, with a compact layout, it deserved the word ‘exquisite’.

"The designer seemed to have thought deeply about it." Luo Qiu sighed.

"The structure here is really subtle." Even the informed You Ye couldn’t help taking more glances.

Hearing to laudatory words, the ashamed Yang Taizi saved his face, saying with pride, "If Boss Luo likes it, you can live here for a while."

Luo Qiu merely nodded, without words.

You Ye called Luo Qiu softly.

Hints of grey fog came from the Taoist temple. It kept spreading from inside, rolling and gathering more and more gradually.

"Pay attention! That Black Water Snake Monster is coming." Yang Taizi hurried to form the hand seal and the other hand received a wooden sword from his disciple.

A shadow appeared from that grey fog, looking like a human shadow.

Luo Qiu counted the monsters he saw. Include the mysterious Long Xiruo, the amount was very limited. It was not surprising though, for a monster to take on a human shape.

Of course, counting the mantis monster that had a real fight with him from the beginning, this Boa Monster would be merely the second one.

When talking about snake monster, it was easy to remind him about a certain white snake monster in a fairy story… Well, this Black Water Snake Monster was a female too?

The fog dispersed. The Black Water Boa Monster seemed to be a woman wearing a black palace dress.

She was around 20-30 years old.

But wearing palace dress… Luo Qiu thought it was beyond calculation. However, considering it was of hundreds of years’ history, it made sense that she kept an ancient appearance.

"Black Water! 10 years! You possessed my temple. Today, this old Taoist came to clear the humiliation of this decade!" Yang Taizi shouted angrily.

That was right. The amount of Taoists declined, as a successor of one of few sects which still remained in their original place, his temple had been forcibly occupied by a several-hundred-year-old monster. If 200 years ago… no, 100 years ago, it would be impossible to happen. But it happened!

These years, Yang Taizi hid outside and dared not even say a word in the Line group of modern Taoists until half a year passed. This was just because he was afraid others would know this scandal, which made him feel distressed!

That woman with black palace dress… Black Water Boa Monster said indifferently, "You found two helpers eh? No wonder you, restive Taoist, became more stubborn. Don’t you remember you almost lost your bowels while leaving 10 years ago? Your ‘Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao’ is nothing more than this."

Yang Taizi stared, saying with anger, "Your vicious organization cannot slander my ‘Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao’! ‘Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao’ is extensive and profound; it’s all the fault of this old Taoist, I’m not skillful enough! You forcibly occupy my mountain and the intellectual area of the cave but still defame my ‘Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao’. You demons are fish-blooded, don’t know what appreciation is at all!"

Hearing this, Black Water sneered, "Appreciation? Ridiculous! In ancient times, do you know how many of you guys that fancy themselves as the righteous Taoists, killed our monster ethnics in the name of declining demons and ghosts? We live in solitude, abiding by Master Long’s dharma, and not go beyond our bounds. But you Taoists always try every means to have us take actions first, by all dirty means, how could you be like a Taoist? You guys are nothing short of butchers!"

Her face turned severely, "And now, do you know how many forests have been felled, and how many rivers had been polluted by human beings? Many cub monsters have been caught to be cooked as delicacies, just for satisfying your desire for food? Can you tell me how the number of forests, the quality of air and river, compare with those a hundred year ago?"

Black Water Boa Monster flicker her sleeves, yelling, "You human beings are trying every means to occupy our existing places. Now, I just took over your mountain, nothing compared to the doings of you human beings. Why can’t I do that? I’ve living here for 10 years, I can find the bones from at least hundreds of different monster ethnics. How can you, restive Taoist, explain this?"

Well… who knows if this Black Water Boa Monster was strong.

But she must be an awesome eristic… Looking at Yang Taizi, whose lips moved but couldn’t find words to contradict, Luo Qiu had to size up the Taoist temple again.

The exquisite and delicate building… turned out it piled up by countless of dead bodies.

But it was a deal, he signed the contract with Yang Taizi earlier. So, after Black Water’s statement, You Ye straight away… chose to fight.

Black flame rose up her palm, the servant girl went straight towards the chest of Black Water Boa Monster…

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