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Chapter 181

You Ye’s black flame could burn Master Long’s palm; obviously, it could hurt a mere 350-year-old Black Water Boa Monster.

Yang Taizi spent 50 years of his lifespan to seriously injure Black Water. However, he didn’t know how serious the injury would be. All he hoped for was that the injury would be enough. Hopefully, the coy-looking but terrifying servant girl fight would not hold back, injuring Black Water as seriously as possible.

Black Water’s expression froze the moment You Ye took action. When the black flame appeared, an utmost sense of danger pressed down on her mind.

It was so menacing that she dared not to be neglectful.

The pure white hands of Black Water waved slightly, vine-like fingers dispersed and a large number of air waves erupted from her fingertips, spreading towards the mysterious black smoke on You Ye’s hands.

You Ye didn’t retreat, but moved forward, flickering at the dense ripple with a fast speed. In a flash, she appeared in front of Black Water.


Black Water’s hands overlapped. In a blink of an eye, the ripple erupted from her fingertips, interweaving into a wide net, dropping from the skies.

However, suddenly, the net was broken from the middle. The dense ripple was like a flaming fuse, burning down around.

Black Water shouted slightly. She looked down at her body and found the black flame had chopped through a string

from her left shoulder to right waist, across her chest.

The black flame resulted in a horrific wound on Black Water’s body--- she couldn’t even put it out!

As if 10 more seconds later, her body would turn into dust in the fire.

But right then, the flame disappeared from her body, only leaving a great injury on it. You Ye then returned to Luo Qiu, standing behind him.

The servant girl looked down with both hands resting, holding each other, as if nothing happened.

Black Water had obtained a serious injury. She got down on one knee, with one palm pressing against the bleeding wound and blood gushing from her mouth with a shocked look.

"You’re not human! Why do you help those Taoists?!"

You Ye smiled, "We only have a deal with Yang Taizi. He paid us for having you seriously injured, so that is what we do. But he is a penny pincher and made the decision not to take your life."

After this, Yang Taizi frantically stood up and made his move.

The old Taoist knew to use the Line group and also lurked about in these worldly matters. He understood the importance of the finishing stroke. Now since Black Water was badly-wounded and kept spitting out blood, it was the best time to give it a fatal blow.

For a serious injury, it cost him 50 years of lifespan. The old Taoist was now reluctant to waste any single second!

The wooden sword in Yang Taizi’s hand revealed dim light, emitting the upright integrity of vanquishing demons. It was suddenly chopped down towards Black Water’s head!

"F*ckin Taoist! Even if I have a serious injury, you won’t kill me by yourself!"

Light kindled from Black Water’s eyes, a huge shadow burst out from her back. It was actually a fiendish long snake!

The slash from the wooden sword towards the head merely motivated its ferociousness! Roars came faintly from the air, Yang Taizi had been knocked into the air, towards the barranco.

Seeing this, Zhan Er trembled. Yelling, while grabbing the chain, he pulled it back seriously, which brought Yang Taizi back.

This impact had destroyed the wooden sword. The old Taoist covered his chest, a mouthful of blood spurt out and his face turned as pale as white paper.

As for the Black Water Boa Monster, she was now climbing the cliff at a lightening speed. Her legs turned into snake tail, sliding dozens of meters away, being lost in the dense fog surrounding the mountain.

Seeing the monster was escape and that, 50 years of lifespan was not enough to kill Black Water, Yang Taizi felt indignant, looking towards Luo Qiu with frenzy, "You’re just letting her go?"

"Customer just asked Black Water to have a serious injury when we signed the contract." Luo Qiu replied coolly, "Since you didn’t ask more, why do we have to stop her leaving?"

Yang Taizi gave a start.

‘You want one and the boss gave you one, but you ask the boss why he didn’t give you more… are you foolish?’

However… the old Taoist’s plan was by relying on the power of the club, hurt Black Water into serious injury and reducing her fighting capacity down to the same level with himself, then teamed up to beat her!

Now Black Water actually fled!

His 50 years of lifespan had been wasted!

Yang Taizi suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, falling down… He was actually seriously injured!

He totally miscalculated!

"Master! Master! Master! Oh my god! Master!" Zhan Er held Yang Taizi that eyes closed. He was afraid he’d pass away here. Tears dropped from his eyes.

"He won’t die." Luo Qiu came to glance, "He just fainted because he took things too hard. If you want him to wake up, splash some water, or let him sleep for a while."

"Ah…Oh!" Zhan Er nodded, "Let him wake up by himself."

The trading content that had Black Water have serious injury had been finished, the next step was getting the lifespan from Yang Taizi. However, Luo Qiu did not to feel anxious.

As if absorbed in thought, he looked at the floating Taoism temple, while walking in.

The servant girl wanted to follow him, but Luo Qiu waved to stop her, "Wait for me here, I want to wander about by myself."

At the moment, when You Ye fought with Black Water, Luo Qiu vaguely sensed something in the temple was calling him.

Soon after, Yang Taizi woke up slowly. The old Taoist face was pale. He saw the servant girl was overlooking the scenery around and didn’t mention him.

But she was here… which meant they were waiting for his transaction fee.

Yang Taizi realized things had turned awful, he suffered a great deal!

"Master! Master, you woke up! How are you now? Do you want water?" Zhan Er rapidly asked him.

However, Yang Taizi felt very anxious, he wanted to stand up to fiercely beat this foolish disciple. ‘How could you speak so loud? You want them to know I’ve woken up hum?"

Yang Taizi didn’t speak a word, eyes closed again.

"Master! Master! You fainted again? Master!" Zhan Er kept shaking Yang Taizi.

‘Don’t shake me! You idiot!!’ Yang Taizi whined at heart.

The servant girl took a glimpse at him, then went on watching the mountain scenery, sighing with feeling… ‘You’re worthy to be the person in the same sect with Tai Yinzi.’

‘You two comes from the same origin, both are quite adept at scheming,’

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