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Chapter 154

The club occupied the location of a store that was located in the original commercial street--- Of course, this kind of occupancy was not of a surface level.

They were not in the same realm---To make it simple, both the original store and the club existed at the same time and location.

The only difference was that the person who could see the club couldn’t see the store and vice versa.

In fact, Luo Qiu just felt that because of this existence, the sunshine that radiated into the attic-like third floor and reflected the light on You Ye’s half-undressed body had made everything more beautiful.

Embarrassment flashed across his heart and faded. Luo Qiu now said softly, "Do you need help?"

Because he was her boss, the servant girl didn’t care her current appearance. She stood up quickly and let down the hemline to cover her bare thighs without stockings. Yet, her tops still remained at her belly.

"How would You Ye dare bother Master with such a trifling thing."

Luo Qiu didn’t find any shy expressions on her face but the worried look of causing trouble for the master.

Well… even though it was the first time for him to see a female’s naked body, Luo Qiu didn’t even feel his heart beat faster.

Seeing it seemed to be nothing of a big deal … This might be his thought.

If he saw it clearly, it was possible to see some parts of You Ye’s joints--- which could not usually be seen normally. It was probably because she needed to be maintained, so she showed her original state.

She was a puppet.

Luo Qiu stepped up the last few flight of steps, ascending to the third floor completely.

The wooden floor let out a squeaking sound when being stepped on. He finally came facing You Ye, pulling up the clothes to cover her body, which she didn’t intend to hide.

Luo Qiu came to her back, tied up the strings, and put her clothes on completely, saying, "It’s nothing. Have you maintained your upper body?"

You Ye nodded.

Luo Qiu thought for a while before continuing, "What do you usually do to maintain your body?"

You Ye turned around and said, "Normally, I only clean the dust on the joints, then apply some lubricant. As to the components of the body, I just changed them 100 years ago, so it’s not necessary for now."

Luo Qiu looked at the bottle on the floor and the dropper, "Take a seat."

Obeying his words, You Ye sat down obediently.

Now Luo Qiu squatted down to pick up the dropper. Some yellow thick liquid was absorbed in the bottle---it might be the so-called lubricant.

But it didn’t have a pungent smell like normal lubricant; instead, the smell was

was fragrant as perfume. Luo Qiu looked up to see the servant girl, inquiring in a faint tone, "Just drop it on the joint?"

"Master, You Ye can do it myself."

"That’s OK." Luo Qiu said gently, "Thank you for your precious care throughout these days. I should do something for you as a return."

His look became gentle as well. He squatted down halfway on the floor, stretching out his hands to raise You Ye’s shank slightly, putting it on his own knee.

Under the hemline, only a very tiny section and the ankle were shown.

Luo Qiu looked up and asked, "Is that OK?"

You Ye smiled faintly, stretching out her hands to pull up the hemline until her knees were exposed. However, her joints couldn’t be seen."

"That’s all right."

Luo Qiu touched You Ye’s knees gently. The sorcery that was used to cover the trace on her knees had vanished now.

Even so, even if more structures of the joints had appeared, it did not show discordance or bad influence on the perfect lines of female’s legs.

Even… One couldn’t find any other female who owned such perfect lines.

"The alchemist must have spent a lot of time to build you." Luo Qiu couldn’t help admiring.

"The former boss said that alchemist lady spent almost 10 years." You Ye said softly, "Well, You Ye is satisfied with this

with this body."

Feeling the human-like tactile impression from a non-human body, Luo Qiu was surprised again about the manufacturing skills of the puppet-maker.

Of course, if the soul wasn’t blended in the body of this puppet, it wouldn’t be so flawless.

Even though she was not a human, in Luo Qiu’s view, except having the ability to reproduce, You Ye owned a perfect body and soul that surpassed human beings.

The dropper approached slowly to the joint. Luo Qiu pressed it carefully against the gap that opened slightly, his fingers pressed it with a little force. The light yellow color thick liquid was squeezed out a little by now and was poured into the gap little by little.


You Ye let out faint voices occasionally, Luo Qiu asked curiously, "Can you feel it?"

"A little." You Ye closed her eyes, saying softly, "It feels weak and numb. Actually my skin can feel it but it isn’t that strong."

He thought a puppet should not have feelings. Listening to this, Luo Qiu stopped and recalled the scene where he held and lifted her calf…

Seeing that You Ye’s expression didn’t change, Luo Qiu definitely didn’t think too much.

Next was the ankles, he held You Ye’s beautiful feet in his palms completely.

The translucent toes contracted a little. Even though it wasn’t a strong feeling, it might be due to the ticklish feeling. Thus, Luo Qiu acted more quickly.

Next, he did the same on the other leg.

"Thank you, Master."

Luo Qiu put down the dropper, taking the shoes nearby, and helping her to wear them slowly.

"There, it’s done." Luo Qiu stood up while making a joke, "It doesn’t seem to be easy work."

"It’s not that easy to deal with the ankles." You Ye stood up, "But this time is a little bit quicker than usual."

You Ye grasped Luo Qiu’s palms suddenly, taking out the handkerchief and wiping the liquid smeared on his hands, "Master, please don’t do such things for You Ye anymore. You’re the most honorable man, how can you do such a dirty thing? The former boss didn’t do these. He just asked You Ye to do it on my own."

He had no feeling until now.

But Luo Qiu thought suddenly that he seemed to be a foot fetishist kind of pervert and furthermore, it was a puppet’s foot…

However, it was due to the altar that his emotion had turned indifferent. Therefore, Luo Qiu’s face didn’t show any unusualness; rather, he asked suddenly, "By the way, do you still remember the name of alchemist lady who produced you?"

"Ekaterina II•Alexyevna."

Luo Qiu gave a start.

This name sounded quite familiar.

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