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Jessica came to the window of the dining room, pulling open the curtain a little bit and observing the outside of the building through its narrow gap.

She kept her body still for about 3 minutes.

After that, she sat down, opened her traveling case, and took out a laptop and a pint-sized portable briefcase.

Unfolding the briefcase, a machine with a screen could be seen. Jessica took out a set of earphones and plugged it into the briefcase while putting the earphones in her ear and starting to rotate some buttons.

Not long after, Jessica sat leaning against the sofa with her eyes shut. She fetched a recording pen and put it near her lips.

Of course she didn’t speak that weird-accent Mandarin; instead, she spoke fluent British English.

Luo Qiu walked around the apartment unscrupulously while listening to Jessica’s British English. He realized it was a lie when she said she came from America.

"…It’s the 26th day since Ye Yan has been missing. I came to his hometown in China."

Talking about this, Jessica suddenly erased this part of the recording. She recorded it all over again, "It’s the 26th day since Ye Yan has been missing. There are no clues at all but I’ve approached a potential lead who can provide me with some clues, and have successfully installed an eavesdropping device in his apartment."

Jessica turned off the recording pen before putting on the earphones. She put both of her hands on her belly, listening while taking a rest.

She was not aware that her every move including the two sentences she had just said, had been detected clearly by Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu now frowned. Snapping his fingers lightly, Jessica’s breathing started to ease up.

Opening Jessica’s suitcase and grabbing her cell phone, Luo Qiu started to check all these carefully.

He found a document envelope in it where there were many odds and ends. And then he found a folder.

‘He colluded with an international criminal organization and sold the secrets of the international criminal police organization…’

‘ Got expelled … fled to escape from punishment… wanted list…’

While reading page by page, Luo Qiu frowned more seriously. He even found Jessica’s ID card along with a pistol.

It seemed that Jessica had a mission on her.

As to the reason why she became the tenant of this building, he discovered it in a photo attached in this folder.

That was a group photo of Luo Qiu and Ye Yan shot at the airport several years ago when Ye Yan left.

After Ye Yan went missing in Lyon, the headquarters began to investigate him constantly… The purpose for Jessica to come here this time might be because she thought that Ye Yan would contact him, so she wanted to wait until he appeared.

After sitting on the sofa for a while silently, Luo Qiu opened a pendant hanging on a necklace that fell out from the file.

There was a photo in the little pendant, which was shot from the side. It might have been secretly filmed.

And the person in the photo was Uncle Ye Yan.

In the photo, he was drinking a can of coffee while looking into the distance.

‘---came to his hometown…’

Luo Qiu suddenly recalled the sentence that had been omitted by Jessica.

He came out from the bathroom as usual, wiping his wet hair dry while looking at Ren Ziling who had fallen asleep and placed her bare feet on the tea table.

He then took a glance at the dishes on the dining table and saw that the leftover dishes had been tidily moved to one side.

This woman complained saying she was hungry but in the end, she still left one portion for him.

Luo Qiu turned off the TV and turned up the temperature of the air-conditioner in the dining room. After that, he got a thin blanket to cover Ren Ziling before going back to his room.

"One day of your lifespan has been deducted, location of the target is locked…"

He received the message sent from the altar; at the same time, Luo Qiu had already arrived at the place 30km from his home.

There were several different old town areas in this city. Luo Qiu was from one of them, but now he was in another one.

Xiaochun Martial Club.

Raising his head up to look at to the plaque, Luo Qiu fell silent… Ye Yan was staying in this martial club that had gone out of business long ago.

This club was owned by Ye Yan’s deceased girlfriend. What Luo Qiu knew was that the policewoman who was sacrificed was actually a successor of some kind of fist martial art. Although she inherited the martial club, she eventually became a policewoman who wiped out evil. Therefore, the martial club site turned into the place where she lived.

But since several years ago, this place had been emptied… Luo Qiu remembered that he came here for several times during his childhood.

As Luo Qiu decided to go in, he stopped and his sight changed direction.

