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Chapter 129

Eventually, the only place he could think of was... the park.

He had planned to purchase some new clothes with Nanako--- yet they bought some on the internet several days ago. He had a habit of always bought things there.

And he didn’t want to waste his time on ready-to-wear clothes shops for his first date. More importantly, a man that does not go to brick and mortar shops would not know where he should go to seek cheap but beautiful ladies’ clothes.

As for the dinner... Nanako did not seem to eat, hence Zhuge ignored this question subconsciously.

About watching movies---he’d already installed a high-quality projector in his small, rented place due to the unwillingness of spending money outside... As long as he was at home these days, most of the time, he would be watching movies.

With the reason that there was no fun and joy in his life, and unawareness of what to do when dating a girl, he tried to seek for strategies before and after work; however, he couldn’t understand most of what they are talking about--- except the final destinations were always different hotels which were all convenient for taking action.

He swallowed his saliva.

The main point was to distinguish the atmosphere and to lead. Even if they only walked to places such as the park, he could lead the girl to a no man’s land, and then...#$%&*$^&XXOO.

"F*ck... What am I watching?!"

Zhuge collected a handful of water at the washroom basin and splash it towards his face to wash it. Then he started to readjust his hair--- he had specially combed his hair into an adult’s style.

Originally, he had intended to wear a handsome business suit--- but found that he didn’t have that kind of object.

Zhuge looked into the mirror, patting his own face a little forcibly. Then he breathed deeply, walking out of the toilet of this park--- he couldn’t have Nanako herself wait for too long.

"Nanako, sorry for having you wait such long time."

"It’s nothing." Nanako smiled faintly, "Then where will we go?"

Zhuge threw a quick glance at the path access to the quiet place of the grove. Swallowing his saliva, before pointing at the other side unexpectedly--- a place for enjoying the beautiful flowers, "Let’s go there..."


"Ha... Haha, really? As long as you like it... Then let’s go."

Zhuge deeply breathed, walking in the front... Don’t talk about the grove... he didn’t even dare to hold her hand. Though Nanako seemed not to care about it...

What the f*ck...

The Tai Yinzi with the afro was now staring at the action model of his first potential customer, impatience was written fully on his face. He thought, ‘This guy is as timid as a hare, lascivious but cowardly, whom even made me impatient.’ Whereas, Tai Yinzi soon relaxed--- Let it be. If this guy

guy kept being like this, he didn’t expect any changes to occur to him. If so, he could win the bet between him and the boss.

50 years!

Yet, he still did not feel well... and kept staring at the trash. Tai Yinzi followed him impatiently. "But why did the boss make a bet with me?"

It seemed he had a higher proportion to win, but he didn’t think the bet had been set due to the boss’s kindness. He wouldn’t reduce his serving time with such a causal reason.

"Is there something I don’t know?"

Thinking about this question, Tai Yinzi couldn’t help starting to plan and prepare something.

The red MINI was running slowly on the road. Ren Ziling was seen to be abiding by the traffic rules... because Officer Ma’s car was right behind hers.

Of course, the other reason was that the rear driver was Ma’s wife, who seldom drove a car. Ren Ziling didn’t want to be grumbled at by her.

She just picked up Officer Ma and was taking him to the arranged hotel for a celebration of leaving the hospital.

"Why chose such a far place?"

Ren Ziling said randomly, "It’s chosen by Uncle Ye. I have no idea."

Ren Ziling looked at the front--- ‘Forgive me that I can’t say

can’t say Uncle Ye is still on a mission and this place was just beside the place where he was scouting. He would be able to work and take a break as long as he connected his cellphone with the monitor.’

‘But, since he replaced me... For such a long time, that guy still stayed indoors instead of going out from his home?’ Ren Ziling thought.

It was only because she promised Ye Yan that she wouldn’t have a hand in this issue.

"Oh yeah, do you still remember that steamed bun shop?" Ren Ziling suddenly asked.

"Yes, I do"

Ren Ziling started chatting with him, "I was thinking of going there when I passed through the old town 2 days ago for an interview. The boss and his wife seemed to have passed away but their son quit his job in the city and inherited the bun shop himself."

Luo Qiu nodded, turning on the audio system and closing his eyes after softly saying, "Let’s go back when we have free time."

"Well, that’s great. Bring your girlfriend next time."

"Drive your car."


In his memory, Ye Yan did not have a figure like an iron man, or a fat appearance like Officer Ma who had entered his middle age.

He was the same as the one in Luo Qiu’s memory. The one who still liked to wear a simple black wind coat. Luo Qiu remembered Ye Yan had dressed this had dressed this way since his childhood.

He was still relaxed and handsome like before.

Ye Yan had booked a room very early. When Luo Qiu and others came in, he was making tea quietly.

"F*ck, Ye Yan, what a f*ckin poor place did you book! We came an extremely long way. Are you trying to kill us with this heat?"

It might be due to the long period in the hospital, Officer Ma opened a tin of cold beer, ignoring his wife’s nagging, and drank more than half of it before sitting down casually and continually flapping his collar to release heat.

"Uncle Ye."

Ye Yan smiled, focusing on Luo Qiu. His gaze turned soft, responding to him gently, "You came."

In Ren Ziling’s perspective, she unexpectedly found Luo Qiu to be a little restrained or even a little nervous?

She was totally aware of this brat’s characteristics.

How should she describe it? Acting as an elder or like an old fashioned youth? Or saying he had facial paralysis?

Subeditor Ren felt sort of disappointed... This guy who came back from France had a really special place in her big baby’s heart.

As his mother, she couldn’t even compared with him?

"Don’t just stand there, take a seat." Ye Yan smiled again, pointing at the place near him, "Sit by my side."

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