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Liu Ang’s mansion was a real villa built based on a three-storey European structure along with a swimming pool. The nearby lands were very precious, and such a mansion was apparently pretty valuable.

It was human nature to want it back.

"Master, this way please!"

Liu Ang was very deferential at this moment, leading the way in front of Luo Qiu until he reached the door of the great house. He was startled by the sudden roar of thunder.

The rain was heavy, just like pouring water. The floor was wet with countless drops of water in a very short time, and there was no dry place within the time of a few breaths.

Liu Ang swallowed his saliva subconsciously, probably because he had been tortured by the dirty beings in the mansion. He trembled at this moment, pushing the door with his chilly hands.

It was completely dark outside, but even though it was only three o’clock in the afternoon, it felt like the sun had set. Liu Ang groped for the light switch on the porch.

He seemed relieved when the light turned on. Luo Qiu surveyed the interior of the room then and suddenly pressed down on the edge of a tile, "Mr. Liu, have all the people here moved away?"

Liu Ang nodded promptly, "Yes, our family has moved away and stayed in the hotel for the time being. I also had the workers all go on holiday… Oh, and told them not to let out this matter."

It was probably businessmen’s taboo. It’d defame a family’s name if rumors were spread about their home being haunted.

On the other hand, Liu Ang was curious about the question and asked cautiously, "Master, why do you ask that? Or… You, what do you see?"

Yet, at this very moment, thunder roared outside the house again suddenly!

With a snap, all lights went off in a flash! The constant thunder and the lightning brought the whole mansion into a black and white movie-like world.

Liu Ang looked at the ghostly clown mask of the club owner under a flickering light, which instantly became terrifying. He leaned against the wall subconsciously, "Did the power go off?"

"I’m afraid not."

The door was still open, Luo Qiu looked out, said coolly, "The lights outside are still on. Might be due to a power trip-out or it might be caused by something else. "

"What… what, what thing..."

There came another sound of thunder and the rain beat down more urgently, sounding like a pan of beans frying. Liu Ang grabbed Luo Qiu’s arm, saying hurriedly, "Master… Shall we come back another day?"

Luo Qiu said nothing but just pushed away Liu Ang’s palm. He then fished out his cellphone, letting the light shine towards the living room.

Just then, some slight sounds could be heard from the corridor of the second floor!

The cellphone’s light moved and swept through the hallway!

A shadow moved quickly at this moment and suddenly disappeared at the end of the corridor! One could only see the black and scattered hair covering the whole body at the back of that figure!

With a red… robe!


Liu Ang gave out a scream. His legs were too weak to support him and he sat down on the floor. He closed his eyes in horror, grasping Luo Qiu’s thigh tightly, "Master! It’s appearing! It’s real!! That thing! That thing!!"

"I see it."

Luo Qiu muttered, then knocked at Liu Ang’s palm with his walking stick… he wasn’t accustomed to being held by an old man at the calf, "But it is not your thing."

"What?" Liu Ang didn’t hear it clearly.

In a second, Luo Qiu had already forced apart Liu Ang’s hand, walking a few steps before turning around, "Come on, you said there was something better right?"

Liu Ang got up and thought what the real identity of this guy was. That black card was passed on to him by his old mother. His old mother has kept it before his father died. So what Liu Ang knew was all from his old mother.

It was said that Liu Family was enriched by this black card for decades. In the future if there was a great misfortune, just take out this black card and provide some treasures. In that way, any problem would be solved.

After weighing whether to go upstairs to finish the trade with this guy or give it up and abandon this ancestral house to keep away from those dirty things, Liu Ang chose the former one.

Liu Ang followed Luo Qiu nervously, going up the stair to the second floor step by step; however, at the moment, strange sounds came from the end of the corridor.

It was very light, vaguely, like laughter, or crying, with sounds of thunder coming from the outside occasionally!


All of a sudden, the window seemed to be burst open at the end of the corridor! The wild wind outside blew into the corridor instantly!


Under the thunder and the black and white lightning, a figure in a red robe, with hair falling down the lowered head, stood at the end of the line!

The fierce wind was blowing the weird long hair and robe!

"Hey, hee hee, whee..."

Meanwhile, a sound like crying and laughter rang out! As if pushed by the strong wind, the figure suddenly moved forward.

"No… Don’t come here!!!"

Liu Ang was extremely frightened. He had no time to do anything except turning about and attempting to run down the stairs! Unexpectedly after only one step, his collar was caught by something so that he couldn’t move forward.

"Don’t kill me… Please!"

"Calm down."

It was Luo Qiu who caught Liu Ang. He said indifferently, "Furthermore, it is not a ferocious ghost."

Liu Ang was stunned, turning around subconsciously. At this moment he saw the ‘female ghost’ with scattered long hair open her hands, screaming "Wow" and pounce on him suddenly.

Luo Qiu suddenly rotated his cane, knocking at the ‘female ghost’s head precisely without much thought. With a scream, the ‘female ghost’ fell to the ground… It appeared that something had fallen out of her body and was rolling towards Liu Ang’s feet!

It was a mini loud-speaker!

That terrifying sound should be from this microphone. Liu Ang was stupefied, looking at the woman’s feet under the red robe---shoes… and they were leather shoes at that.

He frowned, rushing forward and grabbed the hair of ‘female ghost’. However, he did not grasp it properly; instead, he pulled it off ---It was just a wig.

Under the thunder and the lightning, Liu Ang saw the female ghost clearly for the first time. He blurted out, "You… you brat?!"


The real identity of the ‘female ghost’ was a 20-year-old youth… Liu Ang’s son.

Sitting in the living room of Liu Ang’s mansion, Luo Qiu was quietly reading a photo album about jewels at the tea table. At this moment, the light was shining again. Liu Ang hesitated on the second floor for a moment, before coming over to Luo Qiu.

He hesitated, "I have got all the answers...there is nothing dirty at all. It is made by my unfilial son! He lost a lot of money outside due to gambling and dared not ask me for money. Therefore, he just begged his mum and they put on a play together! Just to take out the items from my steel safe and pretend that a thief came to rob my house… it really pisses me off!"

Luo Qiu leafed through the photo album but didn’t raise his head. "I am not interested in your family affairs."

Liu Ang hesitated at this moment, suddenly said, "This master… since this is only a trick by my son, the deal…"

Luo Qiu asked, "Are you going to cancel the deal?"

"Can’t we do it?" But Liu Ang frowned. "You’ve said you wouldn’t force us to buy or sell."

Luo Qiu said indifferently, "Customer actually didn’t take out the transaction fee, to be strict, a deal hasn’t been made yet… And I didn’t make any real deals either. If you want to cancel it, we will surely not force you."

Liu Ang frowned. "If there is anything unholy, I’ll definitely ask for you again."

Luo Qiu stood up. "Customer, I know what you mean… then I won’t bother you."

After saying that, Boss Luo didn’t desire to stay there any longer. He held the cane which was lying beside him and went out… Before going out, he heard the muttering from the customer due to his recently improved hearing.

"Since it’s all right now, I won’t go find them anymore… What an evil place it is! F*ck, it’s taken away two of my diamonds!"

The heavy rain didn’t stop.

Luo Qiu looked at the rainy clouds covering the whole city and looked back at the Liu family’s mansion… It should be the room at the end of the second floor.

Right now, there was an old pale face looking at him through the glazed window.


Thunder struck.

Luo Qiu walked out of the mansion.

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