Under the old Banyan Tree in front of the club’s doorway at night, a figure walked out from the tree shade, stepping quickly in front of Luo Qiu.

It was You Ye.

This was out of Luo Qiu’s expectations, meeting the servant girl here. Even though You Ye had the ability to turn up at his side at any time, usually if he didn’t call her, You Ye wouldn’t show up to bother him.

"Are you tailing after Uncle Ye Yan?" Luo Qiu knitted his brows.

You Ye didn’t expect to meet her master here. However, if she left in front of the master, she’d go against the principle of loyalty. That was why she had to greet him.

You Ye said softly, "You Ye is protecting him."

"What happened?"

You Ye explained calmly, "Does master still remember a person called Kingkong who is the subordinate of Lin Geng? He could be a member of the criminal group that used to control Jiang Chu. And Heaven’s Shadow seemed to be in league with this organization. The appearance of master’s Uncle Ye Yan this time is probably to chase after this lead. In his process of following Kingkong, he lost the fight and got caught. Luckily, this morning I’ve rescued Ye Yan from the place of imprisonment. Of course he doesn’t know the truth."

Luo Qiu kept silent, thinking about this for a while and uttered something suddenly, "A foreign policewoman came to my home today, she even installed an eavesdropping device in my apartment."

He explained all the matters that he had discovered to her.

The servant girl came up with a conclusion after a second of consideration, "Well… looks like Uncle Ye was framed. Some member is hiding or colluding with this criminal organization in the international criminal police organization. Perhaps Mr. Ye Yan is holding some clues, which results in his plight today … This time, he came back to the country, I’m afraid one side of it might be to escape from capture. The other side is to seek out the real criminal so that he can prove his innocence. Nevertheless, I cannot clarify which group does the lady who approached Master belongs to."

Luo Qiu suddenly recalled the necklace that Jessica had hidden. However, it still couldn’t be the key to distinguish which side Jessica was on.

Luo Qiu thought deeply for a while, "Did Uncle Ye get a serious injury?"

You Ye answered gently, "He has probably been tortured for some days but is still able to escape to here. So his life is not endangered, he just needs to take a while to rest and recover."

Luo Qiu nodded, asking suddenly, "I discovered all the issues about Uncle Ye because of Jessica’s presence. Why do you know all of them?"

The servant girl said calmly, "If it bothers master, it’s all due to You Ye’s dereliction of duty."

Luo Qiu heaved a sigh.

An interesting thought suddenly came to him. If Jessica didn’t look for him, he wouldn’t get to know Ye Yan’s matters. Perhaps several days passed would subside the matter quietly. And then, Ye Yan would clear his name and show up smiling in front of him. Then he could invite Ren Ziling and Uncle Ma to have a dinner together.

You Ye now spoke in a low voice, "Does Master dislike You Ye acting in private… That’s true, You Ye should inform Master before she takes any action."

Luo Qiu shook his head.

Luo Qiu could feel his innermost heart intuitively. Even though You Ye was just a puppet, her inner soul, he thought, was worthy for him to cherish.

He walked to the back of the servant girl, stretching out his hands to hold You Ye’s palm, smiling, "This place contains some of my childhood memories. Let me bring you in."

In the deluxe housing estate.

Fang Jiping looked at Fang Ruchang, "Dad, the estate administrator took the tow truck, I will go out to handle it."

Fang Ruchang nodded while seeing Fang Jiping going out.

He frowned… this son was bought from outside without any blood relationship or kinship; however, he was sure that he understood Fang Jiping better than how normal fathers and sons understood each other.  

He had to do it anyways.

Because if Fang Jiping wasn’t under his full control and spilled the beans, the Wu Family would probably know that Fang Jiping was not the biological son of the deceased daughter of Wu’s family.

Whether it was every behavior, word, or even if some simple expressions of Fang Jiping was natural or not, he was able to distinguish it clearly.

Fang Ruchang suddenly felt uneasy. After thinking deeply in silence for a few seconds, he wore his shoes, following noiselessly.

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