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Two people left the band.

But all members were experienced performers. Even though Fang Jiping left and Fang Ruchang disappeared, after a discussion, the band members decided to go on finishing the remaining performance.

Of course, it was also because of Zhang Qingrui’s request--- because it would be hard to find another alternative band, right?

In addition, it’d be too perfunctory if music was played by the stereo on such an occasion.

The next event was dancing.

This was a western banquet, so the first dance should be performed by the host.

Zhang Qingrui came to her grandma… because there was no adult man… However, such a pair seemed sort of weird; therefore, Zhang Qingrui specially put on a man’s tuxedo.

Guests consciously made a round space. Letting the pair dance following the rhythm.

Out of the crowd, the club boss separated himself from people’s perception; now he was holding a glass of water… It was a long story just now, he felt thirsty after talking.

"Master, Fang Ruchang has been taken away by Wu Qiubin in the parking lot."

Luo Qiu nodded, suddenly watching Black Soul No.9, mentioning, "I just said I’ll send Zhang Qingrui’s grandma a present."

Black Soul No.9 gave a start, he didn’t know why his new master mentioned this issue at this moment.

But Luo Qiu snapped his fingers at that moment.

Black smoke gradually vanished from Black Soul No.9 and was replaced by a black-white tuxedo. A gentlemanly appearance was then revealed.

With a neat and slicked-back hairstyle.

This was a young face that was not so handsome and seemed slightly pale. While looking at the confused expression of Black Soul No.9, Luo Qiu didn’t open his mouth.

He just got a white napkin nearby, folding it in half, and tucking in the tuxedo pocket of the Black Soul Envoy.

Luo Qiu patted it with a smile to tidy it, before saying indifferently, "Go to her, dance with Zhang Lilanfang, as the present I send to her… but you can’t talk."

Black Soul No.9 was stunned, he thought some unimaginable meaning was behind this order.

But… dance with Zhang Lilanfang?

Why… did he feel happy and impulsive?

He walked slowly through the crowd, ignoring all the openmouthed looks coming from surroundings. In a revolving action, he soundlessly replaced Zhang Qingrui, revealing himself in front of Zhang Lilanfang.

Just finishing a spin, Zhang Qingrui questioningly looked at the additional figure who had interrupted her next dance steps.

Who was so insensible and came out at this time---There was an etiquette that changing partners in a western dancing party but it definitely wouldn’t happen in the first dance.

But unexpectedly, her grandma, who was now gazing at the youth, had her vision turned blurry suddenly.

Without words, Black Soul No.9 grabbed Zhang Lilanfang’s hand softly, getting close.

Mrs. Zhang didn’t even revolt; instead, she followed his steps, dancing in slow rhythm.

What kind of emotion was it? Zhang Qingrui never saw it from her grandma… Stunned? Or something else?

She suddenly felt she couldn’t interrupt this dance between this man and her granny. She even sensed that at this moment, any other person here was redundant.

No words.

The two were gazing at each other silently, their sight never left their partner… Until the waltz finished.

Right now, another music was played.

The second one was a group dance. Everybody, at their own pace, began to rotate onto the dancing floor.

Zhang Lilanfang was absorbed in an unforgettable memory. At the moment, she felt as if she went back dozens of years ago, when she was still a young girl.

However… didn’t know since when, nobody was by her side.

Like a dream, the dance finished and the person left.

The old master felt lost, aimlessly checking around, but couldn’t find the man that burst onto the dance floor.


Zhang Qingrui came to Zhang Lilanfang, "That man is…"

Zhang Lilanfang shook her head with a complicated look, soliloquizing, "That might be the best birthday present I received."

‘I’ll send your grandmother a present as compensation.’

Unwittingly, Ms. Zhang thought of her mysterious classmate, who had said such a sentence casually.

Was it…

Fang Jiping was in a hurry to go to the hospital, accompanied by his girlfriend Manman.

Probably because of fear, Fang Jiping stood outside the hospital and dared not go in. Manman grasped Fang Jiping’s hand, "You dared to speak your thoughts in front of so many people but fear to step in now?"

