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After receiving the members of the Zhong Family, Zhang Qingrui led them to the room Zhang Lilanfang used to rest.

Nevertheless, only Old Zhong had been permitted to stay there, on behalf of talking about the old days with the old lady.

Outside the door, Zhong Luochen looked at Zhang Qingrui, smiling faintly, "Ms. Zhang, the last time we met was when I returned the things to Gu Yue Zhai."

Zhang Qingrui nodded, it had been over a month. She looked at Zhong Luochen’s smile. Somehow, she felt it was even better, more wonderful… and more false.

This was a very weird feeling.

Two months ago, this second master came from the capital city to visit her grandma. That time, Ms. Zhang still had quite an impression. In this fickle current society, Zhong Luochen might be classified as an outstanding person within the wealthy families.

And now he seemed to be more remarkable… as if the only thing remaining of him was this identity of his.

"Does Mr. Zhong want to wait here or go to the meeting place now?" Zhang Qingrui asked.

Zhong Luochen said calmly, "I’ll wait here. If Ms. Zhang is busy, I dare not disturb."

Some servants were staying here to wait upon Zhang Lilanfang, so Zhang Qingrui definitely didn’t worry about that. The Zhang Family had a few sons, so she had to greet guests personally.

"Excuse me."

Seeing Zhang Qingrui left, Old Luo, who had been serving several generations of Zhang’s Family suddenly smiled, "This Ms. Zhang, was quite similar to the Ms. Li when she was young."

Zhong Luochen definitely knew who the Ms. Li was from the words of this Grandpa Luo. He learned about the past of Mrs. Zhang from him. From his narration, it was easy to sense that there were countless of outstanding youths in love with this Ms. Li of that time--- of course this Grandpa Luo was one of them.

Vaguely, Zhong Luochen even felt that his grandpa---Old Zhong was perhaps one of them too.

Zhong Luochen smiled, ordering suddenly. "Cheng Yun, go to the meeting place to see who has arrived."

"Yes, young master."

As Old Zhong came in holding a small bag, Zhang Lilanfang was tasting tea in the room with a mild look.

Old Zhong came to Zhang Lilanfang and sat down with a slight hint of a smile. He took out the things from the bag--- it was a delicate food box.

"This is the symbol of a time-honored brand of the capital city, Tong De Fang." Old Zhang stared blankly after seeing this.

Old Zhong smiled slowly, "It’s been years. And Tong De Fang has disappeared following the rise and decline of the time. This food box is from before. The original old chef has gone long since but I found his successor. Have a taste, this osmanthus cake has the same taste with the one before."

Zhang Lilanfang moved away the food box a little, saying calmly, "Seems like Old Zhong has put much thought for this old woman."

Old Zhong said softly, "You’re getting older. Me too. But in my mind, you never age."

"Zhong Gaoshun, do you know what you’re talking about?" unexpectedly Zhang Lilanfang replied coldly.

"Yes, I know, and there’re lots of things I don’t know." Old Zhong sighed, "Today is your birthday, and moreover, it’s also a good day for both of our families. Don’t angry, just forget it."

Two looked at each other with no words, just drinking tea but not chatting… Zhang Lilanfang didn’t find some inkling from Old Zhong’s expression.

Her black card became a fake one; however, she did receive and checked it. She only felt this issue had something to do with the Zhong Family but hadn’t found the evidence yet.

Dozens of years passed. People and things changed. She didn’t know what the difference was between now and those old years, about this short, thin old guy in front of her. People’s heart were separated by skin and no one knew others clearly.

This room seemed to be quiet but the sound of conversation had emerged long since.

Luo Qiu first saw Old Zhong… when he increased his lifespan. As for this Old Zhang, today was the first time for him to see her.

This was Zhang Qingrui’s grandmother, who looked like her based on the appearance. Luo Qiu now looked at Black Soul No.9 beside him, "Do you want to regain your previous memories because you saw this old lady?"

Black Soul No.9 didn’t want to conceal it, "I just faintly feel… I know her."

Luo Qiu was different from the former boss. Tai Yinzi’s memory had been remained after becoming a Black Soul Envoy but those members before him did not… However, all the memories belonging to the senior Black Soul Envoys were kept in the club, except for those who had completely died.

‘It is not strange that you remember her… Rather, the relationship between the two of you was not common.’

Luo Qiu suddenly said, "We’ll talk about your memory later. I’m very busy during this period, especially today."

