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Chapter 128

At first, because he met this enemy 500 years ago, a surge of great fury emerged in his heart. Yet, now, Tai Yinzi, who could only emit some useless black air this time, was incomparably embarrassed. Nevertheless, he didn’t totally fall into a panic.

The Tai Yinzi that had calmed down quickly thought about the current situation--- He found it was probably a little more severe than he expected.

Why did Yu Sanniang stay here? Why did she look so hard working… and why did was she wearing the same type of clothes as Ms. You Ye’s?

"Master?" Tai Yinzi had to resort to Luo Qiu for an answer.

"Though I don’t know how powerful your ‘Jade Emperor presents golden light’ is originally… but could you correct your posture now?" Luo Qiu put down the cleaning cloth. "This Ms. Qin, the Yu Sanniang you knew that year. She will stay here for the next 2 years. Don’t make trouble for her during this period. I like the quiet."

"Master! That niddering slave has a murderous heart, how could you!!" Tai Yinzi got angry subconsciously.

Nevertheless, his words were paused by a circle of weird black flame under his body.

It turned out that You Ye had spoken with a cold face, "Tai Yinzi, did you forget your identity. Are you querying master’s instructions?"

The pouring black flame gave off a horrible and terrifying aura. Finally sensing the huge gap between him and this weak-looking

girl, Tai Yinzi shivered and lowered his head, forcefully getting his anger and hate towards Qin Chuyu under control. "Subordinate, dares not."

"Be well behaved later on, remember your current identity."

"Subordinate understands." Tai Yinzi didn’t dare to say no… because those black flame were so dreadful.

Thinking that You Ye should finish the act as the bad guy, Luo Qiu looked at her. "I’m thirsty."

You Ye hurried to collect the black fire, turning about lightly, "You Ye understands. Master, please wait for a second, I’ll go prepare it right now."

Luo Qiu nodded.

The servant girl called Qin Chuyu had entered the back room.

Luo Qiu gazed at Tai Yinzi, who dared not to move, "She’ll only stay here for 2 years… come over here."

The words seemed to reveal something. Thus, Tai Yinzi raised his head, walking quickly to Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu continued wiping the parts taken apart from the saxophone. "I asked you to look after Zhuge before I left. What happened to him?"

Tai Yinzi hurriedly said, "As master ordered, this old Taoist… kept observing Zhuge’s actions. Master, this guy didn’t seem to have any further intentions. Though a beauty was sent to him, he just did nothing but giggle like an idiot every day. Seems like he’s perfectly satisfied. This guy is completely trash. Master! I feel regret seeking such a customer! Please give me another chance, I’ll be certain to find a top-notched customer."

While Luo

Luo Qiu said expressionlessly, "Oh? Are you denying your first performance? Anyway, he’s already used the most precious thing of an ordinary person as the transaction fee."

Tai Yinzi pulled a long face. "But that’s just a very common soul. Ah… this old ghost purposely influenced him, while I humiliated him to arouse the hate in his heart…"

Speaking until here, Tai Yinzi glanced at Luo Qiu, saying after some consideration, "I’ve heard Black Soul No.9 say that a soul with a strong hate and sadness or other negative induced emotions will be considered as high quality… Unexpectedly, that trash doesn’t have any intentions for vengeance but instead, raised that kind of requirement."

Till now, Luo Qiu hadn’t met any soul with strong hate… Anyway, they were talking about Zhuge now.

Boss Luo suddenly said, "Tai Yinzi, are you feeling depressed that you didn’t have Zhuge become extremely resentful so that the soul quality was not that high thus thinking you’ve got a so-so grade for your first performance?"

It was hard to conceal something in front of the club’s boss, so Tai Yinzi had to nod.

Only by having a good performance could he gain stronger abilities, rather than the situation appeared just now where he used up all his power but merely emitted a breath. It was totally disgraceful.

This 500-year-old’s face had been lost totally--- especially in front of his irreconcilable enemy, it was too shameful.

"Then how about making a bet?" Luo Qiu asked without any emotions.

Tai Yinzi was stunned. "A bet?"

Luo Qiu said softly, "I bet Zhuge will be an outstanding customer."

Tai Yinzi hesitated, "Well… well…"

Luo Qiu’s look shifted, "If finally, Zhuge remains the same, I’ll reduce 50 years of your serving time. But if Zhuge turns better, you’ll have to add 50 years more of that."

Tai Yinzi felt enough of being suppressed in this place. Especially that moment just now, after seeing the horror of the servant girl, Tai Yinzi’s impractical idea had more or less fallen.

Apparently, it’d be a good thing if he could be set free from this high-pressure place dozens of years in advance. Or if he lost, it’d be merely adding another 50 years of being a slave--- Anyhow, he had 500 years already, 50 years more would not make a difference.

"Great! I accept the bet! Hopefully master won’t lie to me!"

"As time passed."

"I only care about you."

"I’m willing to be influenced by your breath."

"Life is limited, it’s hard to find a bosom friend…"

While fishing out his key to open the door, Zhuge heard a sound coming from his house.

There was merely Nanako staying inside. Zhuge gave a start, it turned out Nanako enjoyed such kind of old songs?

She must hear

She must hear the sound of opening the door, hence the melody stopped all at once. Zhuge saw Nanako coming up with a fast pace. "You came back, Zhuge!"

Zhuge hurriedly nodded, passing the food he bought at the supermarket to Nanako.

He was not nervous as the first time. Zhuge could now talk fluently and naturally with Nanako.

"Dinner is ready. Come eat it!"

"Dinner is done again?" Zhuge was stupefied.

He thought about something, but controlled himself to avoid thinking about it or asking her. He was afraid that his doubt would become a key, which would open the gate of his dream and lead him back to reality.

He still thought he was staying in a dreamlike fairy tale.

As time passed…

No matter what, as long as Nanako was here, that would be enough.

"What’s wrong? You keep looking at me and not eating… Don’t you like it? Nanako saw the unmoving Zhuge, revealing a depressed face.

Zhuge shook his head. "No, I’m just thinking about where we will go for the holiday tomorrow."


Yeah… no matter what, as long as Nanako was here, that would be enough.

Zhuge gave a slight nod, showing a smile.

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