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Despite it being abandoned for years, it still maintained its original appearance. There was nothing more or less here except additional dirt.

Ye Yan knew this place to the extent where he used to live; therefore, even if the light was turned off, he could find everything he needed in Xiaochun Martial Club.

The curtain was drawn, Ye Yan lighted a candle and started to apply some medicine.

Looking at the bruises on Ye Yan’s body, Luo Qiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

He didn’t appear in front of Ye Yan straightaway… Firstly, it was because it didn’t make sense. Moreover, he was aware of Ye Yan’s character, who didn’t want his messy appearance to be seen.

"Is it all what Kingkong did?" Luo Qiu asked You Ye suddenly.

You Ye nodded, telling him the matter where she had seen traces of fist-print left on the wall of the cement room, "Even a common boxer who received intensive training won’t have such terrifying power."

Luo Qiu frowned, "Isn’t Kingkong human?"

You Ye shook her head, "Even the weakest monster is more powerful than the strength of his fist. Do master still remember the new type of drugs found at Lin Geng’s?"

Luo Qiu answered, "Kingkong is one of the members of this criminal group… You mean, he’s also a user of these new drugs?"

You Ye nodded, "Might be. Its power is beyond ordinary people but cannot be compared with the weakest inhuman beings. That kind of drug may help to achieve it."

While Luo Qiu was thinking about what to say, he turned to look at the dining room suddenly, "Someone’s coming."

But the person was not who Luo Qiu needed to defend or to deal with---Instead, it was another uncle of Boss Luo, Ma Houde, Officer Ma!

Ye Yan heard the sound too. He gritted his teeth and fought back the pain, tensing his whole body. He grabbed the nunchakus on the bed---This was one of the weapons in the martial club!

Hearing the footsteps getting closer little by little, Ye Yan estimated the distance from his counterpart, then stepping out furiously. The nunchakus made a sound of whistling through the air, striking vertically at him with all his force.

But this shadow knelt down suddenly, sliding pass the strike by the nunchakus.

"Old Ye, it’s me!"

"Old Ma?"

Officer Ma was soaked in cold sweat with his heart still fluttering with fear, "If I didn’t kneel down due to the sudden pain that came from nowhere, my head will definitely be knocked out."

Ye Yan pulled Officer Ma up, "I was thinking that you’ll be the first one who would be able to find this place."

Officer Ma wiped his cold sweat, "I still have few strings in this city who used to be my brothers. You can’t hide in any place except here. And I came tonight to take my chance."

Ye Yan frowned, "Old Ma, from your tone… you knew it."

Officer Ma smiled bitterly, "I’ve received an arrest order from Lyon… You brat, who did you offend? You have a quite nice accusation… have you hurt yourself?"

"Take a seat. By the way, have you eaten?" Ye Yan sighed.

"…I’ve found some clues that the inside of our group has been colluding with the criminal group in the last movement." Ye Yan recalled this while biting the bread bought from a convenience store. "I intended to hand in the material after going back to headquarters, but I encountered some killers on my way back… they knew my actions, so I suspect that someone in my group revealed my information."

Ye Yan sneered, "And it turned out as how I have guessed it. Before I arrived at the headquarters, I’ve already been dismissed and the arrest order has been sent out. In private, some criminal police want to catch me as well."

Officer Ma frowned, "The traitor inside the Interpol… Old Ye, this guy might be in a quite high position."

Ye Yan let out a sigh, "I don’t know who is that person."

"Then you come back this time for…"

"In the previous movement, I was in charge of investigating the guy who helped this criminal organization to move and store their goods. I found a unit of important cargoes that should be hiding here." Ye Yan frowned, "The evidence I’ve collected is not enough to reveal who the traitor is. If I hand it in, it’ll probably be said as perjury."

"So you wanna find the cargo and force the members of this criminal group to negotiate with you?"

Ye Yan sneered, "At least I should know who the traitor is! I don’t know how many guys in the Interpol are tied up with this group… so I don’t believe anyone and have to do it myself! Make my own food."

