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The middle-aged man was called Shi Shijie.

"Yesterday afternoon, around 2:30 pm, I and Zhang Qingrui said goodbye here." Luo Qiu thought for a while before saying, "I never saw her since then."

"2:30 pm?" Shi Shijie nodded, then asked, "Why are you sure it was 2:30 in the afternoon?"

Luo Qiu said, "Is it weird to watch the time as a habit?"

While Shi Shijie nodded again. "Mr. Luo, if our manager contacts you, please let me know in the first instance. Here is my contact information."

A business card... with only his name and telephone number.

He said after Luo Qiu received the card, "If Mr. Luo intends to enter, it's totally unnecessary. There seems to be nobody inside."

It appeared that Shi Shijie had arrived here for a while before Luo Qiu... It was now approximately 8 o'clock in the morning.

Had Professor Qin Fang left before he reached? Even Qin Chuyu was nowhere in sight?

"I see." Luo Qiu gave Shi Shijie a simple answer.

"Then, sorry to bother you."

Shi Shijie left, walking along a path by the house and disappearing around the corner. Soon, a black car drove off from the former corner.

Luo Qiu frowned. He didn't leave right away but walked for half a circle along with the courtyard wall of the house, arriving at the other side of the house. He closed his eyes. An ability known as 'mind's eye' began to cover within this building gradually.

This ability appeared several days ago. The scope of the ability wasn't large, around 20 meters. Everything in this area would have their inverted image caught by the 'mind's eye' in his heart.

It was just a marvellous ability of perfect observation, feeling like his vision was set free from his body.

At this moment, Luo Qiu's view came to the hallway of the back gate. According to his memory, his vision started moving about the house.

All of a sudden, Luo Qiu's original body frowned. He found some traces of a tussle.

It was sure nobody now stayed in the house--- including the skeleton placed in the working room.

Boss Luo opened his eyes. Nobody else was around, so his figure instantly vanished into thin air. When he showed up again, he was in the house, at the place with traces of a fight.

In the hall of the house.

There really were some traces of a tussle. Even on some walls, there showed some dried bloodstains--- The reason Luo Qiu came into the house this way was because both the doors at the staircase had actually been opened.

And the bloodstain was right at the side.

He pushed open the unlocked door. As expected, the inside steel door was opened already; nevertheless, it was not a narrow corner under the stairs just as he had imagined.

There was another rough wooden ladder leading to the underground.

Without hesitation, Boss Luo walked in.

It had a depth of 3 meters.

Another door appeared, it was opened as well. In that space, Luo Qiu found a corpse.

The master of the club had always been courageous from when he was young. Since he became the boss, his courage seemed to have increased several times.

Luo Qiu turned the dead body over, it was a middle-aged adult with gray sideburns, but was not Professor Qin Fang.

In the center of the large underground space, there placed a table 2 meters in diameter, where there was a model with a complicated structure, like a labyrinth, on top of it. The other surrounding four walls were full of shelves and a large amount of books.

Luo Qiu even saw many things that didn't seem to match with each other here, bronze mirror, Luoyang shovel(a tool specifically for robbing tombs) and a tiger claw made of fine steel... All sorts of weird objects, even an animal's hoof, could be seen there.

As a university professor, Luo Qiu did not believe Qin Fang was a person who believed in superstition... Yet in any case, the objects hidden here seemed to be not what a normal individual should possess.

Even the walls at the furthest corner, there were several sets of ancient and current topographic maps pinned on it.

By watching those eccentric patterns formed by the lines of red strings on the table, a

hazy thought was formed in Luo Qiu's mind.

"Is the professor an expert in robbing tombs?"

Luo Qiu walked over to the rectangle table placed at one side. Besides a computer mainframe, there were also three viewing screens putting there.

Right this time, the frames were showing two images... the walled garden and the scene in the house!

Qin Fang secretly installed quite a few covert cameras in the areas of the house!

"That is to say, this Qin Fang had witnessed the weird actions of how Zhang Qingrui behaved when she was under the control of the ghosts."

Miss Servant pondered a while after Boss Luo's statement.

Luo Qiu was browsing through the books that were brought from the table of the house basement while saying, "I tried looking over the recorded history but the records of yesterday seem to have been erased... It should have done by the professor. Yet the one before yesterday wasn't erased."

He stopped, looking up to You Ye, "The scene where I moved Zhang Qingrui might have been viewed but it wasn't erased in time."

"The person that destroyed the records perhaps left in haste." You Ye muttered, "Don't worry about the exposing of the ability. It was just a small case if it doesn't have a large effect. We just need to find the people that know and have them forget it."

"Yes, I'm not anxious about that either." Luo Qiu nodded.

The servant girl said softly, "Does master think the oddity in Qin Fang's house and the missing of Zhang Qingrui, are probably related?"

"Qin Fang, robbing tombs, unknown skeleton and secret monitoring, Zhang Qingrui, and the soul... In addition, if a tussle ever occurred in the house, Miss Qin Chuyu should have known the situation because they live in the same house. Yet, I didn't meet her either..." Luo Qiu focused on You Ye, "Do you know, during my teenage years, I constantly peeped at some documents my father took back home. Most were about the contents of some cases. Then I analyzed them in an excited mood."

Boss Luo revealed a hint of a smile while recalling the old times. "I tend to investigate deeply due to the habit formed since that time."

"Master wants to have a hand in this matter?"

"We should find the professor first and erase his memory of finding out my ability, shouldn't we?"

You Ye nodded, "I'll find the location of the professor and Ms. Zhang soon as long as they are still in this city."

Luo Qiu would never doubt the work efficiency of You Ye--- or to be simple, her competence was definitely much better than himself, who merely lived for 20 years.

Nevertheless, if he wanted, he could become the most efficient person. That was because the altar provided him with the function to purchase intelligence by using his own lifespan.

Yet, things aren't so serious as to that extent. Thus, due to the influence of his stepmother, Boss Luo, who learned to be thrifty since young, chose to do it himself as it was more cost-effective.

Zhang Qingrui should not be in danger for the moment... Otherwise, Shi Shijie wouldn't be so polite.

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