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Nevertheless, it couldn't be denied that Tai Yinzi indeed fitted into this century fairly quickly. Though something was wrong with what he was concerned with.

A hardworking Black Soul Envoy was probably what the club was delighted to hear and see---One could almost hear the laughter of the altar from the basement's third floor.

The finger pressed on top the corner of the white card, while the opposite corner was pressed against the tabletop. In this way, the white cards rolled slowly within Luo Qiu's sight.

This time Luo Qiu chose to take a look at the potential customer's information with Miss Maid.

As the white card slowly turned, some indistinct frames were being played in the air ... The potential customer's recent life.

It suddenly occurred to Luo Qiu, how would the potential customer see from the perspective of You Ye's maid who had been serving over 300 years. Therefore, he asked, "What do you think of this potential customer?"

You Ye thought for a while. "I'm afraid that the transaction fee the new potential customer can provide will only be the limited lifespan and the soul... Of course, the unhealthy organs of the new potential customer can be counted in, if it's only a simple ambition."

It didn't manage to attract You Ye's interest --- Or one should say it didn't even trigger any of her attention.

She shook her head, "It seems that in the aspect of selecting potential customers, Tai Yinzi should still give its knowledge a brush up."

The new leader, who had already gradually been familiar with the club's business, was also silent for a moment. He suddenly asked, "Was it the same as the last time?"

You Ye said softly, "Yup, waiting for the guests who come in by themselves or else the Black Souls would search for the customers. If the former owner thought it to be all right, he'd give out black card , all we need to do was wait."

Nonetheless, Luo Qiu asked again, "Has there ever been any deviation during the process of the deal?"

Towards this unexpected question, Miss Maid looked at her new master inexplicably, yet also wondered about the purpose of this question at the same time. She answered cautiously, "We calculate the level of payment the potential customer can provide and, mostly, everything will be in line with the initial judgment."

Luo Qiu said in a soft voice, "Do you remember Jiang Chu? At that time, among the white cards taken by Black Soul No.9, it was estimated as a soul of a medium-high level. Nevertheless, in the end, we gained a high-class one."

You Ye nodded and said, "That's right, that is an unpredictable change."


You Ye was absent-minded for a moment, thinking about it carefully, "Because at the end of his life, he had acquired self-forgiveness... redemption"

Luo Qiu said again, "Such as Mo Xiaofei."

You Ye thought about it deeply in this way, "If he was able to maintain his philosophy throughout his life, his would have been an exceedingly good soul at the end of his life. Just as what master said, time can brew the mellowness of courage."

When saying this, You Ye nibbled his lip and said, "My master thinks that even an ordinary soul could become resplendent."

Luo Qiu shook his head, "I don't know, just ..."

He played around with the white card in his hands and weighed his thoughts cautiously. "No matter whether the person is good or bad, I think they will have their own happiness. It is just like an original stone, which will never break. We would have no idea about whether it contains a pretty jade; furthermore, if we own it but never carve it, we won't know what kind of brilliance it could emit."

Nonetheless, You Ye suddenly said, "The former master didn't concentrate his efforts in this aspect."

"He might know these, as it is impossible not to be found out through such a long time... but why he didn't go in this way? I don't know," Luo Qiu said insipidly. "I am not him, so I don't have his attitude either. I love being alone and also like observing human beings... It's a little bit weird to talk about this, being a human myself; however, there are quite a few people like me who prefer this as their hobby."

At this moment, Luo Qiu walked into the counter, taking several different cocktails out of the bar, and recalling the recipe of the cocktail You Ye once made. Subsequently, he began to mix it by himself, "I don't have any desire to persuade people to do good deeds but I want to see whether a person who is ordinary or mediocre can have moments when they are glorious."

The color of the cocktail was originally quite simple but after mixing it up, it became vivid with color. Luo Qiu pushed the mixed cocktail slowly before his face began to scrutinize.

"What's more, if the final gained soul can become excellent, it benefits for both myself and the club itself, right?"

Boss Luo finally put a cherry on the top.

The clear white card was suddenly started burning, and finally turned black... and disappeared thoroughly when it was burnt again.

As a whole, Zhuge felt that his whole life could be summed up as--- dislike and discard.

If said in more details, it should be the life of the loathed Zhuge.

Though the conclusion could be influenced by a certain movie, Zhuge felt there was not too much difference.

Why did he say like this?

He was neither clever, nor good at school work. No matter how hard he worked, one could hardly memorize all the knowledge in textbooks. His grades were always the cornerstone in his class.

The fat had accumulated over the years and had no possibility of elimination--- He was almost isolated by females during his school time.

He was sometimes manipulated by hormones!

"Sorry, I like cute boys."

"Sorry, I love sweet girls."

"I'm sorry ... I'm cute boy."

Sports, no way.

The beach? No, I've... drowned before, so I'm scared of it.

Go for a drink together? Sorry... I didn't drink.

Erotic massage?? No old hands led the way...

Go back home from work.

There were no other phone numbers in his phone's address book except his parents' and the


No friends, no girlfriend, no high salary, living in a cheap rental apartment. Even describing him as bad presence could be counted as a compliment.

There was no activity which could kill time. Running on the road of life, sometimes he could stay in a daze until midnight and only going back home.

During still nights, he cried sadly while reading and holding his pillow.

Usually, he woke up hurriedly the next day and couldn't catch the bus, so that he screwed up his whole day.

"Anyhow I have Nai Naizi, so I won't feel lonely by myself."

Zhuge gave a dumb laugh.

"Nai Naizi is perfect, Saikou!!"

Zhuge, who was busy in communicating with the cute girl on the smartphone, sat on a single bed that occupied half of the room. He didn't notice that his huge body was pressing against a black card which had appeared secretly.

Why was he loathed?

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