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You Ye was already dressed in her usual maid costume again by the time she went back to the club at night.

It was probably because the owner of the club did not show special affection towards the altered nun gown, hence Ms. Maid took it off after she felt the freshness had subsided.

Luo Qiu went to the corner where the gramophone was located, selecting vinyl records in the cabinet. He then suddenly started speaking about what happened during the day.

After hearing it, Ms. Maid smiled subtly. "What is master feeling then?"

Luo Qiu recalled the scene before and said carefully, "It might be slightly wary towards me."

You Ye nodded and whispered, "It is not clear how the soul in the bones came into existence but it must be very weak."

As Ms. Maid was able to banish his worries, Luo Qiu put down the vinyl record and walked over to the counter before sitting down.

You Ye poured out a glass of water and pushed it to Luo Qiu, then continued, "If we assume master was a light source, then these weak souls would be a shadow. It is the same theory as the light that radiates from the astral lamp above the operating table. Would the shadow still be able to hide there?"

"So is it scared of me?" Luo Qiu gave a start.

You Ye whispered, "To say it in a more scientific manner, master you are just like a man with a powerful magnetic field. How dare these tiny electric waves get close to you?"

Thinking it was something that couldn't be mentioned or some secret ... Unexpectedly it ended up with such a simple answer.

Luo Qiu was stupefied for a few seconds, playing around with the clean water in the glass.

"But, if the soul chose to enter into Miss Zhang's body at the same time, it seems that Miss Zhang herself should be the sort of person who is particularly vulnerable to ghosts and specters."

Luo Qiu thought about it for a while and said, "Is it something like a psychic or a person possessing the Yin and Yang eye?"

"That's the concept in the eastern world." You Ye nodded. "Or maybe they are more sensitive to souls compared to the average persons."

"Will Zhang Qingrui be affected?" Luo Qiu asked.

"If it cannot last long, it must be rather feeble," You Ye said in an intellectual voice. "After all, it will take immense power to affect a person's movements. Nevertheless, if it cannot communicate normally with Master, perhaps it is the soul that will vanish at any time. Thus I hold the view that it will be whittled away in a brief period by Miss Zhang's strong ... Yang Qi. Yeah, in the East it is called be Yang Qi."

Luo Qiu was silent ... Knowing that it was weak but still affixing itself to Zhang Qingrui resolutely.

It wanted to express something.

An important thing.

Downstairs, the thing that was hidden behind the steel door.

Boss Luo was sipping clear water while meditating when a gust of black wind rushed into the club. It revolved in front of Luo Qiu, before showing its real appearance quickly.

"Black soul, Tai Yinzi, Yo! Greeting my master, YoYo~Yo! Rock & Roll!!"


Boss Luo directly choked and cough badly. Ms. Maid also stopped everything she was doing, hastily taking out her handkerchief and wiping the water remaining on her master's mouth.

Once Tai Yinzi looked at the club leader, the arm with the classic Hip-hop gesture paused stiffly.

Let's review the amazing scene again.

The old ghost, who has been imprisoned for 500 years, had gotten a huge afro sometime after being freed. His skinny body with visible ribs was wearing a fancy cardigan. As for the part under his waist, tight chaparejos could be seen, which were smooth and form-fitting.

Such an old ghost was shouting yo, yo, in front of you...

You had better shave that catfish-beard-like mustache that is hanging down from your face!!

Boss Luo, who had never seen such an eyesore of a man, merely coughed several times which made his choked throat feel more comfortable.

"Tai Yinzi, what are you doing?" Boss Luo sighed heavily, his hands touching his face, calming himself down. Tai Yinzi hurriedly replied the question from his master. "Yo, master you don't know, yo, yo, recently in this period, yo ..."

"Don't say f*ckin yo anymore!! Yo your sister!"

"I, I..."

Tai Yinzi felt a sudden panic, even You Ye looked towards her master unconsciously.

Within the short time they had come in contact... it was the first time for Tai Yinzi to hear the words with slight violence from the new master.

In a nutshell, this was the first time Boss Luo cursed!

Luo Qiu sighed heavily again, then said quietly, "Behave normally."

"Yes, yes."

Tai Yinzi didn't dare to act anymore, hurriedly making a bow with his two hands, continuing saying after some consideration while imitating the manner of the ancients, "I think, if we want to find the suitable customers, the current social trend is a must to be understood! At present, a leader of this country said a sentence which I deeply agree. That is, to keep up with the times."

At this point, Tai Yinzi glanced at the club owner who closed his eyes and then looked at Miss Maid who was standing next to him.

'The expression of this little girl with a spurious face... is certainly making me feel frightened!!'

Boss Luo, who merely knock his own forehead with his fist and listened silently before sighing. "Go ahead."

"Yes, yes ..." Tai Yinzi swallowed, "I discover that only by practicing it personally are we be able to feel young people's ideas more clearly! Recently, I see on the Internet that the culture of our huge country is being seriously shocked by the western culture. It is a trend that the essence of culture among the wonderful land of China to be gradually forgotten."

Seeing that the two leaders of the club still had no plans to speak, Tai Yinzi bit the bullet, continuing to say, "If things go on like this, what should we do? In modern times, an upright official once said a reasonable sentence 'Learn from others' strong points to deal with them!' So I just act personally, changing my appearance, in order to blend into those western cultures ..."

"And what do you feel?" Luo Qiu asked at once.

Tai Yinzi raised his head, bowing again, "Well, I think this music called rock and roll sounds good."

"...Anything else?"

"Especially the one called Heavy Metal. It is extremely addictive!"

"...And then?"

"Though the current outfit looks sort of unusual but it embodies the vitality of life!" Tai Yinzi turned around, "I deem that is good!"

'Can you twist your ass after shaving the catfish beard first...'

"Master, master?"

Seeing that Luo Qiu wasn't willing to reply, Tai Yinzi called nervously.

"Is there anything else?"

"This is the potential customer I have found during this period!" Tai Yinzi took a deep breath. A card flickering white light came into being between both his hands.

It was probably the most unexpected thing he had felt all day long.

Unlike those who automatically dropped by, the potential customers who were found, were given consideration as to whether the black cards should be given and to induce them into the club eventually, and so on.

"Got it." Luo Qiu received the white card. "Go do your work."

"Yes, master!"

Tai Yinzi felt more energetic in a few seconds!

It was a good beginning!

If the master decided to give out the black card, or if he didn't release it but plan to tempt the new customer, then it would be regarded as his first deal!

The great towers rose from the ground! Thriving! For beating the servant girl and replacing her to become the Black Soul manager of the club! To climb to the top!!!

"Wait a minute, I don't mind what you wear but scrape off that disgusting fish beard!"


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