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Because it was around 2 pm, after the deal with Zhuge, there was no time for Luo Qiu to have the lunch You Ye prepared for him. He then had to hurry back to Professor Qin Fang's house.

It was a lengthy spiritual journey to Zhuge; yet merely a common conversation to Luo Qiu.

Of course, this conversation would not stop at this level.

They would meet later… Luo Qiu's premonition in this aspect had become sharper.

The premonition and the sensitive sixth sense probably came from the increase in the number of transactions.

Luo Qiu appeared at the back of the house--- Due to a customer coming in at lunchtime, he had to make up an excuse to leave.

Bypassing the old walls covered with the emerald Virginia creeper, his look was attracted by the scenery all the time. This was because he was particularly fond of such landscapes filled with the scent of history.

However, there was a figure at a window on the third floor of the house. Intentionally or not, her look seemed to fall onto him.

That should be Qin Chuyu's room.

She leaned against the sill edge on her arm.

Didn't the beautiful female painter leave her house early like usual?

Her gaze and Luo Qiu's met by chance, yet, Qin Chuyu turned about to leave, vanishing from the small angle by the window.

What was she thinking about?

Due to his eyesight becoming better and better, he could easily see a bit of depression and indifference on Qin Chuyu's face across the window.

The depression and indifference were just like those royal blue eyes of Miss Servant the first time he met her.

Qin Chuyu, Yu Sanniang... While thinking about these questions, Boss Luo reached out to the gate bell of the house. Unexpectedly, the gate was opened at that moment.

Zhang Qingrui walked out with a handbag and was stunned when she saw Luo Qiu. "Ah, the professor said he has to prepare to meet a customer this evening, so today's work is on hold... Anyway, I thought you wouldn't come back today."

After all, the exact time the customer would come was not a predictable matter for the club. Luo Qiu felt he indeed left hurriedly 1 hour ago.

"Yeah." He nodded.

None of his stuff had been left in the house, so Luo Qiu had no desire to enter.

"So you..."

"I'm OK." Luo Qiu said without thinking, "I can go by myself. It's more convenient for me to take a bus."

Maybe it was because she did not need to be buried in the boring assignments for the remaining half day, Zhang Qingrui looked to be in a good mood, who took a joke breezily, "Let me count how many times you refused my kindness? Honestly, I feel sort of depressed being rejected by you."

"It's still early to have dinner, don't worry."


Zhang Qingrui gaped, then chuckled. Due to such short and simple words, her original jolly mood even got more relaxed.

At best, they were just classmates, not even as close as friends. However fortuitously, they felt more relaxed getting along with each other compared to the time they spent on others.

There was nothing to care about.

With a shake of her head, Zhang Qingrui went to her car while saying, "See you tomorrow."

"See ya."

Luo Qiu took the last glance at the sill of the third floor. He thought about the inactivity of the soul in the skeleton set today. Zhang Qingrui had no abnormal conditions as well like yesterday and looked much better.

It might verify what You Ye said, that the weak soul had vanished because of Zhang Qingrui's 'Yang-Qi'.

It... didn't manage to express anything in the end.

"Astral lamp..." Luo Qiu thought of an interesting idea. If he changed business and started to defeat demons, would it be enough to retire after winning merit just by standing at the side without peach wood swords or imitating black dog to dance as a sorcerer?

"Master Luo?"


Since there were no other things, Luo Qiu went straight back the club. Thinking that there were some things that had been delayed, he picked up the account book that he took out before, reading it slowly.

"Zhuge's room is way too messy, didn't you clean it up?"

"Er..." Zhuge sat at the edge of the bed nervously, his heartbeat accelerated as time went by, and he was too anxious to reply the conversation. "... I'm a little busy."

The Nanako in front of him, whether in height or the body proportion, was totally the same with the role he set at the time he established the account.

He thought he was dreaming, yet, after giving his belly a hard pinch, the pain had him accept everything in front of his eyes.

Zhuge could talk about everything with Nanako by typing on the internet--- Of course, Nanako could only reply the words using the judgment of the intelligent program but Zhuge didn't care about those.

But out of the screen, when the Live 2D character turned into a real figure in the three-dimensional world, Zhuge found he become stammerer.

Oh, Alexander...

Looking at Nanako bending her waist to clean the untidy objects on the cabinet, Zhuge couldn't even shift his attention away--- A girl, was cleaning his dirty, disorderly and terrible room, while berating softly, saying blaming words in a mild tone.

This was really a... really a ...

The imagination scared Zhuge; therefore, he drank a bottle of cola made in 2016 to collect himself.

A wonderful girl from the sky?

The script of my goddess?

No matter how he thought about it, this fantastic issue shouldn't happen on him.

He thought of the magical place he dreamt, checking his pockets unwittingly, then discovered he really fished out a black card.

The soul... trade.

Zhuge's hand quivered, the black card dropped onto the ground.

"Na, Nanako..." Zhuge raised his head to look at the figure who was cleaning his room.

The one who was set into a sweet style, and now a real sweet girl, turned about gradually, making a gesture that made people feel attracted, moving her head sideways slightly with a meek smile. "Anything I can do for you?"

Zhuge deeply breathed, "Nanako... Will you disappear?"

Nonetheless, Nanako walked to Zhuge, pulling his hands gently, grasping in both her hands, saying softly, "Nanako will always be with Zhuge."

Zhuge might not have touched any female hands throughout the 21 years except holding hands with his mother during his childhood. He got excited all of a sudden.

'Turns out a girl's hand is really cool...'

'But, if she could keep me company all the time...'

'If so, even if I donated my soul, I...'

'I am willing."

"Are... Are you Mr. Luo Qiu?"

This was the second day. Luo Qiu punctually arrived at Professor Qin Fang's house just as he used to do formerly. When he was about to push a buzzer, he was stopped by someone else.

It was a middle-aged man in a business suit but not stoutly built. Only, the wrinkles between his eyebrows could already be seen.

Luo Qiu gave a start as he didn't recall any memory of this man. He then nodded. "Yes, I am."

The man went straight to the matter he came for. "Well, we checked you're the manager's friend, so we have a question for you, when was the last time yesterday you saw our manager?"

"Excuse me?"

"Our manager has been missing since yesterday, without answering or returning our calls back all night. Our Old Mrs. is very afraid," the man said seriously. "So, if Mr. Luo has any information, please tell me."

'Zhang Qingrui's missing?'

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