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How did the monsters that live in city look like?

It was sure that they were doing their best to maintain the appearance of human beings, living in human society carefully.

Monster would also die or fall ill; some were weak or had eaten the wrong things and so on. The little butterfly who had once been hurt in the past still remembered the fresh pain of falling ill in her memory now.

By the time Luo Dance closed the gate of the pet center and went back to the treatment room, a special ‘patient’ was lying on the sickbed in agony and had revealed its original appearance---a rat covered with black hair but dressed in plumber’s clothes.

Long Xiruo was flicking off the water in the syringe.

"Lord Long...Shouldn’t it be sterilized first?" The rat monster lying on the bed asked weakly.

Long Xiruo said coldly, "After you leave, I will disinfect it."

"Well...I mean the place where you are injecting me."

Long Xiruo inserted the syringe into the rat monster’s leg, "These germs won’t kill you, or else you won’t be climbing here."

The rat monster couldn’t say anything at the moment and sighed with emotion, "I don’t want to bother you so often."

Long Xiruo sniffed, "Since you know you are bothering me, why are you so keen on eating in the sewer? Do you think it is still decades ago?"

"It is hard to change one’s nature..." The rat monster chuckled, "Now the prices are too high, but the salary hasn’t increased at all! Lord Long, you may not know that my wife can reproduce a lot. If I don’t seek food for myself, I can’t afford them at all!"

Long Xiruo pulled out the syringe and said, "Then just go back to the mountain forest, you will never die from hunger. Since you are greedy for the convenience and prosperity of human society, don’t be contentious here, I won’t give you a discount."

"Lord Long, I have both old and young family members..."

"Do you want an injection mixed with arsenic?"

"No. No need..."

This was probably the situation? Luo Dance witnessed the chatter between Long Xiruo and the rat monster obediently. She could always hear the matter of many monsters existing in the city from the nagging between different monsters and Sister Long.

The things they fretted about, their daily lives , their work and their lives.

Mr. Rat Monster gaped while looking at the medicine in the little butterfly’s hands when he was settling his account, "What are these vitamins? I didn’t ask for them"

The little butterfly monster whispered, "Didn’t the rat aunt get pregnant again? Take it back, no charge."

The rat monster beamed at once, "Dance, you are really a bodhisattva! Quite different from Lord Long, that vampire! You’re certainly the clear stream in our demon world!"

Luo Dance smiled but said nothing. She remembered sister Long’s words, ‘You stuffed the things in, I don’t know anything.’ But it was obviously sister Long who stuffed in by herself.

The little butterfly monster began to learn words recently by grabbing a new dictionary to read. She learned a new word in these two days, which she thought could especially describe Long Xiruo.

Firm in speech but soft in heart.


A loud thunder resounded outside. Such things that carried vital energies were like a natural enemy for monsters. Hence, the little butterfly unconsciously closed her eyes.

By the time she opened her eyes, she saw a small figure at the back door, which was set for special ‘patients’.

The black dress had already long been soaked by the heavy rain outside. The person, who was probably 16 or 17 years old, with long black hair and rainwater sticking on her face was standing there without wearing any shoes.

She hadn’t seen her during these days… Of course, the little butterfly didn’t thought she would get to know all the monsters in the whole city within only these few days since she came.

When did she appear? Luo Dance felt nothing at all, but the girl’s dark red eyes made the little butterfly monster feel a little fearful at the moment subconsciously.

All of a sudden, the girl in black dress fell to the ground.

Luo Dance walked in the rain subconsciously, but suddenly heard the voice of Long Xiruo from her back when she attempted to help the young girl up.

"Don’t go over there!"

At the same time, her body was also captured by a strange force. Long Xiruo had appeared before the girl who fell down, replacing the little butterfly.


The girl raised her head. A strange red light sparkled in her eyes, with the sudden opening of her cherry-like mouth, she revealed two small fangs and swooped directly towards Long Xiruo. Before she got close to Long XIruo, she was caught in one hand.

Long Xiruo clutched the neck of the girl directly and frowned. She knocked on the girl’s forehead all of a sudden and stunned her directly. Then, dragged her into the pet center.

"Close the door, I won’t see any patients today." Long Xiruo said suddenly.

Luo Qiu asked You Ye to open the club’s door. He sat by the side of the cupboard next to the window, listening to the rain outside while playing around with the things in his hands.

Before he went to Liu Ang’s house, he casually bought some 925 sterling silver marbles in a silver shop, which were, of course, the cheap one.

Due to his thoughts, the mini silver marbles in his hands began to change its shape gradually. After coming back from Liu Ang’s mansion, Boss Luo had been playing with it for about half an hour.

The time for dinner arrived unwittingly.

You Ye pushed a dining cart towards Luo Qiu, beginning to lay out the food.

Luo Qiu said at this moment, "Where is Qin Chuyu?"

"She went out this afternoon, said she was going back to deal with the things in Qin’s mansion." You Ye said softly, "So I let her go."

Was it bad to spit out blood here everyday? Luo Qiu couldn’t help thinking… He nodded, and said, "I will go find out the black account book of Liu Ang, and I will have a look after the meal."

"Does master feel that Liu Ang will come back again?"

At this moment, Luo Qiu took out the two diamonds that he had picked up from Liu Ang and began to lay them on a set of silver-shaped pieces, saying, "I am just curious to see them."

As he said, Luo Qiu smiled and opened her palms, the two diamonds had already been inlaid. The simple pieces of silver and diamonds turned into a pair of delicate earrings now.


Luo Qiu said, "Thanks for taking care of me during these days, but I don’t have a gift for art. Anyway, it is made by my hand, on behalf of my mind."

You Ye smiled and took the earrings from Luo Qiu’s hands. Then, she walked to the counter to take out a small case, put it in, and began to lay out the food.

Although Miss Servant smiled all the time, it seemed that she was happier tonight. She took out a champagne from the cupboard and opened it but her attention was set on the small box on the dining cart.

Now Luo Qiu felt the atmosphere was very good. He just quietly ate and listened to the first rain since the summer.

Tonight, in Liu Ang’s mansion, a sudden cry of panic came out.

The master of the mansion–the jewelry businessman Liu Ang– woke up from his dreams with sweat running down from his face and a panic-stricken look.

His wife woke up and she asked him what had happened. Yet Liu Ang said nothing, merely lifting his quilt and getting out from the bed, "I’m going to drink some water."

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