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‘I’m exactly that kid.’

Fang Jiping spoke to himself… the sentence ‘How similar…’ from the piano player, hovered in his mind, couldn’t be taken away.

How similar it was…

The thoughts of his mother in the gambling house 20 years ago.

And the current him thinking about Fang Ruchang’s suggestion.

Also, Yang Ping’s thoughts 20 years ago that wanted to give her son a better life after winning.

2 decades passed, he received Fang Ruchang’s plea, trying to continue his life in this evil way and even thought of forgiving Fang Ruchang.

How similar it was.

In this silent banquet hall, Fang Jiping didn’t know when he walked to the piano. Across the lid, he couldn’t see who was sitting behind, nor how he knew this story.

He just stood in front of the piano, attracting the attention of all guests include the hostess.

"This story should have an ending…" Fang Jiping opened his mouth slowly. His voice was not loud by very clear. He looked at the lid, "Let me tell you the ending."

"Jiping, what are you doing? Come back!"

In many people’s mind, this violinist looked familiar but Wu Qiubin knew he was his nephew… Wu Qiubin had no idea about the intention of the host in arranging such a performance that ruined the joyful atmosphere. And he didn’t plan to delve deeper; however, it was bad for Fang Jiping to continue the subject.

Wu Qiubin was worrying about how to smooth things over and didn’t know if there would be some complaints from the Zhang Family. On the other side, Fang Jiping now turned around, taking a glance at Wu Qiubin silently.

Fang Jiping deeply breathed, "Mr. Wu… sorry, you’ve been cheated for a long time. I am actually the kid in this story, who was taken out from the mountain."

Wu Qiubin gave a start, blurting out, "What nonsense are you saying!"

Fang Jiping said seriously, "Mr. Wu, I’m really sorry, we’ve cheated you so many years. Fang Ruchang, he’s my adoptive father and he is infertile. 20 years ago, he bought me and fostered me to become a violinist. Because he knew, the young miss of Wu’s Family, who eloped with him, used to learn it."

"You…" Wu Qiubin eyes opened wide; suddenly, he turned about to Fang Ruchang at a corner, showing aggressiveness from his dozens of years of business dealings.

Under the sharp view of Wu Qiubin, Fang Ruchang’s face moved, as pale as ashes---He knew it very well, that he was doomed from now on.

Fang Jiping gave a wry smile, "How similar it is… the words of this piano player is like a head-on blow. Right, how similar it is. Just before this moment, I found this man that fostered me kept a secret from me. He sneakily pushed my mother into the river for fear that her appearance would expose the deceit of this 20 years. But… but I, who have known everything, was still thinking about living well after today."

Fang Jiping looked up, deeply breathing, "It’s quite ridiculous, I’ve had a grudge 20 years… but unwittingly, I’ve become that kind of person I hate."

Fang Jiping took off his sumptuous tuxedo, gazing at the expressionless banquet hostess---Mrs. Zhang, and bowed down with regret, "Sorry, Mrs. Zhang, I disappointed you today… After this, I’ll go to your house to make an apology by myself. I am sorry I cannot continue my performance. Since now, I’m not the violinist Fang Jiping. Now, I’m only the Baby Tiger of my mother… I am sorry, I have to go to the hospital to see my mom."

Seeing Fang Jiping about to leave, Wu Qiubin opened his mouth, saying in a low voice, "Wait, explain your words."

Wu Qiubin indignantly fought back, because the Wu Family was a respected family. A scandal came out at such an occasion. One could imagine that the rich circles would have a good laugh at him tomorrow. Even at the banquet of the Zhang Family, he couldn’t bear the rage of being cheated for so many years.


Unbelievably, Mrs. Zhang, who kept a calm and terrible face before and was as mute as a fish, said great rather abruptly

It was forcefully articulate.

Zhang Lilanfang suddenly stood up and Zhang Qingrui hurried to hold her.

This old woman said in a powerful voice, "This is the best and most sincere present I’ve received today! Relatives meeting is of moral principles. The best thing in the world is nothing more than this! You can go freely. If anyone discourages you from leaving away, it means going against me!"

In the view of all high officials and noble lords, this senior who called herself old woman, was exactly a terrible Bodhisattva. Her sternness would push down Wu Qiubin’s fury thoroughly.

But in Zhang Qingrui’s mind, these words were not unexpected.

Because she knew, in this story… this matters where relatives couldn’t see each other, deeply touched the strings in her heart which hadn’t been stirred for many years.

Now, Zhang Lilanfang looked at Fang Jiping, "I don’t need you to give an apology, I just want you to be with your mother!"

Fang Jiping lips moved, making a bow deeply, "Thank you…"

With this, Fang Jiping turned about to look at the lid of the piano. When he wanted to say thank you, he found out nobody was there.

And the seat was absolutely empty.

He had no time to deeply consider, merely rushing out of the hall to go see his mom in the hospital. The large amount of guests there made a way for him.

In the light of Zhang Lilanfang’s words, who dared to stop Fang Jiping?

If she stamped her feet, the whole city could be turned over. Simply, her meaning was---This Fang Jiping, is under my protection!

"Let’s continue the banquet, this old woman is very happy! I’ve not been so joyful in such a long time!" Zhang Lilanfang said, "Qingrui, what’s next, let’s go on!"

She said that, but some time was needed to be adjusted. The banquet emcee was a famous person invited from the TV station, who was good at rescuing the situation.

"Right, relatives meeting is of moral principles. This is the best sentence today containing profound meaning." The emcee said loud, "I think everyone has the same feeling as me, who was immersed in the lingering charm of this story. Let’s quiet down and cherish our relatives. Many unfortunate things happen in the world, but this moment, perfection and happiness are embracing us. Why don’t we cherish the people around us?"

Zhang Lilanfang sat down again, smiling faintly, "This emcee is quite good."

Zhang Qingrui had to catch her grandma’s hands, saying softly, "Granny, what about me being with you forever?"

"Foolish child." Zhang Lilanfang spoke gently, glancing at the piano even though nobody was there, "It seems your classmate has left."


Zhang Lilanfang smiled, "I’m old, but eyes are good. I’ve known it was him when he was playing the piano. Well, this kid is quite good."

Ms. Zhang could not say anything.

To think it positively… it could be considered as a good thing.

But granny, don’t think he’s good… instead, he’s quite dangerous!!

Being hurried out of the hotel, Fang Ruchang just thought about how to leave this place quickly.

"Fang Jiping, you motherf*cker! You waste so much of my efforts on you!"

Thinking about the video and the fact he’d lose all his reputation after today, he gave up all hope.

He stepped quickly in the underground parking lots but unexpectedly, someone stood in front, barring his way from getting access to his car.

"Wu…" Fang Ruchang alarmedly looked at Wu Qiubin that suddenly appeared in front, along with a young man beside him.

Fang Ruchang retreated in panic. "What are you going to do?"

Wu Qiubin sneered, "I can’t touch Fang Jiping. He’s under the protection of Old Zhang and I don’t plan to. But you… are not that lucky!"

That young man came to Fang Ruchang immediately, giving a heavy blow towards Fang Ruchang’s belly.

How could a 50-year-old man, living well all these years, bear such a thump! Right away, he fell down in pain.

Wu Qiubin gave out a cool sentence, "Break his hands. I’ll let you pay back what you got from me within these 20 years! My sister was quite blind, even marrying such a shameless person!"

"Don…Don’t! Ah…!"

Fang Ruchang’s fingers cracked while he cried piteously.

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