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The new customer named Liu Ang, a jewel merchant.

According to what he said, recently some weird things happened around him---It was not only him, his wife and his son, even the workers in his house could hear some weird noises at night.

Yet, they couldn’t find the source of these weird noises.

Not only that, all the flowers and plants in the garden had withered overnight. When he suddenly woke up at night, he couldn’t move and even felt smothered as if his body was pressed down by something.

Liu Ang’s family even had grisly nightmares constantly. There were many kinds of dreams, but all of them were scenes of terror with fearsome screams from people.

In conclusion… Liu Ang felt his family had run into something evil.

"I paid a lot of money and invited some experienced exorcists to perform religious rites... " Liu Ang shook his head and sighed, his tired face became even more exhausted, "But it is no use at all. Those exorcists are all liars."

Boss Luo knew some people that cultivated Taoist actually existed in the world of mortals but it was hard to meet them. Far from novel plots… As a boss, during this period of time, Boss Luo hadn’t met a lot; therefore, in conclusion, monks or monsters are all scarce resources.

"One night last week..." Liu Ang’s look seemed to return to that night. "My wife suddenly woke up at midnight. I didn’t care initially but felt strange later, so I followed her. But I never thought… she, she!"

Liu Ang’s hands trembled as he fell into the terrible memory. Even though he gazed at Luo Qiu, Luo Qiu knew that what he ‘saw’ was the scene that arose during that night.

"She walked to the kitchen alone with her back to me. I called her several times, yet she didn’t respond!" Liu Ang swallowed his saliva, "I patted her on the shoulder… she suddenly turned about and smiled at me! Smiled at me!! That was not the smile of a person..."

At this moment Liu Ang folded his arms tightly and trembled, "She just looked at me and smiled all the time… I kept running away but found she was always behind me all the time. I kept fleeing, finally running to my own room! I locked the door… and she just squeezed the lock. The sound of the lock twisting was heard the whole night!"

"I just sat at the door, holding the door of the room and covering my ears…" Right now Liu Ang heaved a sigh of relief, "I didn’t dare to sleep until dawn when I heard a flopping sound but still didn’t dare to go out. Until my son came to call me and asked why mom slept in the hallway."

At this moment Luo Qiu asked curiously, "How is your wife now?"

Liu Ang sighed, "She sobered up later but completely forgot what happened. It isn’t the first time. After two days, my daughter-in-law cried out in horror… and my son acted like my wife, meeting the same situation."

"Do you still live at home now?"

Liu Ang shook his head hurriedly, "No, we all moved away."

Luo Qiu said, "After moving away, was it the same?"

Liu Ang answered, "No… but it is not the right way to do it! The house is my ancestral home, we can’t just leave it there."

——Ghosts existing in Liu Ang’s ancestral house have been confirmed(20 minutes of lifespan had been deducted).

——Clearing off the ghosts in Liu Ang’s ancestral house, 10 days of lifespan needed to be paid.

Luo Qiu listened to Liu Ang but didn’t stop. He had already been familiar with the operation of the business. He listened to it while purchasing information from the altar---Of course, if it was too expensive, Luo Qiu would definitely choose other ways to get it.

In addition, he could basically think of what Liu Ang wanted, so he asked the requirement of directly eliminating ghosts in advance.

Even though ten days of deduction was sort of ridiculous, as the words said, it’d be eliminated directly--- If he added the contract that Liu Ang had signed here, the ghosts that hid in his ancestral house would disappear directly the second he signed the contract. Both were almost completed at the same time but the rate of return was lower.

Looks like one should really have a do-it-yourself mindset.

"I’ve got the details..." Luo Qiu pinched one of the diamonds but his voice didn’t change, "So, Customer, what would you like to buy?"

"Definitely to remove all the dirty things from my ancestral house!" Liu Ang said without thinking, "That’s why I came here!"

"No problem." Luo Qiu stood up, "But first I’ll have to go see your ancestral home. In addition, please take back these diamonds as they have no value in the trade."

Liu Ang gave a start because it was a wonderful diamond. This bag was at least worth millions of dollars; yet, that guy even said it was worthless?

"Is it not enough?" Liu Ang gritted his teeth, "I could pay more!"

Luo Qiu said stonily, "Customer, you’ve already known our rules, haven’t you? If you insist to use a treasure as the transaction fee, then please take out the real treasure, rather than another kind of currency. Of course, you could give up this request, we won’t force you."

"Wait… Please wait a minute." Liu Ang gritted his teeth and said, "There are some other objects in my family. If you’re capable, please take me into my ancestral house safely!"

Luo Qiu nodded, and grabbed two diamonds of the same size from the small pile casually, "These count as the traveling expenses. Customer, you won’t mind, right?"

Nothing weird happened… It seemed this behavior gained the tacit approval of the club.

Or did it turn a blind eye?

Luo Qiu didn’t really want these two diamonds, but due to his momentary desire, he intended to make an experiment---You Ye once said that some customers had even sent her some simple gifts.

So she could be regarded as a hidden rich woman.

"No… I don’t." Liu Ang’s gaze was rather unnatural.

"Go back first and wait for a moment outside your ancestral house, I will arrive a second later." Luo Qiu said.

Liu Ang couldn’t help but pack up the diamonds on the table quickly, putting them back into his suit pocket and then leaving hurriedly.

Liu family’s mansion.

Liu Ang had been waiting outside his ancestral house for a long time.

Now the sky became dark and the clouds were covering the sky... The weather forecast was saying there would be a typhoon these two days, unexpectedly it came so soon.

However, the wind made the sultry weather become cool instantly.

"I am sorry, I just left to settle some small matters. Customer, please lead the way."

Just then Liu Ang heard someone talking. He gaped, looking at the club owner that had suddenly come out of nowhere, giving him a shock.

This… this was what one called really capable. This was what one called a really talented person! Those charlatans were no match for him!

"Master! I’ve finally found you, master!"

What the hell master?

Luo Qiu looked at the sky, "Let’s go inside, it’s going to rain."

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