These days, in Black Soul No.9’s perspective, the new master differed from the former one in character. The new master tended to maximize the soul qualities of potential customers but the former one didn’t care about it; instead, he went after the quantity.

In addition to being an individual affected by his past, his own work was a Black Soul Envoy of the club. It was as if a brand had been engraved in his thoughts.

"Subordinate understands."

Black Soul No.9 didn’t insist… because as a Black Soul Envoy, he knew clearly, that none of Black Soul Envoys could force the boss to ask for something.

The banquet started.

The band, that was famous in the city even in nearby provinces, would present a long performance for this banquet.

Following the melodious and attractive melody, guests went find their acquaintances, chatting in low tones.

Apart from Mrs. Zhang that didn’t appear, Wu Qiubin saw many powerful and influential celebrities, and of course, it would not do without some city officials.

In regards to inviting people, the low-profiled Zhang Family would have much more influence than Wu’s Family. Especially when he recognized an old man sitting in a corner quietly, it reevaluated his knowledge about the insides of the Zhang Family.

"That is the old master of the Zhong’s Family in the capital city…" Wu Qiubin was unusually amazed. "The Zhang Family can even invite this Bodhisattva here?"

Wu Qiubin adjusted his breath, receiving a glass of champagne from his secretary and noiselessly approached them.

"Excuse me, are you Old Zhong?" Wu Qiubing lowered down his profile to the bottom.

Old Luo, Zhong Luochen, and Cheng Yun shifted their attention to Wu Qiubin. Cheng Yun who came early to inquire about the situation had told all the situations of the guests to Zhong Luochen, who was now whispering in his grandfather’s ear.

Old Zhong smiled faintly, "You’re Wu Kaitong’s son right? We might have been met several years ago."

Wu Qiubin smiled from ear to ear, "Old master has a quite good memory. Despite meeting for a short period of time in the banquet of the capital city several years ago, you still remember me."

Probably because the real protagonist didn’t show up yet and it was too boring, so Old Zhong pointed a seat near him, "Take a seat, I’ve known your father for long. I hear he’s in poor health now?"

Wu Qiubin sparingly sat down, "Those are all slight illness, but he’s alright. Thank you for old master’s concern…"

While saying, he looked at Zhong Luochen near Old Zhong and asked, "This is…"

"My grandson, Zhong Luochen." Old Zhong introduced with a smile.

Zhong Luochen nodded to Wu Qiubin, who immediately laughed, "He’s quite the cream of the crop, old master is very lucky."

Old Zhong was rather happy, "This kid still needs more cultivation. Well, I plan to let him receive some training here so please take more care of this junior."

This was quite a powerful Bodhisattva. Since he ordered, Wu Qiubin would definitely not dare say anything; rather, it was better to say that he eagerly looked forward to this possible chance to cooperate.

"You came alone?" Old Zhong suddenly asked, "Didn’t you take some young ones to gain experience here?"

Wu Qiubin laughed, "Both of my sons are studying abroad, they’re not available. But, my nephew is here now."

"Really? Take him to me."

But Wu Qiubin hand pointed, "He’s right over there, on the stage, the one that is playing the violin. That kid is talented and has won many domestic prizes. Soon later, he’ll go abroad to compete in a contest."

Old Zhong sized up Fang Jiping in that band, nodding, "Very good, very good."

Wu Qiubin seized the chance, "When the halftime break arrives, I’ll call him to come greet you."

Old Zhong had been living long, he clearly knew Wu Qiubin’s thought. However, he was a person that liked talented boys. Such a musician wouldn’t be involved in politics and business matters, which would make him like that young one more, so he nodded gradually.

During the performance, Fang Jiping took a glance at the banquet site randomly. He saw Wu Qiubin looking towards him in good faith.

Fang Jiping closed his eyes, giving more attention to his performance.

He felt Fang Ruchang was right… Nothing could confuse him---fame and wealth were now in his hands.

If he grabbed it tightly, there would be nothing to worry about in the future… And perhaps someday, he could get rid of his father’s control.

Thinking about Wu Qiubin’s well-meaning look, Fang Jiping said sorry in his mind.

Following the tempo changed by Commander Fang Ruchang, the rhythm turned gentle all at once. And now, the hostess of the banquet---Mrs. Zhang, showed up gradually accompanied by Zhang Qingrui.

The guests started to make way for the old hostess.

Under the hotel.

Manman was still calling but still could not get through… She had watched that video countless times on the way, as well as the leaflet from the aunt.

She gritted her teeth, walking into the hall of this luxury hotel.

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