Officer Ma laughed suddenly, "This is Brother Luo’s famous quote."

The atmosphere relaxed a little.

Officer Ma sighed, "I thought you’ve gotten better, but it turns out it’s messier outside…where the hell is this criminal group from? It’s simply too resourceful!"

Ye Yan said seriously, "I’ve just found the tip of the iceberg. I only know the group leader is called ‘Mr. Sun’, and their group name is ‘Michael Club’."

Officer Ma was stupefied, snorting, "Quite a nice name, an angel who behaves evilly…by the way, who is this Mr. Sun?"

"It might not be a single person." Ye Yan frowned, "‘Mr. Sun’ is just a code. This so-called leader consists of several or a dozen people. The international criminal police organization has been investigating the Michael Club under the table throughout these years. According to the materials we held, these people might be important figures with different expertizes. Capitalists, dignitaries, even big drug traffickers, and warlords, etc."

Ye Yan glanced at Ma Houde, "Last time, that dead doctor was merely in the lowest level of this organization. And there might be many doctors beyond count who is helping this organization to remove human organs."

After getting the seriousness of this issue, Ma Houde fell silent.

A long silence later, Ma Houde emitted a sigh, "Old Ye, what can I do for you?"

While Ye Yan patted Ma Houde’s shoulder, "You’re about to retire soon, so don’t lend a hand in this matter. Old Ma, listen, I am alone and won’t be afraid of anything, but you have your family, and have a lot to consider."

"You think I’m f*ckin afraid of death?!"

Unexpectedly at this moment, Ye Yan stood up furiously, one hand pinched Officer Ma’s pulse on the wrist; the other pressed on the main artery on his neck, pushing Ma Houde to the ground.

"Ye Yan you…"

In a short time, Officer Ma could only see stars, falling unconscious after a short resistance.

"I’ve lost Xiaochun and Brother Luo, I cannot lose anyone else."

Ye Yan fished out Ma Houde’s wallet and took out all his money after gazing at him for a while. He looked at his family photo in it, smiling, "I’ve not gotten married yet, these are considered as my wedding gifts that you owed me."

With prompt speed, Ye Yan wore the clothes and left Xiaochun Martial Club.

Luo Qiu helped the fallen Ma Houde up to the bed and lay him down.

You Ye who was next to him at this moment heard Luo Qiu saying softly, "Uncle Ma got rheumatism in recent years. If he lies on the ground for the whole night, he might not be able to walk tomorrow."

Luo Qiu sat by the bedside, looking at You Ye, "Since Jiang Chu’s matter is finished, I’ve stealthily bought some information about Mr. Sun, but I didn’t expect the price to be so alarmingly high… It turns out it’s not a real name and there’s no Mr. Sun; instead, they’re a group of people. Michael Club, this name sounds like one of our competitors, but was originally just a group doing evil."

You Ye added coolly, "It says in the eastern world, should be called… contemptible scoundrel."

Luo Qiu stood up and disappeared from here. Before vanishing, the servant girl merely heard an order from her master.

"Take care of Ye Yan."

Fang Jiping had finished dealing with the car accident and wandered around the estate for a short time, instead of going home directly.

He suddenly looked at a bulletin, "Come out, don’t hide there."

But no one walked out from the back of the notice board. However, a pair of legs were shown under the board. Fang Jiping breathed in deeply, walking two steps ahead, saying after awhile of silence, "Go back."

There was no response.

Fang Jiping flared up, "Why do you appear in front of me rather than coming to find me that year? Do you think I’ll pretend that nothing has happened in spite of your appearance now?"

"So, sorry…"

He could only hear that faint, pusillanimous and hoarse voice.

Fang Jiping clenched his fist. His heart couldn’t calm down and he didn’t know what he should say. All he saw was the person behind the bulletin board leaving away quickly.

Fang Jiping leaned against the board, lowering his head with a complicated look. He massaged his forehead, mumbling, "Why did you only show up now…"

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