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Some behaviors were uncontrollable.

While seeing the figure of an ordinary girl with a different style coming into this banquet site, Luo Qiu directly drew this conclusion.

Why did he think this way?

He was sure that Manman could go find Fang Jiping---However, he never thought this girl would come at this point.

Black Soul No.9 was by Luo Qiu’s side at the moment.

The master was here; hence, he apparently dared not leave, as a Black Soul Envoy. The important thing was, Luo Qiu didn’t seem to want him to leave.

He watched the girl that was constantly looking around, turning to ask Luo Qiu, "Master, is this miss your target today?"

"Yes… something uncontrollable happened." Luo Qiu coolly said.

His original plan was to view the status of Fang Jiping today, which wouldn’t take too long. At this moment, Luo Qiu lips moved faintly.

The voice was very light, but it had been transmitted to a far place.

At the same time, the servant girl in some other place of this city heard her master’s voice, which was, "I have something to do and will go to you later."

The far-off servant girl nodded, saying ‘I got it.’. You Ye was now in a pretty tatty lodge without a license.

This was where Ye Yan sneaked in later on. He paid the money that came out from Officer Ma’s wallet for the rent. After ending the contact with Luo Qiu, You Ye took a glance at Ye Yan lying in bed.

Going to any medical institutions or unauthorized doctors would probably result in his whereabouts being exposed, so it was not easy for Ye Yan to heal his wounds. Therefore, he could only use this clumsy method of allowing his body to recover spontaneously.

Of course it would take a lengthy time.

Looking at Ye Yan in deep sleep, You Ye smiled faintly. She walked to the desk, twisting off the half-left bottle of water Ye Yan drank, sprinkling some white powder slowly, which dissolved into water with no color or taste.

It was definitely not poison.

Instead, it was the something that could accelerate the recovery of wounds. It had been made in the hundred-of-year lab belonging to the servant girl; hence, must be of good quality.

It was the sound coming from some stringed instruments.

Manman located the position by hearing the sound, and walked towards the origin. At the banquet entrance, she could see Fang Jiping further up on the stage.

Manman looked at the banquet site entrance. What was more curious was that there was not even a single security personnel for such an important occasion…

Actually there were two at the sign-desk outside, but were sleeping lying on the desk.

They should be called lazy workers!

Thinking about this, Manman sneakily stole into the banquet hall.

Watching Manman walk in, the initiator---the boss of some club came to the entrance---Since Manman appeared much earlier than Luo Qiu’s imagination…

Since she came, he didn’t want her to leave.

Nevertheless, when Luo Qiu intended to wake up these two lazy workers, an unimaginable voice from his classmate came.

It was from his back, Zhang Qingrui’s voice.

Luo Qiu, you… what do you plan to do here?"

Boss Luo had just stretched out his hand but then had to turn around, frowning slightly… He should not be seen by the public.

But Zhang Qingrui saw him?

Ms. Zhang surely witnessed Luo Qiu. A vigilant look appeared on her face. It seemed she was hesitating but, finally, she walked several steps ahead of him. Zhang Qingrui took a glance at both of the lazy workers and paused for a moment, "You… did you let that girl in on purpose? What do you want to do?"

Luo Qiu measured Zhang Qingrui with eyes, feeling a bit curious, "Can you see me?"

While Zhang Qingrui smiled bitterly, "Is it weird? I can even see the guy beside you…"

Following Zhang Qingrui’s look, Luo Qiu was aware that ‘the guy’ was Black Soul No.9 near him. Black Soul No.9 now frowned and his look turned sharper.

Luo Qiu waved his hand, looking at Black Soul No.9, "Go wait for me outside."

Black Soul No.9 nodded, floating away.

After he left, Luo Qiu asked, "When did you have the ability?"

Zhang Qingrui bit her lips, "Since I came back from Ulan Bator, somehow or other I can see many many strange things. At the beginning when I was at home, I can occasionally see a vague shadow was in my yard, which turned clear gradually. I dared not tell others… they won’t believe that."

She took a glimpse at Luo Qiu, gathering her nerves. "I silently hid this matter and tried to think of a way secretly… I dared not even let this guy know that I’ve found him. I faked I didn’t see him… I originally thought this was just a ghost from somewhere and would leave after a period of time. But…"

She gritted her teeth, "But I saw him contacting… contacting you in the lobby. He turned into a lump of black smoke and appeared ahead of you; since then, I realized the issue was not as simple as I thought."

Luo Qiu nodded, saying indifferently, "Seems the experience in the summer palace opened some of your talent. As the time passes, your spiritual senses will become more and more powerful. However, you pretended not to see me in the lobby and showed indifference. Compared to your calmness, I admit my inferiority."

"I would rather not see it… If the shadow didn’t stay at my home and contacted with you, I’ll be even reluctant to show myself. And…" Zhang Qingrui revealed a bitter smile, "Seems like the content of the email I wrote to myself is true."

"Email?" Luo Qiu gave a start.

Zhang Qingrui simply told all the truth, "The email said that it was written down before you wiped my memory, and was sent to me recently."

"Do you remember it?" Luo Qiu asked calmly.

Zhang Qingrui shook her head. "No, I have no impression at all…but it’s not necessary, right?"

She took a deep breath, the calmness couldn’t cover her slightly trembling shoulders, "At school… were you behind it?"

Luo Qiu nodded. Zhang Qingrui’s talent allowed her to view his hidden self. Strictly speaking, she couldn’t be classified as a common person any longer.

Certainly, the main reason was because of Black Soul No.9.

She first mentioned the existence of Black Soul No.9, then sensed him--- Luo Qiu did not disappear or hide from human’s sight; rather, it was like vanishing from ordinary folk’s perception.

Such as an ultrasonic wave which cannot be heard by normal men, but it exists.

"Then you… what did you instigate this shadow to do in my home?" Zhang Qingrui plucked up her courage, "Are you afraid I’ll recall the erased memory or is there some other reason?"

He never thought Ms. Zhang considered the situation through this way---The email content had her know that this classmate was doing something to obtain valuable things from an individual’s body; meanwhile, satisfying their ‘desires’.

Luo Qiu easily knew what Zhang Qingrui was worrying about. Even though he didn’t see the email content, based on Zhang Qingriu’s character, she would probably write down everything clearly.

Sometimes a woman’s thoughts were terrible.

"Young miss, the old master is requesting you to go back."

Right then, Shi Shijie walked out to Zhang Qingrui, "It’s almost the time to drink a toast… who is this gentleman?"

It was like a chain reaction.

Without a sense of presence, after Luo Qiu had been found by Zhang Qingrui, while she was talking with him… Normally, a person wouldn’t talk to the air. Such an absurd point rapidly struck an ordinary person’s perception.

"I remember, you seem to be the miss’s classmate." Shi Shijie frowned, "Luo Qiu, right? I’ve met you."

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