Fang Jiping showed a bitter smile, deeply breathing, and going into the hospital holding Manman’s hand.

However, when they reached the general ward, they didn’t see Yang Ping lying in bed. She disappeared and so did the sack.

"Why… when I left, she was still here and didn’t wake up." Manman was stupefied, confusedly looked around.

Fang Jiping found a nurse coming for a routine check, going to her and asking, "Excuse me, do you know where’s the aunt in that sickbed?"

"Gee? I saw she was here when I left? Where did she go?" That nurse showed a face full of confusion.

At this time, a kid lying and reading a book beside said, "This aunt said she’s going to seek her son and went outside after waking up."

"Er…" Fang Jiping stared blankly, turning to his girlfriend.

Manman grasped his hands, "She might not go far, let’s go find her separately!"

She was not in the hospital.

And she didn’t stay in the surroundings of the hospital.

The two sought for her aimlessly in the crowd, sweat dripped from their faces but still couldn’t find a trace of Yang Ping.

"She is alone in a bad health condition… Where could she go?" Fang Jiping knocked the tree trunk, worry could be seen on face.

"Popsicles, tasty popsicles~ Popsicles, tasty popsicles…Sir and Madam, would you like some a popsicle?"

A man wearing peaked cap and carrying a temperature-keeping box called and came to the pair of lovers.

Was Fang Jiping in the mood to eat popsicles?

He felt agitated and wanted to expel this young man, but with a sudden inspiration, he said, "I want two… but friend, I have a question. Did you see an aunt wearing a hospital dress? She’s thin with a little humpback."

"Yeah! She just bought two from me."

"Where is she now?" Fang Jiping grabbed the man’s hands excitedly.

The man pointed ahead, "That direction, I saw her in that corner, don’t know if she left."

"Thank you very much!"

With this, Fang Jiping ran quickly towards that direction. But the man called, "Sir, you didn’t get the loose change yet."

"You can keep it!" Manman made haste to follow him, turning about to glance at the ice man.

She suddenly stopped, hesitating, and looking at this ice-cream man, frowning, "Sir, have we met somewhere else before?"

"Oh have we? He lowered his peaked cap, smiling, "It should not be… Ah, that man is leaving."

Manman turned about, he was true.

"I recalled it… he seemed to be the bill sticker yesterday I saw downstairs my home eh?" She hurried to turn back, "Where is he?"

The aunt was sitting under a tree, which was among many office buildings. Few people walked through here at this time.

So quiet.

When Fang Jiping arrived here, Yang Ping was lowering her head, holding that broken sack while fondling something softly, seemingly trying to say something.

Step by step, he came to Yang Ping.

He could hear Yang Ping’s voice.

Actually it was not words, but an old ditty that many countryside women knew, for putting babies to bed.

It seemed she didn’t see anyone in front and was immersed in her own world. She shook the sack gently, then took out a small rattle-drum and shook it slightly.

"Baby Tiger, have a nice sleep, My Baby Tiger, good boy…"

Looking at Yang Ping kissed the sack, Fang Jiping eyes turned red.

He squatted down, both hands trembled and grabbed Yang Ping’s hands, putting them on his face, choking with sobs, and couldn’t say anything.

As if didn’t see him, Yang Ping didn’t stop singing the ditty.

In a daze.

"You don’t know me…" Fang Jiping raised his head, opened his mouth hard.

The aunt paused, tilting her head. She suddenly looked at Fang Jiping. After a burst of hesitation; finally, she fished out an unpacked popsicle, "Kid, don’t cry, do you want a popsicle? But only one, because the other is for my Baby Tiger."

It had been melted long since.

He grabbed the popsicle, while kneeling down the ground. Embracing her, Fang Jiping lowered his head and curled up. His head leaned on the brick, sorely calling her.

Calling her.


"Don’t cry, kid."

Yang Ping stretched out her hand, touching Fang Jiping’s head, as soft as when she was fondling the sack. She didn’t know why but a slight hint of a smile appeared on her face.

She restarted to humming the mountain ditty, as she touched Fang Jiping’s head and her own sack. As if a third person had came into her own world.

20 years’ road of trials and hardships, with this ditty, child go home.

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