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Chengyun shook the water out of the umbrella in the hotel downstairs, taking a look at the current weather somberly.

Wasn’t it said that the typhoon had passed through? There was a quick downpour this morning. Grandpa Sun had risen now and caused the rainwater to evaporate. People everywhere were inundated with a feeling of mugginess.

Chengyun hurried into the hall at 9 o’clock, then walked into the elevator. To highlight the star rating of the hotel, it had a specially designed as a sightseeing elevator.

The slowly rising elevator allowed Chengyun to keep most of the city’s sceneries under his eyes. He thought of Zhong family’s domestic affairs subconsciously.

It seemed that the second young master was determined to take root here. As to the old master, he didn’t return to the villa in the capital city. The old master declared in the Zhong Family that this place was suitable for him to recuperate instead of the capital city where he couldn’t even inhale a little bit of fresh air throughout the year.

It was true… but as to if this was the real reason, Chengyun kept a watch-and-wait attitude.

The big master had returned to the capital to deal with the family’s business, and the third miss had left with her parents earlier.

Hence, rather than saying that the old master stayed here to recuperate … it was more likely due to the fact that the second master was here. Chengyun was aware that the eldest master, Zhong Luoyun, had the desire to be the next leader of the Zhong Family, so it was not that weird to see the gloomy look on Zhong Luoyun’s face on the day he left.

"Second master, everything is done."

In one deluxe suite on the higher floor of the hotel, Chengyun sent the documents to Zhong Luochen. The second master smiled faintly, "Nice speed, good job."

Chengyun didn’t accept the merit at once, instead, he said with a normal look, "It’s achieved with the help of Lin Geng’s biological uncle, that’s why we could finish it so fast. If his uncle didn’t see that Lin Geng had become a vegetable with almost zero chance for him to wake up, hence hurries to fight for Lin Geng’s family property, we would not be able to get the right of control to Heaven Shadow’s Entertainment so quickly through this puppet."

"Leave it for now." Zhong Luochen didn’t even open that document but put it on the table randomly. He walked towards the French window and pulled open the curtain. The view he saw was apparently different from what he had seen in the elevator.

Zhong Luochen said, "I’m not interested in starting a business, the Heaven Shadow’s Entertainment has a good base."

Chengyun nodded but sighed suddenly, "It’s a pity that the pillar Tu Jiaya disappeared. Rumor says it has something to do with Lin Geng’s drug abuse that turned him into a vegetable. It is even possible that she’s the one who has committed this, therefore is hiding somewhere else."

Zhong Luochen said coolly, "What is a star? In my opinion, whether working hard to become famous or becoming well-known by sheer good luck, the essential key is nothing more than ability. In addition to that, I don’t plan to place emphasis on film and television industry."

"Second master?" Chengyun was startled.

As if seeing a dormant lion opening its eyes at the moment.

Zhong Luochen talked fishily, "There is a large population in our country… No matter how many much attention films and television programs can attract, how can they compete with the direction of public opinion? The so-called obscurantism, it’s nothing but deceiving the public. Condemning both speech and writing. The power of effective writers is always sharper than what you can imagine."

He turned his body around, his back facing this city, smiling, "A media empire will achieve much more than a film and television empire."

Although he didn’t mention how it would be planned, Chengyun seemed to see a huge blueprint spreading in front of his eyes from Zhong Luochen’s body at this moment.

He couldn’t control the quiver in his heart… He was thinking about the other person who provided him the benefits, the Third Miss.

The three grandchildren were outstanding among people. There will probably be a series of fights in the future.

"Oh, prepare some presents for me." Zhong Luochen said abruptly, " Old Zhang’s birthday is coming in the next few days. I have to make a trip to the Zhang’s house."

"Got it."

Chengyun nodded and promised, but once he thought of that old woman of Gu Yue Zhai who had never let out a smile in a thousand years, he couldn’t help moaning and groaning inwardly.

"…But you will override all of them since you will sacrifice your flesh."

Jesus said to Judas.

This was the translation of "Gospel of Judas" that Luo Qiu was able to find. As to the veracity, no one in that period could testify it.

Probably one month ago, since the message had been found inside of the stain-glass window in the former boss’s room, and from the time he realized that this might be one of the sentences from "Gospel of Judas" due to the hint ‘Golden Eyes’, Luo Qiu had therefore read the New Testament and the Old Testament, and also these sections of ‘Gospels’.

This seemed to be the clues older than You Ye’s understanding of the former boss. However, the clues seemed started to be lost when it reached the ‘Gospel’. To study the character of Judas in ‘Gospel’, it was not easy to understand it by simply reading the New and the Old Testament.

Luo Qiu had inherited the club for approximately two months. His lifespan had thus become abundant after receiving many transactions. He was patient character--- even though he used to be active in his childhood, the patient character was probably cultivated by the lonely life he had lived in recent years.

In the unseen world, Luo Qiu didn’t think it was accidental to find this message in the former boss’s room.

After the former boss left the club, where was he now? Once he sold the club, how would his life be?

"Unfortunately… the price is too expensive."

While complaining secretly about the extreme stinginess of the altar in information-gathering, Luo Qiu checked over the temporary email he that had registered outside the dean’s office yesterday.

It didn’t receive any new mail.

Luo Qiu’s heart didn’t fluctuate due to this--- He started to discover the change of his soul after it had been imprisoned in the altar.

His emotion started to grow indifferent.

Anger, anxiety, hesitation, depression and a series of negative emotions as such, he used to show these emotions occasionally, but now it was hard for them to appear.

In retrospect, he realized his change through the transactions that he had done these days---As the number of transactions increased, his ability had been improving steadily and his change became more and more obvious.

"If I can’t laugh after reading cold jokes, it’s a little bit terrible…"

Turning off the cellphone, and after drinking a sip of black tea that was completely cold … Luo Qiu just realized it was totally cold.

Under the precious care of the servant girl, Boss Luo who had got used to being lazy in life couldn’t help gaping.

It seemed that while he was contemplating, You Ye had said she would be going upstairs for a second… for what?

Luo Qiu couldn’t remember anything at the moment.

But looking at the time, it seemed a little bit long--- After getting used to having the servant girl by his side, Boss Luo felt unfamiliar all of a sudden.

He walked up the stairs slowly.

She was not on the second floor.

His emotions had turned indifferent… but his curiosity still remained the same just like before he inherited the club. Therefore, Luo Qiu went up to the third floor.

Different from the second floor that was used as a living room, the third floor was used to stock sundries. Luo Qiu landed on the stairs, who could gradually see the situation all over the third floor.


The black and white maid costume had been taken off until her shoulders, revealing her delicate and fair back. One slender foot with an almost perfect ratio was stretched out, and the other was held close up to her chest, hiding the exposed part after the clothes were taken off.

And the skirt hemline was lifted, covering only the end of her thighs…

From his angle, Luo Qiu could see the side part clearly.

But it seemed to be more alluring.

Long hair that had long been coiled, You Ye now looked down with both her hands pressing on the joints of her knees. Her attentive look--- was distracted in that instant.

She might have heard the footsteps of someone coming upstairs.

The boss of the club and the servant girl with such appearance looked at each other now.

Was it quite embarrassing like this?.

Some thought arose from Luo Qiu’s heart. But as if a stream was flowing there, the faint restlessness disappeared all of a sudden.

He suddenly recalled what You Ye had said to him before coming upstairs.

"Master, You Ye need to maintain my own body, it might take some time."

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